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Found 42 results

  1. I have nothing for sale here because there are rules here.
  2. 5 crossfire xsm8 loudspeakers in each door. power comes from a taramp 3000 HD. had them in for a month or so now. no problems. still deciding on when to put the shag carpet on. glassed both sides. made a mess as usual. strong though.
  3. 86' cutlass walled with 4 15" SSA ZCONS on 4 Crescendo 3500's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfDHO7g8IZQ&feature=share&list=UUAdPEo7EM_i6vSzdXkfj7Xg
  4. your first one was deleted was that not hint enough?
  5. I have a question. I have a sundown 1200 and a sundown 100.4 So I have the remote wire from the deck to the 1200 daisy chained the remote wire from the 1200 to the 100.4. My question is if i turn down my wired remote gain knob on the 1200 does that affect the 100.4? Does it turn down the 100.4 even though it all the way up on the gain knob of the 100.4 or is ok and wont effect it? Do you guys understand what im saying?
  6. Okay people so i designed this box last night and i got 5.5 cu ft after displacement. I got 8.78 cu ft before displacement. Is that too much?? Its tuned to 34 hz, subs take up.25 cu ft each and i am going to run 2 12s which are 2000 rms. Port displacement=2.78 cu ft Sub displacement= .50 cu ft Port is double layer starts off as 15" height and is 38.93" in length. The Width of the port is 7.5". Interior width=42.75" Interior length=23.5" Interior height=15" 3/4" thickness And its triple baffle.
  7. Hi, Apologies about the 'MASSIVE' picture. Basically I'm looking to make a couple of changes to my box to see if it will make it any louder? I'm running 2 15's and still getting pretty mad door flex, in fact my drivers side window has broken since installing this box behind the door card which has developed a nasty rattle! But hey ho, I'm still looking for more bass! I sketched that picture up quickly, I know it's a little bit of an odd shape... Solid black lines are the 'outlines' of the box shape, grey lines are the internal joins of the box. Yellow is a bit of bracing I've stuck in it and that's how the box currently sits. If I were to add port lines/walls inside the box (Indicated by the red lines) What would I need to account for, and how would it change the box? Would it change it for better or for worse? Reason being I had this box made and a few people have suggested it isn't ported right and I need port walls rather than just a port exit..? Thanks in advance!
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBBZy0WWCqQ&feature=youtu.be 1 18 inch re gettin down in my minitruck s10 blazer, last vid before I recone both to fo and wall it, its currently running off of 1k alpine amp, it.gets pretty low, 8 cube box at 32 Hz, thanks for watching let me know what yall think ,everything is a work in the process,so excuse the mess;)
  9. Hey there, I'll be doing my first setup soon and I need some advice. I have some money to spend, but I'll look used and try to save where ever I can. I have a Jeep Cherokee 95. I'll be doing it all in the back space with the rear seats down. I really don't have an idea of where to start as far as brands are concerned. I know I want it to be very loud and have people be able to feel it from a good distance. I've been reading that the more cone space the better, so I was thinking about going with multiple 10's or 12's? Is that a good bet? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  10. im looking at getting a hifonics 1500d and was wondering if anyone had experiance with them it will be at 1 ohm i will be instlling a fan on it but other than that just general thoughts and experiance with them thanks
  11. C-Piller wall 4 zv3 15's on a NS1. Audison 4 Channel on 2 sets of hurtz 6.5's. Two 320 Alts on 6 XS D3100's. Tuned to 32hz 2 weeks build from start to finish.
  12. Im getting a new car and im looking to put a new system in it. Im leaning towards a dodge charger. Any ideas on what i should drop in it???
  13. So I have TWO JL AUDIO W1V2-4 subwoofer running in a Dodge Ram 1500 Ex cab. With a Koiiler 800w amp running both subwoofers. I personally think these subwoofers aren't as loud as they can get and I'm not sure why. My friend has the SAME subwoofers in s SMALLER enclousure in a single cab Silverado. His HIT. But mine arn't as loud and don't have that feeling of bass around you... Just the lows hit. Both are sealed. My subwoofers are FOR SURE in phase. Wires to subwoofer are good. 2 ohms. GROUND is probably the worst part because I have it grounded to the seat. But I don't think that is my problem in this case. Or maybe it is? Any help would be appriciated!
  14. After Slamology I pulled my 2 Zv3-10's out and replaced them with this bad boy to try it out..... A few people seen it sitting in the back of my truck at Slam. After some testing I ended up doing a 147.8 @ 46Hz sealed on the dash on a saz4500 @ 1ohm Not to shabby for a single 12 Be sure to Subscribe for more videos!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rs8jxifaJD0
  15. Has anybody used or heard anything about these subs? I was thinking about it and I want to know some pros and cons. What are some thoughts?
  16. I have been looking around to uprgrade my bass. I have ordered a pioneer gmd9601 amp that claims 1200rms @1ohm. As far as subs, I have been looking into 2 10 inch subs. sundown SA, FI X, RE SEx are a few I have researched. I have an Isuzu rodeo so space is not much of a problem. What are peoples' ideas and suggestions to get loud? can't upgrade the amp right as of yet.
  17. I have a 2010 Honda civic coupe, and I can't stand how loud it is driving down the road. I have looked into second skin's luxury liner, damplifier, etc. I am wanting to make my car as quiet as possible for as little as possible. My budget is about $600. I don't want to use any tar based products of any kind. Any info on what product I should choose for my budget would be greatly appreciated. Also if anybody has any experience with sound deadening, it would help me a lot if you could give me an estimate on how much of each kind of material I should get. Thanks, Brett
  18. 2005 dodge ram 1500 I have this massive triple sub 10", shared lower vent, chambered box 16.5x20x49(with port).... port size is 2.25"x49"x12.5". I have 2 alpine swr-10d4(1000rms-3000peak), and one swr-1043d(600 rms-1800peak). all were previously ran in parallel @ 1 ohm (i think) going to a rockford fosgate t1000.1 power series. Suprisingly it hardely even got warm and pushes them hard. BTW!!= I just yesterday wired in my red top underneath my back seat and i have that wired to the bullz audio 2f cap=> everything wired to that...(i have a normal stock truck battery up front) My questions: 1.Is my port the right length?(can it sound better if made longer/shorter/complete chamber) 2. Is the box itself too big or is it ok? 3. Where can i find a wiring diagram or does somone know how to do 1ohm to all 3 speakers or just two? 4. [would having a diff rms sub on the same 1ohm wire do anything bad?] if so. 5. i have a 1600 boss amp that i've wired into my truck in my current setup of a center console box i made(but it seems to be having a hard time pushing it because it goes onto "protect" mode alot.) 6. should i get rid of my capacitor and stick with just the two batterys? And i have a 1600 boss 800.2 amp and two kicker cvr 12" 05cvr124(400rms-800peak) that im selling to a friend and i was looking for a badass ported box design thats loud going into the back of his old jeep...the available space is{length from back seat to rear door}x{width fromside to side of car}x{height} 25"x35"x15" (If i want to be able to slide it in from the back without him having to take off his top or putting it in from the front) if not then 25"x35"x MIN(15")MAX(30")... My questions:1. I also have some nice component speakers laying around... could i cut holes for them too?[would i need to chamber them completly off from the subs?] im open to any ideas i can make some crazy stuff. My current setup is a center console box with the two swr-10d4's (recently attempted to invert the one closest to front and doesnt sound right) going to that rockford fosgate t1000.1bd... and when i inverted i hooked one to the boss amp and another to the fosgate from the capacitor...but just didnt sound right... i have a problem when they are both right side up... the way the box is made all the air space is at the ground and the sub closest to front gets pushed out further and clips...i also beleive the box is just barely over the minimum for sealed air space. My questions: 1. take out the capacitor= just 2 batteries 2. i tried to invert it? and couldnt find a diagram to reverse polarity but idk if thats what i need to do or what. 3. port it maybe? but how?--- p.s. everything is perfectly sealed on both boxes.
  19. So in my car I had two RF P315's running off of a Crunch 2400.4 amp and was pretty content until my friend Brandonbkd decided he was going to upgrade his RF 15'' to a Fi Audio 18'' and somehow talked me into getting the Fi 15 (because there was no way we were fitting a box for a 18 in my trunk). First things first, i had to sell my system to gain funds for the new system. As soon as I sold the subs i bought the Fi 15, and then the wait began. So, while waiting a month for the sub to come in I started in on the box.
  20. I have a Rockford t1000-1 thats puttin out 1500 watts at 1 ohm. What sub(s) should i buy that you guys think would be the loudest. I drive a 2004 mercury sable ls. it has a fairly small trunk opening which is the only downside. Just give me some pointers and options! Thanks boys.
  21. So I know, I know.... "no VS threads" .... Not totally sure whether this completely falls under that but here we go.... So, I've realized I made the wrong decision for tweeters in my car... LPG aluminum tweets .... Cannot be crossed lower than 4k and that is with lower power/lower volume.... 5k is much better.... This will not work for me anymore... I've learned that now and need to move onto something better for me... Currently using my Pioneer HU for active setup and going through a MB Quart 4.125 .... I am looking at these guys: Vifa NE25VTS-04 Morel CAT 378 I have been eyeballing the Vifa for quite some time now but not pulling the trigger just yet.... The Morel came up in another thread and I saw that the specs were similar but it's advertised as a sort of "hyrid" tweeter .. My biggest problem is not install or anything... But which would be louder on the power given... Not that I want to be heard from farther away but I want to have more headroom as far as EQ and balancing without much struggle... I'm looking to improve the clarity and range...I do not have a specific driver to match up with it yet but any suggestions would be great... And wondering if I can fit an 7-8" mid to pair with it... .Help I'm lost.... Music tastes: John Legend John Legend Again Slick Rick Dir En Grey Gorillaz Highly suggest you guys check out the music I listen to so you know what I'm after.... It's really wide and I'd like to be able to play it all.... Any and all help much appreciated....!!!
  22. Clean ground pounder build. still abit more to go. 157.5 on music with fresh subs Still some fine tuning and finishing up the trunk to do yet!
  23. Is it bad for my subs to get warm when I touch the dust cap. It like warm, but not hot. On average I play my sounds 1/2 hr a day. My setup is 2 12 chaos in a ported box to specs. Running of a RF1500 bdcp amp at 1 ohm. I have 0 gauge run to the amp to a splitter to 4 gauge. with extra battery. Big 3 is done.
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