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  1. Well guys I'm on my 2nd set of Nexen tires .......... 1st set I got to around the 3 yr mark/30,000 miles on them before they started cracking. I've had this second set of Nexen 305/35R24XL HP tires for around 2 yrs and a few months now ........ needless to say they are slightly starting to crack. I've been getting the notion that Nexen tire quality is going down. I've been looking at Lexani, Lionhart, Delinte and even got a suggestion of going with Ironman Imove (never heard of them) ......... so if i could get a lil advice here I'd appreciate it. I'd love to go Perelli or Faulken but their prices are steep for my pockets right about now.
  2. As the others have said I'd try a different lug nut and it that fails then it's your studs.
  3. I have been a member since this site has opened. I followed Mr. Steve Meade from www.rockfordfosgate.com to here ........ so glad he opened his own site ...... been a member since 2004 or was it 2005, just know i'm member number 56.
  4. Definitely nice install and it look great. I think everyone else has said more than enough with at least one more run of 1/0 for ya positive and negative, if you can do 2 more runs to the back ...... best case do two runs of 2/0 from front to rear battery. I'm running 7000rms myself and that's my next move once I replace my 2 runs of positive 1/0. Nice setup though!
  5. Dang that makes me wanna do LV5s .....
  6. As member number 56 .......... Steve we have came a long way my brotha!!!! SMD #1 website still in my book................
  7. Really thinking about looking at one of these on my next setup!
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