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  1. I have been a member since this site has opened. I followed Mr. Steve Meade from www.rockfordfosgate.com to here ........ so glad he opened his own site ...... been a member since 2004 or was it 2005, just know i'm member number 56.
  2. As member number 56 .......... Steve we have came a long way my brotha!!!! SMD #1 website still in my book................
  3. With the two D4800 underhood i'm sure (2) D3100s in the back would do. i'd do 3 runs of 1/0 positive if you could.
  4. Well i just received my D6500 and the i-bar 555 only to find out it wont fit my d6500. i want to utilize the top and side posts. what i bar can i purchase with my d6500 to make it work?
  5. i'm running 6000 rms off a Dcpower 260sp, you'll be fine with what you plan on running.
  6. yes 6-8 8m3s do sounds nice. i got about four more months left on this deployment to think about it and i'll decide and purchase 30 days before i get home. whatever i choose i need to build a very good box this time. Also i plan to do flare ports this time instead of slotted. I've checked partsexpress and a few other sites, they are costly but i'll keep searching.
  7. got my quote on the DC 8m3s and man o man, i'm really thinking on 6-8 of those lil dudes off my 5K..............
  8. ya know srool, i'd love to do four lvl 4 12s over the three 12/15s truly. I have around $1200 or so i want to spend on the subs and heck i have a full sheet of MDF, plenty of screws and resin at home right now. But with four lvl 4m2s at 1400 rms each (5600rms for all four lvl 4m2s) and that means my 5k wouldn't really cut it, then again i'm running it at 15.3 with really no voltage drop now so i'll be pushing it trying to give each 1400rms and yeh i could just upgrade amps a lil later in which that DC7.5 is next ..... but then i face the issue of selling whatever i choose (three lvl 4 12/15s, or two 15xls) once i upgrade to the 7.5k. So i'll think on it so the three or four lvl 4s will stay on the table or either the two 15xls. i've even thought about doing four lvl 3 12s although i'd be overpowering them a good bit (only by 350 rms......... also purchasing new coilovers/springs to lower my truck and a new set of 24s(not doing the 6s anymore) along with replacing the kinetik upfront for a xs power d6500 so yeh $$$ is the only thing that'll stop me from doing four lvl 4s.
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