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  1. Nice build! can you help me design my 4th order for 2 sundown X v2 12s? tuned in for vids!
  2. how do view posts history?

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    2. Amart88
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      go to the profile page and click "view content"

    4. Turn it up

      Turn it up

      of myself tryn to find a thread that i posted in

  3. that sucks man.but if you have haters you doin it right.i wish one day i could meet you and get a demo of the hoe.stay up! all the way from stockton ca
  4. But I thought wiring worked different for dual voice coils? Okay cool. Thank you one dual 4 wire in parallel + + , - - wires down to 2 two dual 4 wire in parallel ++++ , - - - - wires down to 1
  5. one D4 ohm wires down to 2. two D4 ohm wires down to 1.
  6. Nice review! Nice to hear that it's doing great in the hot temperature.by the way I have a roll of 60 mil sitting in my closet
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