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  1. Hey man, I couldn't help but wonder if you have any pictures of the newest setup in your blazer with the one T1K and the single Fi 15?

  2. Here's the most recent messages, since I had to go through facebook and it took multiple days to get a response. His first response is as follows: Feb. 13th, 2011, Tristan- "Look dude. I recently had sugery to basically save my life. All my money is going towards medical bills to stop thekm from going to collections. I really can't give you all your money at once...I'm in a real shitty spot right now being 21 with over 80k in med bills. If you don't believe me ill send you a pic of my 16in scar down my stomach to prove it. All my toys are sold, I've got shit right now. I mean i can paypal you like 20 a paycheck if you'd like... I'm truly not a scammer just life at the moment isn't the greatest. Hit me back...we can try to work somethin out." Feb. 15th, 2011, Me- "***** is the paypal" Feb. 15th, 2011, Tristan- "That's all ya gotta say? After reading such lovely words about me I'm not so sure. Now all of a sudden there's a rip where the leads are woven? Hmm... kinda sketchy that both speakers I send you oddly have problems with the vc's. Hmmm... and I've got witnesses here also that know they were good. Not sure why I would INTENTIONALLY sell you something and ask you after I sold you them if you had hooked em up to see how they sounded. And I'm sorry but 6 months later and you got these from a business you wouldn't be getting any money or comepensation. Why should I? The more I think about this the more shady it sounds on your part... just sayin." Feb. 15th, 2011, Me- "Think what you want but they sat in my closet for 6months unused... Maybe they were fighting each other in the box? I've never blown any speakers, ever. I didn't even hook this up... and they wouldn't even fit in my ride so I'd love to know how I could even use them." March. 12th, 2011, Me- "So I'd like to know, you gonna make this right or not?"
  3. That kinda my idea behind building a good sounding system... Have tons more cone area and power than you need and back it down... Just b/c the subs have 3" of throw doesn't mean you need to use it... Lowering the excursion of the woofer makes it much more responsive. To get my truck to blend and pay flat... My highs may be full tilt but my sub control is all the way down and it blends perfect... The sub only sees maybe 1/4" of excursion tops.
  4. Many of mine have already been mentioned, heres one that was playing on shuffle and I thought I'd throw in here real quick...
  5. No to mention time alignment, one would be like 6-10inches for your ear the other 3-4feet.
  6. http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?srchExt=CAT&srchCat=373&CFID=16414845&CFTOKEN=38803533 Find one that meets your dimensions.
  7. You can put new surrounds on without having to recone just an fyi...
  8. Not to thread jack, but what does that dual alt bracket consist of? Like pulleys, alts, tensioners, belts, etc.. Do you have any pics?
  9. So what was scary about the fortune cookie? Did he stare at you with an angry look? Have sharp edges?
  10. cut out a 3/4" baffle and raise it 3/4"? Not behind the grills it wouldn't fit plus you would need almost 1.5" to clear them.
  11. They've been out for awhile, actually considered using these a rear midbass for a 1995-99 eclipse but they were too deep.
  12. I would have but I lost his number ages ago when my phone crashed. edit: Lemme know whats going on... B/c I think I've waited long enough my patience is shot.
  13. READ http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/100416-tristan560-is-a-scammer-beware/
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