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  1. Here's the most recent messages, since I had to go through facebook and it took multiple days to get a response. His first response is as follows: Feb. 13th, 2011, Tristan- "Look dude. I recently had sugery to basically save my life. All my money is going towards medical bills to stop thekm from going to collections. I really can't give you all your money at once...I'm in a real shitty spot right now being 21 with over 80k in med bills. If you don't believe me ill send you a pic of my 16in scar down my stomach to prove it. All my toys are sold, I've got shit right now. I mean i can paypal you like 20 a paycheck if you'd like... I'm truly not a scammer just life at the moment isn't the greatest. Hit me back...we can try to work somethin out." Feb. 15th, 2011, Me- "***** is the paypal" Feb. 15th, 2011, Tristan- "That's all ya gotta say? After reading such lovely words about me I'm not so sure. Now all of a sudden there's a rip where the leads are woven? Hmm... kinda sketchy that both speakers I send you oddly have problems with the vc's. Hmmm... and I've got witnesses here also that know they were good. Not sure why I would INTENTIONALLY sell you something and ask you after I sold you them if you had hooked em up to see how they sounded. And I'm sorry but 6 months later and you got these from a business you wouldn't be getting any money or comepensation. Why should I? The more I think about this the more shady it sounds on your part... just sayin." Feb. 15th, 2011, Me- "Think what you want but they sat in my closet for 6months unused... Maybe they were fighting each other in the box? I've never blown any speakers, ever. I didn't even hook this up... and they wouldn't even fit in my ride so I'd love to know how I could even use them." March. 12th, 2011, Me- "So I'd like to know, you gonna make this right or not?"
  2. That kinda my idea behind building a good sounding system... Have tons more cone area and power than you need and back it down... Just b/c the subs have 3" of throw doesn't mean you need to use it... Lowering the excursion of the woofer makes it much more responsive. To get my truck to blend and pay flat... My highs may be full tilt but my sub control is all the way down and it blends perfect... The sub only sees maybe 1/4" of excursion tops.
  3. Many of mine have already been mentioned, heres one that was playing on shuffle and I thought I'd throw in here real quick...
  4. No to mention time alignment, one would be like 6-10inches for your ear the other 3-4feet.
  5. http://www.parts-express.com/wizards/searchResults.cfm?srchExt=CAT&srchCat=373&CFID=16414845&CFTOKEN=38803533 Find one that meets your dimensions.
  6. You can put new surrounds on without having to recone just an fyi...
  7. Not to thread jack, but what does that dual alt bracket consist of? Like pulleys, alts, tensioners, belts, etc.. Do you have any pics?
  8. So what was scary about the fortune cookie? Did he stare at you with an angry look? Have sharp edges?
  9. cut out a 3/4" baffle and raise it 3/4"? Not behind the grills it wouldn't fit plus you would need almost 1.5" to clear them.
  10. They've been out for awhile, actually considered using these a rear midbass for a 1995-99 eclipse but they were too deep.
  11. I would have but I lost his number ages ago when my phone crashed. edit: Lemme know whats going on... B/c I think I've waited long enough my patience is shot.
  12. READ http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/100416-tristan560-is-a-scammer-beware/
  13. All started with a set of 18" Fi Qs I purchased for $400 from him Feb. 27th, 2010 suppose to be in working condition, I get them unpacked and first thing I do is meter the coils and notice one is blown so after a major hassle I get him to agree to refund my money, but the catch is I have to ship the woofers back ON MY DIME, so I lost a little over $50 in that transaction. Exactly 10days before I had purchased a set of XXX mids for $165 in like new condition, I received them opened the box and they appeared to be brand new so I didn't bother metering the coils, I had bought them for a fiberglassing my doors of my blazer in the summer. Well I was reading a forum post about someone saying car audio mids that are rated at 2ohm aren't really 2ohm, so I get them out of my closet to get pics that they are true 2 ohm mids, so I unpack them and try to meter one and it wouldn't read, figured it was my batteries but I grabbed the other mid and it metered fine, upon closer inspection I notice that the the woven tinsel lead was ripped under the VC wrap... I contact him and immediately he say calls me a scammer, saying that was 6 months ago... When they had sat in the top of my closet packed up. So after getting nowhere I had to get the mods involved after some deliberation on Sept. 8th, 2010 they agree that we would have to split the cost of replacing the mid down the middle... Even though it wasn't my fault I agreed understanding I should have tested them and it had been 6months, even though they were packed away in my closet. He agrees to go half and told me to get a quote from Greg at RE Audio and show proof of it, I got the quote on Nov. 4th, 2010 and forwarded the message to the PM shared between myself, Chode69, and tristan560 on Nov. 14th, 2010... My computers video card then went out and it wasn't until Dec. 7th, 2010 that I could get him a screenshot of the PM from Greg at RE Audio quoting the $130 price for a new mid as they don't sell recones. He informs me in his PM on Dec 6th, 2010 that he still wanted proof and that he would have the extra money on his check right before Christmas, I wait and waited trying to be patient because I know during the holidays you can sometimes overextend yourself financially so I PMed him January 4th, 2011 asking if he had the money that I would like to get my mid replaced, I tried emailing, Chode69 (Nick tried emailing him, PMing him.... NOT one response and he hasn't been active on the forum since January 1st, 2011... No response to the emails... NOTHING, and I'm still with a broken mid... So I'm gonna have to drop $130 on a new mid and still had $165 out not to mention the $50 I shouldn't have had to lose during the blown Fi Q transaction. So it appears he got me good, for $180+ worth of stuff, stress, and most of the excessive amount of time I have wasted trying to get this resolved. For the price it will cost me to get the new mid plus the price I originally payed I could have bought the ENTIRE component set not just mids and still had some change leftover. Nick has already informed me that he will be on the scammers list... I have two local witness to this whole mess... and ALL original PMs. So Tristan560 I want to personally thank you for being nothing but scamming trash... I had never had one transaction problem ever until this... I've always had good feedback and actually sold stuff in condition better than described... I'm not sure if I'll honestly ever buy any used equipment again unless its local... Once again thanks.
  14. Db-r does not repair RF amps... They only repair amps that they have a "patnership" with... I've repaired RF power series amps... But they were my own, and they are a pia... Goodluck.
  15. I have 35% of my factory 70% to bring it to 28% on the front and factory 15% rear, I want 5% over my factory rear 15% and wanna redo my front to 5% and maybe lower my tint strip even though it already 3 inches below the legal limit... He usually charges $200 a car, I got hooked up though...
  16. No :9 I've missed out on some many insane build in the last 4 months its not even funny....
  17. Yeah it's been four months lol, and hello roscoe buddy missed yay haha
  18. Not that anyone missed me... But anyways my 8800gts finally decided to die after 5 years randomly... and My desktop has been down and surfing the forum with a blackberry is horrible... So I haven't been on much... But finally I bought another video card for my comp so I'm back lol... So good to finally be on my desktop again lol...
  19. Sound good, great midbass, really punchy... I ran 125wrms a side to them. The dome can get a little harsh and I'm a fan of metal tweets and run RF power series aluminum domes and still the are brighter than mine... They sound good though.
  20. My dads rides I have designed have all been 8:1, one had a 1:1 power ratio with only a single 8 for subbass, the other had a 1:2 power ratio with a 12 being subbass.
  21. 8:1, only run a front stage... What's better though is what is your mids/highs power ratio to your sub power ratio? If that's the case then its 1:4
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