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  1. Not sure if this has been answered somewhere else before, but what camera do you use? Both the pictures and videos in this thread are stellar!
  2. Bought some kick pods for my blazer, fast shipping, direct fit in great shape, even had some deadener left on it
  3. Link to said Spectrum spray? All i'm finding is edible cooking sprays.
  4. Haha yeah I was talkin about you, but thats fine, thanks! Gonna completely cover front doors, rear doors, rear tailgate(bottom part of hatch), back two side panels(between C-pillar and rear), and probably the headliner from the back seat back.
  5. Looking to buy the 40 sq ft. pack of Damplifier, was wondering if there's any benefits of ordering through the rep on here? Either way is fine, but just wonderin!
  6. under the hood? i think he was talkin about trunk.. OH. my b, swear I read under the hood somewhere, and was like "I'm not sure how that'd help" haha but nonetheless, clean install
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