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Found 16 results

  1. what would be better in an escalade. 2 DC 18s or 3 DC 12s, and good videos out there?
  2. I need some good quality images of the M3 LvL 6 15 with the new frame. droppinhz seems to be the only place showing it but I wanted some better images (different perspectives) so I can model it in Sketchup. Anyone have?
  3. Well I just want to take the time and thank you guys down at DC for everything they did for me. A few months ago you guys helped me pick out what subs would work best for my truck ended up getting the new level 4s M2's was really impressed in how quick they got to my house and how great they looked. Also thank you for this past weekend on helping me on a Saturday with wiring my subs. you guys have a great customer service and have a great audited toward helping out people and making sure they are satisfied with what they get. My 3.5k came in today and all i can say that thing looks flawless, absolutely beautiful. I thank everyone down at DC for all the help they have given me and the great items i now have for my truck. I hope to someday be a part of the team and see you guys at some shows and compete with you for Team DC. I am proud to own some great products and i cant wait to hear them this weekend. This week is going to be a long week of anticipation on waiting to hear the subs. but i thought i would do it right and get another battery and get it DD-1 so everything is perfect. Thank you guys again i would recommend you guys to anyone for anything. Keep up the great work and I will see you guys around hopefully. DC FTW!
  4. 14dbass

    WTB: DC 1.2k

    Looking for a DC 1.2k amp.
  5. I know DC amps do rated power but are they underrated like some other brands out there? if so by how much if anyone knows. thanks!
  6. ok im gonna pick up my subs this weekend but! still not sure if i should get 2 lv3 or 2 lv 4 . does any one have the spec on both sizes? and is their a hufe differnce in lv3 and lv4 ? also i have not changed my altantor yet because they dont make Sh#t for my car!! so what would you pick?
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on what subs to get, I'm wanting to upgrade to some higher quality subs, and wanted to know what you thought would be best, both for the money and performance. If it helps at all, I would be getting two and putting them in a ported box)
  8. 14dbass

    WTB DC 2.0k

    What to buy a DC Audio 2.0k ASAP.
  9. my new level 4s going hard and doing work. Thank you dc. enjoy all !
  10. Local build for a team member. This car gets down! Thanks for watching everyone !
  11. Looking specifically for an RE SX magnet, but please let me know if you have an MT or any of the following brands parts: AA, IA, Fi, TC, DC, Konaki, looking for mostly 3" and 4" coil capable. Let me know what you have or willing to get rid of for cold hard cash, Thanks! -Greg
  12. I have 2 Fosgate T2000's birthsheet states about 2400wrms @ 2ohm. I am going to link the 2 amps for about 4800wrms. I am going to run 2 15's Which Lvl DC 15's should I run? I was thinking 2 15 D2 XL's of would lvl 4's with lvl 5 upgrades work?
  13. hey guys i just got a new car and sadly decided to go from my dc xl 18 to 2 12 inch DC lvl4 m2. i have read goood things about these so i am staying positive lol. my question for you guys is what amp would you recommend? i have and AQ 2200d. would i be good running this? Or should i upgrade to an AQ3500 or DC 3.5k any help would be great thanks!
  14. Finally I got rid of my atomic 18, And joined the real world with real quality. I am a train wreck when it comes to enclosures. What I am working with is the shell of my 4th order from my 18. 3cubes sealed 6 ported. 88 sq inches of port (internal) If this wasn't a truck blow through I would scrap the old and build new. My max dimensions are 21" tall 23.25" deep and 48" wide. assuming .75" material its doubled up but I gave these measurments for ease of torres. I will be putting 5-6k between the two twelves. I will be using as daily and spl. I still like music-he-he. ive heard that these do well in a 6th order as well as a 4th order. I really need your guys input and I know I came to the right area. thank you in advance for the calculations guys.
  15. Hey guys i am wondering what are the measurements of a 3.5k i am ordering one tomorrow i am just wondering where i should mount it. does anyone know the measurements of it i looked on DC and all i find is the heat sink length and stuff or is that its total length. I am just trying to put the box in tomorrow for the install. If anyone knows the measurements hight length and width please let me know so i can get some ideas. thanks guys.
  16. Ok, my car is 1999 chev calalier 2 door and ordered a DC audio 18" XL M2 D1 last week. My amp got here 2 weeks ago, a crescendo BC 2000D I know I need to work with about 6 cubes but not sure on the port size or direction. also should I seal the trunk off and have sub firing forward? the trunk is small so not sure what way to go to get as loud and low as i can. please help!
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