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Found 45 results

  1. ive had this sub sitting around tryin to figure out a good box for it (sub up port back!) its wanting 5 cube after disp. sub disp. is .26 now i want my box 20x38x17 which is about 6.06 cuft. now the port is where im having the most problem cant really figure out the right tuning im wanting about 32 hz ANYONE HELP!? :huh2: :huh2: :huh2: :huh2:
  2. Hello ,im in need of help on deciding on the coil option for my subs i have choose a pair of FI Q 10's running off of a DC audio 3.5k . My problem is that i have a box which is sealed and has two chambers (one for each sub) with seperate terminals for each sub ,so i was wondering if i was to get the dual 1 ohm coils and wired them at .5 ohms on each sub would they be summed up to one ohm at the amp (DC 3.5k) because i know it is a mono with two pairs of outputs so i assume they are internally summed ... or am i wrong .....any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .
  3. just testing the waters, ill be doing a 1 18" setup soon in my blazer, but need a sub. D2 or D4 and atleast 1500W RMS let me know what ya got!
  4. I have 1 DC xl m2 18 on 1000w JL amp for now. Should be upgrading to a DC 2K. When I get my bigger amp, is a hair trick possible?? If not, what can make it possible?
  5. This might be a semi slow build, I have most of the equipment, but I do need a few other things to complete it all. I traded my truck in on a 2012 VW Passat about 6 months ago and I've had a stock stereo since. This will be my first time building a ported box and my first experience with a 15" sub (SSA X-CON). When I got rid of my truck I sold my DC 5.0K, but through a stroke of luck, I was able to buy it back! The X-CON is Dual 1 ohm, so it should be good on the 5.0K at 2 ohms. I am keeping the stock head unit, but adding a Rockford Fosgate 360.3 to control everything. The door speakers will be RF T1675's for now powered by a Kicker 350.4. Knuconceptz wire, XS batteries, Dakota Digital volt meter, Second Skin are being used as well. The car the box plan trunk batteries will go in here
  6. I just got a new truck and am going to to 4 DC m3 8's in it. Was wonder what would be the best option for powering these things/ what impedence I should wire them at. I have a crescendo 3500 right now but was looking to go to something alittle smaller since there isnt much room in an ext cab truck. Just wanted some advice or just wanting to know what amp people have theirs hoooked up to.
  7. Alright.. So about a month ago I decided it was time to buy a newer, more reliable vehicle. I'm not a fan of having to repair my car, and with my job I just can't be without reliable transportation. It was time to upgrade. I found a great deal on a 2012 Chevy Tahoe LT with 17,000 miles and decided she was the one. I really loved the fact that the bowties were already blacked out and that it had an after market grill already. Next up, it was time to head to Sound of Tri-State and have a Viper 5902 installed with a few extra attachments added. The thing I told myself going into this was I want to do it all right the first time. No half assing shit on this build. Next on the list was to meet up with my good friend Jay Henderson and get my Hoe some new shoes and add a Magnaflow dual exhaust. So I made the trip to Nowhere, VA....just kidding Jay, South Boston, VA. I got there Sunday and we, I mean he, got to work on it. We had to make a lil room up front so I could turn fully without rubbing, so Jay got to cutting. Jay told me he was really attracted to my Hoe and felt "sparks" between them. I didn't get it at first, but then it made sense. So we got the 28's mounted and ready to roll. Then we began the work on getting the exhaust installed (yes I lended a hand here). Jay is just about done welding her all up. And after about 5 hours of work on a Sunday afternoon, we pulled her out of his shop and she sat like this.... Now, for the rest of the audio build it is going to take some time to get it where it needs to be, but I know exactly what direction I'm headed in. Next week coming up I will have the tint done and the Pioneer AVH 8400BH installed in it. I'm not going to be talking about the build until the pieces of it come in, but I promise that this build will be well worth following.
  8. Ok, so if you have been following my own build log you have seen some pics of my buddy's car, the Avenger. Me and him are walling his car so I thought why not put up a log. I don't have any pics at the moment but I will post some up tonight. if you want to see his past builds I have them over on my other log. anyways, here is the list of equipment. -2 18's Soundstream X3 -4 Soundstream X3.71 amps -2 Soundstream D-Tower's for mids and highs. -tons of Soundstream mids and highs -3 XS power D3100's -8 banks of Maxwell caps (4 at the moment) - Sky high wire -Mechman alt -Pioneer 80prs and more. I will post some pics up tonight. the shell will be built this weekend. Stay tuned for more.
  9. I bought this 2006 yukon brand new back in 05. After about 3 years decided to start modding it ( after it was out of factory warranty ). Started off with some LED tails, then lowered it 3/5 with djm suspension , and afterwards threw some 22" Boss 330 wheels on it. At this point, just the factory bose system. First system equipment: 1. Pioneer AHV4100dvd head unit 2. 15" Kicker L7 d2 in a prefab 3. Knu Konceptz 1/0 cca wire 4. Rockford Power 1000 25 to life 5 channel ( loved this thing ) Birthsheet readings were channel 1-4=110rms per side at 4 ohm/ sub channel 933 rms at 1 ohm Went to my first show and was convinced by the other competitors to meter it. 141.0 at 41hz I had the rockford running the factroy bose till they blew. Once they blew, I installed some orion cobalts ( hella broke at the time ). When I decided to upgrade the mids and highs again, I rewired it with stinger 12g for the mids and stinger 16g for the tweeters. I went with the CDT CL-62 pro pack. This included 6.5 componets with addition upstage tweeter and some coaxs. For the rear doors, I had seen some people drill the connecter to fit the wire, or even eliminate the connecter completely and just hard wire the rear doors. I decided to "notch" the connecter to fit the 12g on the side. I lined the side of the connecter opeing in the door with some thick felt tape I got from work ( when doing wiring repairs on cars). I rocked this system for a couple of years. Really loved that amp, and at the time did not know the capabilites of that amp ( running active ). I ended up selling the amp and the L7 along with some other parts I had laying around to fund a new build. I had already installed a XS3400 up front for my primary battery.
  10. I wasn't going to do this, but after I got thinking about it, maybe my build might help someone else out. Malibu was traded in for this 2009 Equinox LS AWD with the 3.4L engine that no Alternator company makes an aftermarket H.O. alt for at this time. Some of my old equipment is going to be recycled until I can afford to get new things, but I am trying to do this one a little bit better than the last.Yeah, yeah, I know, onto the pictures you pic-hungry whores Anyone looking for the quick talk-free version of this can find it here: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/173773-ubl-lbox88s-2009-equinox/ Not much room under the back seat for anything since the rear seat slides forward and back for more passenger legroom.Might be able to squeeze something in at a later time in the sare tire well.
  11. Got a new car and I am just starting my audio install and other cool accessories! Check it out!
  12. Does anyone know how much a dc level 4 18" costs? thinking about buying one soon.
  13. Hey guys, Im having trouble with DC Powers site. When I click on get a custom quote it goes to a blank page. They do not have the alt for my car listed which is the reason I need to get a custom quote. m desperate bc my alt gave out on my car so as of now im car-less. IAny help would be greatly appreciated. TIA guys.
  14. Hello friends! Just wanted to share my latest build with you. I call it the "DC Solo hX2v.3". This build started about a year ago, when I picked up a Solo X 12 motor from Cody J.. I was going to try to find three more, and use these motors to build the subs for my car. But I didn't have much luck, and had a really bad winter overall, and so the motor just set in my closet until about three weeks ago. And it still set around, until last weekend, when my Solo X 15 was sold. Although I needed the money, I really hated selling that sub. (it was my baby...) So I got to thinking, and decided it was time to use this motor, and build another Solo X. So I spent several days going over the different parts I have, and what I can get, just deciding what direction I wanted this to go. And after many different mock-up's, I finally decided to go this route. Main reasons are: A. These parts will work perfect together, I mean perfect. And B. I didn't want to build something here that has already been done several times, I wanted this one to be different. I think I accomplished that. Here are the parts it consists of, and a few finished pics (so you don't have to wait until the end). - Kicker Solo X 12 motor. - Rockford Fosgate Punch HX2 basket. (cast aluminum, nice frame if you really look at it) - DC Audio 3" d2ohm 4-layer flat-wound high-temp coil. - Sundown Zv.3 12" cone/ surround (double stitched) & gasket. - Dual progressive roll (med. soft) Nomex spiders (Stitched over-sized tinsel leads) - 10g chrome push terminals (PSi) Finished pics: Okay, so now to see how it all came together. The first step was to clean the motor, especially the gap. This was a MAJOR pain, especially since someone didn't tape or cover the gap when they removed the original square frame. It took me over 3 hours just to get it clean. What wound up working best was taking it to the car wash, plugging up the bottom plate vent, and giving it hell!! (sorry, no pics) So once I was sure the gap was clean, the next step was choosing a frame. I chose to use the hx2 frame (basket) over a standard 12-spoke, a TI frame, and a DD frame. The reason was a. because it's low profile allows me to use the DC coils (that I already have) that fit the gap PERFECT! And b. I really liked the way it looks; I have never seen one built this way with these parts. And c. Everything just fit and works together so perfect, my gut said "Do it!" I think a person who didn't know any better would believe it was original, that it came this way from Kicker. I think it looks stout. So here is the build, all started with mounting the frame, and finding the right parts. This is where it is important to make the right decisions. Just because a coil fits into a motor's gap, doesn't mean it is right. You have to be sure it fit's the gap properly, and that you wont have clearance issues, such as coil rub or bottoming out. In other words, time and research really matters. Sometimes people can get lucky and throw parts together into a sub and it turns out well, but usually it will be a failure, unless you research the parts and make sure they are going to be right.
  15. I'll add some pictures and details as I compile them. For now there's an entertaining video log. Work in progress, it's getting better every day. I'm very open to suggestions.
  16. 1. Product: 15" Death Penalty w/ LVL 5 recone 2. Specs: Dual 0.7 coils (coils read 0.9 so dual 1? LOL). Gen 1 Death Penalty motor w/ a m1 LVL 5 recone (3" 8 layer aluminum flatwire coil, 5 progressive spiders (3 stiff 2 medium). I'd rate it at 2000rms with the recone. 3. Description/Condition: Good condition. I give it a 7.5/10 cosmetic small dent.puncture but it DOES NOT go through the surround. 10/10 mechanical. Coils still in good condition. I have it wired to 0.5 at the moment off my AQ2200 and it sounds pretty nice. I've had it less than a month and I got this in a trade. 4. Price: : $350 shipped or best offer. But seriously throw me offers but don't low ball me. I will trade for 3 10s and I can add cash if need be (sa10s, dc lvl 3 10s, Strato 10s). If local, you can have the box as well (I'm in MARYLAND) Will also trade for an AQ2200, preferably the newer one with the newer RCA's but doesn't matter. 5. Pictures: New pics: This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2. This image has been resized. Click this bar to view the full image. The original image is sized %1%2.
  17. Ok I been on here reading and learning alot, I've always had systems but this ones going to be a slower yet evolving build, I'll start getting a parts list together to post and update as I get stuff! This is a budget build so it will go slow at times! This is a build I'm doing with my 10 year old son, hes into electrical things like working on them and now hes getting into care audio so he's as excited as I am! This should be fun! I plasti dipped the wheels, grill, all badges and I'm going to plasti dip in black the gray trim around the bottom of the truck. heres the truck as of now I Got a L5 layin aroung that im going to run for now till I buy the sub I decide on, and my brotha B-EAZY yall know from the Stormtrooper Hummer sent me a box of goddies to help get my build goin! Thanx big homie! If you havent seen his build peep it here! http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/167781-the-stormtrooper-hummer-build-50k-rms/ Im ordering a CT Sounds 1400.1 I got all Sky High 1/0 for big 3 and amps both amps, like I said I'll post pics as more parts start arriving! Im going to build it nice n clean, I want it smooth not just stuff bolted in ya know! So I'm really looking forward to this ever progressing build! Im going to buy a 18" sub but still weighing options! Also Big thanks to bbeljefe On here for the endless knowldge! http://www.audioanarchyllc.com/ Poor guy I ask him a million questions a day! Also thank you to JoeX for the L5 box design I'm finall ready to build it lol!
  18. wtb a dc audio level 4 in decent condition for 225 prefer a 12 or 15 inch mostly 12 very serious buyer zip 77505
  19. Getting 2 dc level 6 18s soon and need ideas for a box. I have a next cab 97 c1500 chevy i will remove the rear seat for the subs and box. I plan on building either a ported box or some type of band pass box but dont know too much about band pass's. I want a box that will deliver low notes good because I mostly listen to chopped and screwed music. But what are some ideas you may have for the Level 6s??
  20. Ok, So im relatively new on the SMD forums, as far as posting things goes. This is my first SMD Build log. The customer wanted a correctly designed box for his custom built DC AUDIO LVL 4 12's. It will be going into a 2009 Eclipse! Hope you like it!
  21. 3 subs; 2 - custom 8" "Solo-barics", and the DC Solo hX2v.3 12. Build logs coming soon, these were interesting builds, I think you all will enjoy! (and might learn a thing or two while your at it) Anyway pics - Stay tuned for build logs. Also I haven't decided if I will sell or keep these, I'll let you know. Hope you all like!
  22. Maybe this is just a quick rant but what the hell has happened to customer service at these companies over the last couple years? I need 8 4" coiled 18's and have cash in hand for them but wanted to actually talk to a person at the sub company before I ordered them to see if they will be a good fit, can be built in short order, and if I can get a little price cut for buying 4-5k in subs. Only phone # I have for Fi has been turned off it seems, no response to emails so obviously they can care less if I buy from them these days. I used to be able to call up and order directly from Scott but that's not an option anymore. Called Crossfire, got somebody who wasn't allowed to sell subs and he gave me an email address to somebody who was guaranteed to get back to me within a day...that was 4 days ago. I even called DC who has been really good to me in the past and left a voicemail.....been 2 weeks, customer doesn't want DC subs anymore. Guess I'll go to walmart and drop 5k on kicker? I know that CES is going on and there are customers who are much more high profile than I am but give me a break. Well, that's it, dont feel much better.
  23. Looking to buy a 18" subwoofer or two, dont know which route to take. Had a Fi Q18 i liked but got stolen so im looking for something else. I have about 11 or 1200 i would like to spend on the sub/subs. Thinking of either gtting 2 Fi Sp4s for around 1100, or 1 Dc Level 6 18. I dont know how much Dc usually runs for but I assume the level 6 is something close to that price. I have an extended cab silverado Im going to take the seat out of to build my box so box space isnt too much a factor. Kind of like the AA Smd subs but somethings is telling me level 6 over the smd. So tell me what you guys think about this.
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