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  1. good. You are the LAST person i would want for a customer. Why are you here anyway? I am getting tired of your daily smart ass comments. I say you go find another forum to play in because your welcome is wearing out real fast. Not because you "want ever use a dd-1"....but because you are a dick. So im a dick ...for stating the obvious ..Im not the only one that notices the gimmick ...
  2. I still won't ever own or use a DD-1 .. Edit : for maxi
  3. Let me see what we have .I think i can help you out .
  4. D you have a "batteries plus" in your area .They will sell them in a bulk pack to you
  5. D you have a "batteries plus" in your area .They will sell them in a bulk pack to you
  6. Feel free to shot me contact info ..i walk you through on how to set up a split system .
  7. I agree !!!! I wish the other guys were there ..Awesome group of guys with nice ass cars
  8. I can get you a Brand New SAX 1200d for 395+ shipping .Our feel free to browse around the for sale section on a few forums .
  9. That much? id say maybe that much on an 18v setup, dunno bout 16 tho? I dont see that much being out of the question .Would all depend on rise and etc .
  10. I see your point !!! But im not going anywhere either ...20+++ years ...So it is what it is !!!
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