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  1. That's what I figured, just gotta try and find out what the specs of the coil are I guess... And I have no idea how to do that!
  2. Alright, been a while since I've been on the forums, figured somebody might be able to help me out here. I have an audiopipe AP-18001 that I picked up from a member on here. You can hate but its what I could afford and it does the job for me. So on to the problem. I had it mounted in a bad spot and vibrations broke loose one of the toroids. The wires of the toroid rubbed until the coating wore away and it shorted out. Nothing else on the board appears to have been damaged. It just goes into protect when powered up. Is there any way to get a replacement and just solder it in? The one circled in green. Here is a better picture of the problem. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. So I have an old Fisher stereo system. To be exact its a 1988 RS-911 reciever, turntable, tape deck, and speakers. It has been I a harsh garage environment for about a year. I am having trouble getting sound out of it. The volume control is just an up and down button. Sometimes I get sound when the volume is down and sometimes while turning it up it comes through intermittently. Is it a lost cause or can I maybe clean something and save it? There dont appear to be any bad components when I open it up.
  4. For $17 dollars I would much rather use something like this kit http://www.sisweb.com/micromesh/headlight_kits.htm If you wet sand the lights with it like the instructions say you can use this kit forever. Definitely way cheaper than the 3M professional kit. It takes a little bit of time and elbow grease but it gets the headlight lens back to new. It removes all dirt/oxidation. It is the same thing they use to remove scratches from aircraft windshields. No wax needed.
  5. Yeah. It was a hot ass day and the crappy glue between the cone and the former failed. Oh well. Now my old lady will let me upgrade. Guess Ill start saving for some skars. Every video I see they look brutal and they are reasonably priced. Maybe I can find some used ones for sale
  6. I knew they were gonna burn up, but its the only way my fiancee would let me get something new. They took it like a champ for a month tho. And this amp does rated believe it or not.
  7. So long story short my RE Audio SRx 12's died and I need new subs. Im looking for something to replace them and I would like it to work with my current set up. I have a 4th order enclosure with 4cubic feet ported (port is removable for adjustment) 2 cubic feet sealed. I have an audiopipe 1800 amplifier tuned with my oscilloscope. Im looking for subs that will work in this box and maybe even take more power. I was thinking about getting some FI BTLs to allow a lot of headroom but im not sure if I want to spend that much money yet. I was wondering what subs I could get to just get by with, and what would work best! Does anybody have suggestions I could look in to?
  8. Walmart is a great move IMO. Its good for all of us. More brands at walmart means more choices for everyone starting out. After the buy their first el-cheapo system they will want to upgrade just like everybody else in the car audio world. Who knows, maybe walmart will be the key to making the lifestyle grow. Good for the companies getting into the largest retailer on the planet. Growth is always good whether you like the store or not.
  9. Im pretty sure running with an injector disconnected would make it run like crap. With the injector connected put the tip of a long screwdriver against it and put your ear up to the handle. It works like a stethoscope. You should be able to hear the injector working. If it isnt clicking the injector isnt working and should be replaced
  10. Jeez! More and more stuff to do all the time and always flawless work man. Tuned in for sure!
  11. I might be down for something this weekend. Depends on how close it is to the stateline. Rockford is probably about as far as im willing to go with the new engine tho. If a few people are up for It we should definitely get together. I wanna hear some good systems to motivate me.
  12. My taurus has 215/60r16 tires on it and one is looking pretty ragged. I have an extra rim and tire lying around with the same bolt pattern. But the extra is a 205/65r15. They look to be pretty close in size but are the safe to switch out? I only need to get to work tonight and the store tomorrow. Thanks for any help
  13. I found the firmware, but I'm having issues with my computer seeing the scope when its in DUFU mode. It only appears as a disc for a second then it goes away. I did manage to figure out the stock firmware enough to find my HU's max volume and to set the gain on my amp. Idk how much I believe the stock voltage RMS calculation though. It said my amp was putting out 52 volts cleab. Which I find hard to believe for an audiopipe 1800. Gonna use it to help out some friends pretty soon though.
  14. Just got my dso nano yesterday. Gonna go try it out when I get out of work in the morning. Looks like it'll be a handy little tool
  15. I have 2 srx12 d4s. Running off an audiopipe 1800.1. They do work at around rated but I was told the surrounds go to shit when you run them at 2x rated power even though the rest of the sub can take it no problem. I've really only heard a couple other systems and none really got as loud or sounded as good. My buddy has an RE XXX18 on an xtx 5000.1 and as far as I can tell that amp does not do the sub any justice. It gets loud and sounds O.K. but given the choice I would run a different amp. It seems way underpowered. As much as people bash on the newer RE equipment I like the subs for the price you can get them at used. I would be wary of giving them anymore power than you are.
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