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Found 10 results

  1. gmoxley1

    amp help.

    Hey guys ive been looking around for a good amp that puts out around 1200 to 1500 watts. does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for a good amplifier? thanks
  2. Hey, I'm new to this forum and i have quite the order for a question. To start off, I own a 2002 Nissan Xterra. I have replaced the head unit and speakers with pioneer products. I currently have 2 15" subs that i bought fro someone for a cheap price in the trunk. I am looking for a big upgrade. I want way more power and way more sound. Possible even hairtricks? I don't know a lot about subs, amplifiers, etc. so I would need to know everything I need to buy and do. My budget is 1,500 dollars, Whats the best I can do? Thanks!
  3. Anyone run this setup? Or know if it would work? I've seen plenty of people on youtube do it, but not sure if its done right... dual 2, running it at 1 ohm. Just looking for some feedback on this.
  4. Hey guys, I need some help... I have a 2002 chevy 1500 ext cab and Im trying to build a high-end system in it. Im only 16, so its a big project for me... I got my truck last august for my birthday, and my parents bought me a HU, and some door speakers on a little amp. It was great, but I knew I wanted at least a single 12 in there. I went with 2 12's in a under-the-seat box. 2 alpine r 12's on 2 rockville rxd-m4's in a ground shaker box. It was cool, but I just kept wanting to upgrade, so I sold one of the amps, and put a sundown 1500D on both the subs at 0.5ohm. It rocked, and still does 2 months later. I want more... the 6.5's and the 4x6's dont keep up with the subs, and im upgrading the subs anyways, both my dad and uncle want sound systems in their cars, and im selling them each one of the 12's. Im deciding to go with 2 sundown x15's on 2 sundown 1500D's. Big money, i know...... Audio kinda sucks..... I have a box designed in sketchup for the subs. I realized that even with the 4 speakers ive got now, they dont really keep up as well as I want them too with the 12's, so I know they wont keep up with 2 15's on 2 times the power. I am keeping the door speakers ive got now, but im adding 4 crescendo pwx 6.5's, i found some kick panel replacements for my truck at an audio store that was closing near my house and got them for $30, what a steal, theyre like $200 everywhere online. So I want to move the alpine 6.5's into the kicks and put 2 PWX 6.5's in each door... Is this possible without too much modding? The little pods in the doors now house a 6.5 and a 1.5" (i think) tweet. Id LOVE if I could fit the 2 6.5's in that little pod without messing anything up or having to mod too much. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks guys, Trey
  5. So I have some pictures of the way my sub enclosure is positioned and was wondering what I should do to make it better? Should I put a MDF board behind the wood so the sound is bouncing off that instead of the seat? Should I put the subs closer to the seat or futher? Just curious. http://postimg.org/image/f6rlekaax/ http://postimg.org/image/esq9eyq7d/ http://postimg.org/image/lhwsuzbjd/
  6. Alright, so I have designed my box. 1.72 sealed/3.0 ported. 8 inch aeroport tuned to 42hz. Sub is a single zv3 15, amp as of now is a sundown 1500 (I plan on upgrading to over 3k soon). I have drawn out some box sketches and played around in WinISD and Torres box calculator. Do the box numbers (cft, tuning, port size) sound right? I know theres a lot to play around with when it comes to box designs. I know some people will think "Just build it and see if it sounds good", but Im only 18, so I dont have all the money in the world, so if I spend this money on building the box and it doesnt turn out well, im just out that amount of money. I just want to hear some opinions on the box, good or bad. I've designed plenty of sealed/ported boxes, but just now getting into the 4th order scene. Appreciate the help
  7. Ive got a Samsung tab 4. I'd love to put it in my dash, and i know it will fit, it will take about 4mm of cutting on the dash, I can build some kind of bracket for it. Thats not necessarily the issue. I have an alpine 1din HU, and this tablet will just run the music, not put it to the speakers, it will connect via bluetooth to the HU. Is there any way I can fit the HU where the factory cassette player is? I know it will take a lot of opening a hole for it, but im not sure depth wise if it will fit. If you guys know of a better place to mount the HU, that would be great, or even a better place for the tablet, that would work too. Id prefer the tablet to be a part of the dash/console, just not on a stand or a suction cup mount. Any ideas will help, so dont be afraid to tell me what youre thinking on it. Thanks in advance for any help, its appreciated.
  8. She has 198,XXX Miles on her but she cleans up nice. The tint looks like limo, but it's not. I told the guy i dont want people to be able to see into my truck when it's dark and he said Ok. The back three windows have Factory tint on them. I ended up taking the tint off the back window because i couldn't see shit behind me at night :X I'll eventually retint the back three with a lighter tint to match the front. She's on 20's with cooper all terrain tires. Has Hid's in front. Topdeck cover on the back. And coverking seat covers in the front. 145A Alternator W/ Lifetime Warranty, Originally had a 105A Isn't the best amp in the world but for the price thought i'd try it out. Better then the last amp i bought. Wish i could get a new one with the same shit on it for this price Found it in the glove box, Parents kept it i guess, even had the guys number who sold it to us, Still works at the dealer told him if i get a new one i'd hit him up. Love these trucks This part was already cut from a previous install but the amps were mounted to the metal. Got the dynamat from a friend 36sqf for $80, Did the back wall, and around the speakers. Still have leftover so as my system gets bigger i'm sure i'll end up putting more. You cant see it here but i also covered the vents in the back, These are where the majority of road noise comes from. The wiring looks horrible but that was just to get everything hooked up and adjusted. I have my seatbelts zip tied down here because they were in the way haha. After doing that i ended up only keeping the backseat passenger seat belt usable because they would vibrate to much. And this is how everything ended up.
  9. 5 Stars for this guy! Great seller, i see why he is on the Super Seller list! Bought this amp for a killer price, payment and shipping went smoothly, recieved the amp in the original box, with an unused bass knob in perfect condition. I was just expecting an Skar amp in a brown shipping box, wasnt expecting a bass knob either. Amp works flawlessly. Easy to get a hold of, and even messaged me to check up and make sure everything was working correctly! Great seller, hope to do business with him again!
  10. There is a local show coming up for me on June 30th in PA...12v thunder hosted by 12v Dave... I had a box built a while back for two DAD bd 12's (fs of 28hz) (I wanted an enclosure that complimented the low end)..The enclosure ended up being 5.0 cubic feet after displacements tuned to 26hz (confirmed with an IM-SG1). The original build was this enclosure with the two DAD bd 12's on their own Skar audio 1500's at 1 ohm...It played VERY flat with a peak of 145.5 db at 31-33hz with the mic on the dash and driver side door open (termlab) and also a 137.7db at 17hz....I also clamped 1800 watts coming from the pair of 1500's... I had purchased four powerbass XTA 6000D's just for the hell of it and out of curiousity put one on the two DAD bd 12's at 0.5 ohms....Sounded to me like a 150+ at around 30hz...although the drivers didn't last long on that power (DAD bd's have two spiders total and are spaced apart...Here is a video of what it did on the 6k though... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUHmK_1ZTXQ A few months back I picked up a pair of Pierce Audio 1k 12's (fs of 37hz) for a client who wanted a build....I tossed em in this enclosure on a rockford 1500 bcp at 1 ohm just to break them in and did a 144.8 at 31-33hz on music (mic was in the same confirguarion as last time). The Pierces sounded good in this enclosure but definitely lacked the low end performance that the DAD's had....I wanted to demonstrate what two 12's can do at 20-30hz in the proper enclosure at this upcoming show, but the current subs wern't gonna cut it.. So I did a little bit of digging and ended up talking to Bryan Chamberlein from Sundown and told me had a pair of sundown X 12's that were there chilling at Sundown HQ and had some coil rub from testing. He agreed that he would recone them both for me with production soft parts and a deal was made. I am the proud owner of a pair of Sundown X 12's, he told me I will have em' before the show so now I just need to play the waiting game... The enclosure was temporarily sold in between set ups and was butched by the temporary owner and I bought it back from him at a reduced price...The enclosure is going to get a makeover and some threaded rod to add some support because I am going to invert the subs which will put quite a bit of weight on the front baffle (front baffle is a doubled up with 3/4" mdf too). The set up will be the pair of x 12's (dual 2 ohm coils) each wired to their own rf 1500 bdcp at 1 ohm. I am very excited to see this enclosure sounds with a pair of subs that are made for low end extension. Sorry about the rant, will upload pics and vids as stuff comes along. The enlcosure needs quite a bit of work done on it so posting this will give me some motivation to get work done (;
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