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  1. forgot to put nsfw in the title lol no really though, lexus has got it going on, ive seen other brands trying to mock that aggressive front end lately i think it was infinity
  2. spl lab volt meter giveaway tonight at midnight watch the video

    1. Kyblack76


      midnight? How bout the ones that work for a living?

  3. finally recovered my password, long time no see

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    2. Karkov


      Been thinking about what happened to you lately. Glad you're back.

    3. purplesyrup
    4. rockFord_Expedition
  4. check out the ford fusion nascar engine swap video, lol

  5. You mean these ones (not mine) Yea, I know for sure that the bottom 2 are US Amps ... but what about the blue one ??? That's not anything from US Amps ???I'm thinking that's something else .... That's funny when I saw the title to to the post the first thing I thought was from 1998 the US Amps VLX-400
  6. If you want to see some crazy guts look at the HIFI6150 in the amplifiers section

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