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  1. then can i finally get a fucking demo ? lol hell yeah man. Just look for the red mazda. Not sure where I'll be tuned but I'll let ya hear it
  2. I'll be there. Doing dB Drag and Meca Trunk
  3. I won't be at slam unfortunately, hopefully next year. There's nothing in my car at the moment, we're workin on a few things
  4. There's a USACi show in Pittsburgh August 24th. Also a Meca show in Erie on July 27th. The erie show seems to get a great turnout.. 50+ people. I'm planning on attending both. Check the Termpro.com event calendar for shows. Also heres a link to the meca event schedule. Unfortunately there really aren't many shows in PA anymore
  5. I haven't bought one yet. I'm saving the money for a guy I found on craigslist (LOL) but yeah apparently their built AF. N8ball uses them in his truck and from what I found their really beefy. They go for 500+ used on ebay and the guy I found is selling it for $250 obo, he's clueless. I just got to get some change. This is the OLD 2500D I'm talking about. The new 2400.1 or whatever is only 1200 rms. Google some pics of the internals...narly stuff I have two of the old 2500D's for sale if that guy doesn't work out for ya. I used one in my trunk for a while, they are good amps.
  6. Yeah once in awhile. Man so much has happened since I last updated this build log. Here's a quick rundown: First I swapped out the 12W7's for 2 13W7's and an AQ3500. This was loud, I think we were seeing high 52's sealed on glass. But one of them lost a coil like 2 weeks before finals so I swapped them out for 2 DC XL15's. Eventually a 2nd AQ3500 was added as well as a XS XP3000 in the trunk. This is what I took to finals and I did very well taking 1st in all 3 classes I entered. Here are my scores: dB Drag Street Trunk (4000 watts) 153.9 clamped at 3200 watts MECA Trunk 1 152.8 MECA Park & Pound 130.6 Here's a pic of the subs And here's a vid from finals http://youtu.be/IXsK9OmcNn0
  7. Lol I considered that, but I think it would be a pretty big project. Plus I like hairtricking my own hair out the sunroof while driving lol
  8. So my sunroof broke over the weekend at the show while I was playin 17hz. Not the actual glass but the metal framing that holds it on. This is the other side (front left), its cracked halfway across I took it off the car today to get a better look at it and I found more fracture lines on all four corners that I couldn't see from in the car. There's fractures on all four corners of the metal frame but this one is the worst. So I don't exactly know what I'm gonna do about it yet. If I get it replaced with a new one I would have to strengthen it somehow to keep it from breaking again. I don't think it can be welded since its so thin and close to the glass. Has anyone ever fixed something like this?
  9. If anyone in the PA area wants a demo come to the Carlisle Pa show this weekend I'll be there! With a new port too!
  10. Haha maybe this spring/summer... my box is still bare and its not changing anytime soon. Yeah no major changes planned as of now. Once Jarred finds a vehicle to work with we're gonna be doin a build for him. You know you're a basshead when you go to car dealerships and look through vehicles to see how good they would be for bass lol
  11. Well said Taylor. Yeah we're going to Carlisle for sure. I'm gonna try to have a new low tuned port to demo 17hz by then. And ideally be able to quickly adjust it for spl. We'll see how that goes. I'm looking forward to this spring
  12. Thanks man. I'm not going to SBN this year but I'd like to sometime, maybe next year. Its a long way from PA
  13. Thanks, with the upgraded electrical it only drops about .3 when I'm driving but it does drop to low 12's when I'm burping at idle, a full volume burp almost stalls my poor car haha
  14. Its actually a little over 3 cubes per sub. Ahh.....i knew i saw you somewhere, I was there at the show with the black Altima. I saw the videos @ 17hz before the show but you must have had it tuned a lot higher at the show. Ah I remember you now that I looked at your build log, yeah your car was loud and low. I didnt know you had a sp4. Your build is clean I like it man. Yeah I just had my spl port in that day..
  15. 1 6" aero should be slightly better than 2 4" aeros, it was for me anyway.
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