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  1. alot of stuff is going to be coming in the mail very soon

  2. Got new subs!!! 2 IA Death Row 12's

    1. 8ight


      I gotta pair of the DR 15s, beastly subs man congrats

  3. That is a beautiful amp. One day I will own one.
  4. AWESOME..... I termed a 132.2 @ 41 hz with track 3 on 1 15'' AQ 2.5. This music hits and has good lyrics to go along.
  5. So finish my car for me or my motorcycle for octoberfest?

    1. LT.Smoke


      CAR... Motorcycle season is wrapping up VERY shortly

    2. deathcards


      you have all winter to finish up your motorcycle for this spring

  6. Got my wood and layed it out!

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    2. pimpnFosgates


      not in the 18+ group.haha

    3. pimpnFosgates


      not in the 18+ group.haha

    4. Kyblack76


      LOL,... that got away from you Trav,... but, good luck, and you have started a BL right ????

  7. Just polished my new wheels

  8. Cant wait to build my new box!

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    2. jeep0312


      like i dont have anything planned

    3. zydrix


      mayb ill stop in an say hi, all depends on if i go to get my wood or not.

    4. jeep0312
  9. Enjoying my new car. And getting it ready for the 6th

    1. Kyblack76


      do it......

      stop typing, and go do work...

    2. zydrix


      im really enjoying getting ready for the 6th to. cant wait to see what justin, josh, u an I do

    3. Kyblack76


      good luck to you all.... i have no excitment to look forward to... good and great for you cats... go get stupid... (i would)

  10. I will defiantly do more business with Kyle and Laura. Great people and the communication was awesome. Pm's were replied to very quickly! I just need to build a new box and I will have it. I went to start a thread but photobucket is down
  11. Awesome Deal with Kylar!! I asked him to hold a head unit he was selling for a few days until I had the funds and he did without a problem!!!! The head unit came packaged great. It looked like the box had never been opened! The HU looks and functions beautifully. Amazing price and an awesome deal! He is a great guy! Thank You Again
  12. Getting box specs for my new car and trying to find a cd or dvd player?

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    2. jeep0312


      Yeah... I let it go with the jeep. I still have the peek a boo deck tho. My car will take a single or double din deck.

    3. zydrix


      Would u like me to look for 1 for u? Give me a price range an I can help ya find 1. U got any door speakers?

    4. jeep0312


      I have other things to worry about right now. Thanks tho

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