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  1. still have the alternator? might be interested just checking to make sure it fits my truck. has the 3.0l v6 vulcan motor
  2. is it just if they mechanically start leaving the gap? because before at that frequency they would be fine from back pressure in the enclosure but with the changes made there now isn't any back pressure provided by the enclosure so it mechanically overexerts. im interested as well to get clarification
  3. pics would help greatly with this. and i think krakin is asking if the original box is vented or sealed. a large sealed box is a whole lot easier to turn into something then a ported. but who knows im not krakin lol
  4. so i also went to my second competition ever and finally won this! my trucks first trophy!! got it for second in bass race and then with winter around the corner i got these beauts i'll actually have working 4x4 again! and okay, decided to finally do something to the outside of my truck. so while changing the hubs out i also did some plastic dipping here's old vs new and then getting everything taped off... and after a few hours BEFORE AFTER i really liked how it turned out. fits the truck better. now i just need to figure out my front bumper and stuff. aright i have more audio related stuff coming soon! and i'll grab some better pictures of how the box going in turned out and what not too
  5. since i was home again i was able to go to my friends again and do a alot of the finishing touch up work on my box. decided to cut out all the unneeded edges to show off the curvesss money shot and after doing some testing on the meter. i found this thing does better on music typically then it does on tones. which is interesting. i honestly am not as excited about these scores. it sounds louder to the ear. at least sealed up im not as happy lol on the dash sealed and then in the kick i think and with it open and then in the port for fun
  6. alright i have to say sorry. it's been for ever since i've updated this... i feel bad especially since i know mitchell wanted to hear it haha but i think im finally back to get this updated again! so after where i got last time i spent another night and build a POS amp rack/false floor thing to let the new box sit lower cause it is a lot taller then the old one. and after having no idea what im doing...this is how it turned out. she's in! i also too the time to finally shrink wrap my connection yeah they looked bad.... but better now! and well then it hit summer..... through a friend i was able to get some amazing components finally for my doorsssss so excited to build up my doors!! can anyone guess what they are?? though they are highly used and i've had to fix some small things on them to get them working. this one the tinsel lead wasn't making connection good. but after impregnating it with some solder i worked just fine. so excited!
  7. the next morning it was back to working on the box. cutting out the mounting hole! got the double baffle cut out and rounded over and glued! (that took some work and stuff wasn't going good for me that day) but then there was the problem of cutting out the port again i only had a 1/2" flush trim bit so it was a pain. to get most of it out we used a skill saw to cut it. the rough cutout and then the next morning got it cutout slowly with the flush trim bit so here it is! almost done and it's pretty much ready to play! i also got the terminals put in and the sub loaded just to play around in the garage on low power and this thing is insane already! can't wait to put it in!! just gotta get my amp rack built so i can put it in and get the SPL's flow!
  8. sorry it's taken so long guys. we had a flash flood yesterday and spent the rest of the evening helping people who's apartments got flooded anyways, back to the box stuff! so first i decided the glue wouldn't adhere to the paint well so i spent a good few hours scraping it off.... so first i tried tracing out the lines of the boards and then scrape it away with a screwdriver queue the next few hours of my life... everything finally scraped off. cleaned up the tops of the boards alright so then it was time to start drilling all the holes for the screws. but i didn't know where exactly the boards were so i came up with this thing to figure out where they were. i took some duck tape and made a little dot of it and made it so the bottom wasn't sticky and then i set it on the end of the board and then i set the top down and then after a few tries it stuck to the top and wala! shows where the end of the board was! alright and then after i got all the screws in. so for the first time i get to see what the box will basically look like! so then everything was ready to get glued! so here is the last time anyone will see this part of the box ever lol can't fit your head around the bends to see that part lol anyways, IT'S GLUED!!! then i decided to work on the new amp rack and setup. so here is a picture of the setup before i tear it all down for the last time doesn't looked that cool. hoping to make my new setup way nicer i was up till 5 working on pulling everything out that night and i got somewhat of a rough amp rack made but forgot to take a pic
  9. okay so here's some shots of the box during the day and finally dry. there was a little stuff left from the bubbles but honestly im not too worried about it which is really good dang bugs though... but i like how it came out way easier then spray paint... i gotta leave it right here for right now but i have more to update so in a bit i'll be posting the rest!
  10. totally thought, well why not go through the sub cutouts!.....yeah good luck with pulling the subs while in the car lol you gonna have this all braced up and ready to give me a demo in 2 weeks???
  11. how do you run 6 caps at 17? dont you need 7 in a bank? i think what he's trying to get at is if you're charging really close to their max voltages where a imbalance in the caps would cause one to go over that voltage then a balancing circuit is a must. but yeah, i would definitely not run 6 at 17V as much as i love the smell of exploding caps....
  12. lol i really hope they come out with some wet sanding. though looking at them it looks like they might be pretty ugly when i sand them i will be able to tell tomorrow when i go out and see how it all dried. i'll also try to get some pics of it during the day. all the pics i have of the color are kind of hard to see how it actually looks.
  13. now sommmme collooorrr! i went with a forest green like my truck just to actually color match stuff lol plus green is an awesome color sooo this is where we got problems. i guess my foam roller was open celled foam and so it made bubbles all over the place it when it'd roll. so there might be bubbles in the paint when it all dries but i guess we'll see oh well live and learn. i'll probably do a lot better for the outside. oh yeah so my phone was dead by the time we started painting so all these pics are from my GF's Iphone and i think they're a little worse quality then what my phone could have done but oh well. at least i have pics! also another really annoying problem we had were bugs flying and landing on the fresh pain -.- it really was a pain but idk. we'll see how everything turns out in the end. anyways, hopefully next time (shooting for tomorrow or saturday) i get time to work on it im gonna rebuild the amp rack /floor thing in my truck to better suit the new box and i might even be able to put the box together! pretty excited for that part honestly. might be borrowing a router to finish up things here but we'll see. if i can get that router then the box should be all put together by the time school gets out and i head home! let me know what you guys think!
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