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  1. Wanting easy over eggs, but someone hard boiled the rest of the whole carton. And put them back in the carton.
  2. Nice bimmer! E39 M5's are so devauled now, can be had for 10K now around here. E38, E39, and E46 are my fav era bimmers Basically before Chris Bangle joined the design team
  3. We've all seen the "shut up and take my money" meme... I've been trying to buy a custom part for my car for the past 5 days from a guy and damn it, he wants to play 20 thousand questions. All due respect, I've done my research before deciding to buy, he's telling me things I already know instead of just telling me where to send my money! And I told him I wanted it shipped asap USPS Priority 2 day so I could get it at least by Saturday and install this weekend, this was back on Tuesday, so even if he sent it Thurs I'd get it Saturday but he still hasn't sent his Paypal email address. And I'm twiddling my thumbs trying not to be an ass about it, but seriously man, are you trying to sell or not
  4. Shopping carts, and 90% of the people that use them.
  5. I'm tired of hearing about it too, you're right. Look what the news decides to harp on nationwide. If it involves people of a different race, it's CSPAN 5, but same race it's local 10 o'clock at night news. And people are just itching for the chance to bait based on what 99% of them aren't local to, and can only see on the media.
  6. I have to say that honestly I saw this is a good benefit, but not the go-to reason to go aero over slot. My biggest thing was that the whole box would/could be smaller and get the same tuning. I remember one of my first L-port box specs that I posted for constructive criticism, the first few comments where "dude, you need way more port area per want to stay between 12-18". Basically finding a balance between not having them too small to the point where you have resistance/noise, but not too big where you loose cone control. Are you saying here that it wouldn't be such a bad idea to use the same amount of port area for aero's as you would for slots? If not, how much would be too little, and what would be considered too much?
  7. Love how your staring him down burning a hole in the side of his face, while what looks like a tornado is going on inside your ride, in slow-mo lol Then the Frank Underwood look away after its done, lol.
  8. I hate that. Always happens to me. Always. I have something that I need to accomplish... and then about everyone around me has reasons for why I need to help them accomplish what they need to accomplish. But when I'm free, nobody needs anything. Just like as soon as I get a girlfriend, dimes come running out of the woods. But all while I'm single, they don't want nothing to do with me.
  9. In my opinion, even if he didn't have any legal team, it would be impossible to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that Tony expected a guy to be running around on the track in black in the dark in the middle of a turn. And unless he could see through the car in front of him, he was most likely blinded of Kevin's position since Tony's in a left hand turn further in than Kevin, and he was about 1 second behind car #45 as per that video... then also prove that once he did see him that his split second reaction on said dirt track was with intent to endanger Kevin's life... Too many variables, and only Tony knows. I don't watch these type of car races (more of a Le Mans guy), they don't have cameras to get a 1st person POV on dirt tracks?
  10. -X-RaTeD-

    Wanting input on laptops

    Thanks dude. I will look into that laptop. I may do that. Hopefully they will have one on black friday lol Sorry I was joking, I can't in good faith advise a new $250 laptop because it's gonna be the absolute lowest end, and I don't know what you use your computers for but if you're doing more than checking emails then you're not gonna be happy with it. For $50 more you could get a decent used Dell Precision. I don't generally have a brand preference, the chips and parts are made in the same places anyways, remember the bad batch of capacitors that a lot of OEM's got back in like 2004-2006ish? (although disclaimer: I did work for Dell back before the economy problems in '08, but not anymore), but so many business have contracts with them that you can find parts for next to nothing if you need like a bezel or keyboard or something replaced down the road. Plus tons of off-lease laptops that go for cheap. I needed a dedicated diagnostic computer for my cars, so bought a used Precision for $89 shipped because it had no hard drive so sold as "parts only, non-working", but I have spares at the house. Even if I needed to buy a drive, I'd be less than the cost of a new mid-grade laptop, and neck-to-neck with specs. Oh, and no Win8 which I despise on a non-touchscreen laptop, so win-win for me. Just food for thought.
  11. -X-RaTeD-

    Wanting input on laptops

    Wait for the Wal-Mart special on black friday. I'm sure they'll have a new Celeron powered laptop that fits what you want.
  12. Looking at the video again, it was Tony that put him into the wall in the first place right? #14? (don't watch NASCAR) Kevin jumps out the car like he's not too happy about it (don't think anyone would be happy about it...) then in his anger, he's not thinking straight and starts dodging cars on a dirt track? R.I.P. but this unfortunate incident could have been avoided
  13. You can tell he wasn't comfortable trying to cross the track wtf was he doing
  14. I need some of what you are on man, lol. This Florida heat and humidity just drains me, I've been going straight to sleep when I get home from work.
  15. Cool, best of luck with the build. Tuned in for pics