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  1. What size speaker is that? Can't tell if that's a thumb, index finger, or big toe, Permatex black rtv would be less than $5 for a small tube and if you "gasket/glue" it right, it's gonna be the strongest part of the surround. Use like a split pea size drop on both sides, smash it in the crack (LOL) and wipe off the excess... You'd be hard pressed to even notice the repair. I get that you probably feel you shouldn't have to but just saying, it's a lot cheaper than shipping the sub back,
  2. I don't know if you got the info you needed, but this is from the pre-order thread from back in March:
  3. Jacob says 5-7 for the X-18 ported. http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/172917-sundown-x-series-production-parameter-sheets/?p=2562241
  4. This happened to my friends mom about 3 months ago, and she let whoever it was remote into her pc and install "a/v" software and gave her credit card info and everything. People really are gullable.
  5. Other way around, more power smaller box more cone control Alright cool thanks
  6. Generally, we would want to lean towards the larger volume enclosure size if we are using at or more than rated power, correct?
  7. Maybe someone with more experience can answer, I have neither devices, and you are essentially going to have to set/match the input sensitivity of two devices here. Maybe try something like setting your amp gain to 20% or so, way below it's clipping point, and turn the BX15's gain up until it's the clipping point. Once that's set, do the same for the amp.
  8. Should go HU -> BX15 -> LC1, otherwise that knob will turn down the full range and not just bass (another HU volume control pretty much).
  9. I've only hooked mine up to a small 150watt amp to test it out, no popping with that. I won't be hooking it up to the 1800D for maybe another month. I wanna see a vid with that slowed Yella Diamonds
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