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  1. Wanting easy over eggs, but someone hard boiled the rest of the whole carton. And put them back in the carton.
  2. We've all seen the "shut up and take my money" meme... I've been trying to buy a custom part for my car for the past 5 days from a guy and damn it, he wants to play 20 thousand questions. All due respect, I've done my research before deciding to buy, he's telling me things I already know instead of just telling me where to send my money! And I told him I wanted it shipped asap USPS Priority 2 day so I could get it at least by Saturday and install this weekend, this was back on Tuesday, so even if he sent it Thurs I'd get it Saturday but he still hasn't sent his Paypal email address. And I'm twiddling my thumbs trying not to be an ass about it, but seriously man, are you trying to sell or not
  3. I'm tired of hearing about it too, you're right. Look what the news decides to harp on nationwide. If it involves people of a different race, it's CSPAN 5, but same race it's local 10 o'clock at night news. And people are just itching for the chance to bait based on what 99% of them aren't local to, and can only see on the media.
  4. I hate that. Always happens to me. Always. I have something that I need to accomplish... and then about everyone around me has reasons for why I need to help them accomplish what they need to accomplish. But when I'm free, nobody needs anything. Just like as soon as I get a girlfriend, dimes come running out of the woods. But all while I'm single, they don't want nothing to do with me.
  5. I need some of what you are on man, lol. This Florida heat and humidity just drains me, I've been going straight to sleep when I get home from work.
  6. Using my phone to play a song through the system... ... then getting a call right before the bass drops. Need iPod retrofit.
  7. What size speaker is that? Can't tell if that's a thumb, index finger, or big toe, Permatex black rtv would be less than $5 for a small tube and if you "gasket/glue" it right, it's gonna be the strongest part of the surround. Use like a split pea size drop on both sides, smash it in the crack (LOL) and wipe off the excess... You'd be hard pressed to even notice the repair. I get that you probably feel you shouldn't have to but just saying, it's a lot cheaper than shipping the sub back,
  8. I'm a big fan of ginger tea + green tea, hot or iced, but with lemon if iced. Raspberry iced tea is the bomb.
  9. The people at work that believe you need to have been in the same field for 30 years to know anything about it. Because as we all know, if it takes 1 person 30 years to become efficient at something, it takes everyone that long. You weren't managing Exchange in 1984, and your environments were physical, not virtual, so stfu about your experience, or stop coming down to my office wasting my time asking the SAME s#it over and over again.
  10. I don't know if you got the info you needed, but this is from the pre-order thread from back in March:
  11. Receiving a 270 piece delivery of computers and monitors... 30 minutes before close of business.
  12. Some Radar detectors use the same thing, my Valentine 1 has a phone cord to cigarette lighter adapter, and I used a regular phone cord to splice into the garage door opener to hard wire it to the car. I assume is the same deal with this cam.
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