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  1. No reply from RF tech support guess ill have to ask again
  2. Picked up one of these units for a new project i’m working on and it’s a pretty slick unit. I have a question about the power connection though, there seems to be a noise filter of some kind between the fuse and the unit itself. Is it a noise filter for use with a UTV’s electrical system? I have basically zero clearance in the install area and am wondering if the filter is required in an automotive system? eta- yes, i emailed RF asking the same question but i figured someone here might know?
  3. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?
  4. IIRC Jacob had a v3 ready to go but scrapped it for some reason i can’t recall. There are some pictures of it out there, looked like a monster!
  5. I thought this was just a joke when i first heard of these about a month ago, but it's fucking real! ? cleaver marketing with a month and a half til it get legalized up here. Pretty good too i must add.
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