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  1. sweet car. i personally prefer the previous body style. i was debating which to buy, the 6, cls 500, or the yukon. i went with my yukon instead. but none the less its still a bad ass car. next vehicle will most likely be either of those 2.
  2. 8 ball & MJG- Stop Playing Games , (screwed) though....not to much and not too lil n hits deep enuff for me
  3. check out livemixtapes.com.... they pretty much have every streetrunnaz mixtape and FREE
  4. im VERY picky on wat gets put on my ipod, or anything in general i download wen it cums to music, it has to be near perfect quality quality or bust! all my music on my ipod sounds just as good or better the cd's..... i go as far as listening to them on my head phones and compare which file is better, and listen for any errors.... i increase the volume level on the ipod, n i have my ipod tuned right with my reciever in the truck, so no garbage gets fed to my speakers and of course the convience the ipod has over any cd is of not having to flip thru track on an mp3 cd... so for me ipod>cd's
  5. i wouldn't even care any more if i had got cheated on, id die laughing, then move on to someone else
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T1ZuYeyz_lk better song , ft playaz circle
  7. just get a new one, and sell the the brken one for like 5 bucks
  8. glasses malone- haters the lox- fuck you jada kiss- kiss my ass blood raw- fuck you young jeezy- dont you know
  9. bump^^ still lookni for the title of the song
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvyJ0zEqTTw this one bangs as well, tight song
  11. well wats tha name of this song???????????????????????????????????
  12. livemixtapes.com everthing on here is F R E E........highly recommend it
  13. dude that shit looks like he was getting electrocuted, OR it looks like he was in a fuckin hurricane....
  14. didnt the drummer of slayer only have a single pedal, but it sounded like he had double?
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