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  1. hey guys well heres the link to what i had before i totalled my last yukon http://www.stevemead...t/#entry1525776 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here are the mods ive done to my new yukon: 7" FTS lift Toyo Open Country A/T 325/50/22 XD Krank 22x11 -44 offset matte black Volant CAI Smoked out G5 brake lights with LED plasti-dip the outter trim of the grill to match grill 6k hids- black bentley mesh grill- used tow hitch cover- 2pcs 5SMD LED License Plate Light] WHITE 29mm Fuse bulb 3 SMD LED Sun Visor Vanity Mirror- debadged, removed the side moldings, back glass "handle", running boards, and roof rack removed the chrome covers off th mirrors, and replaced the chrome handles with the white oem door handles heres the new ride sorry for the crappy video. ill post better quality videos and more pictures future mods will include a new stereo system. maybe a couple of 8" sundown subs. nothing to big
  2. Ray Cash- Dope Game http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOQfCbaydZI
  3. dude that shit looks like he was getting electrocuted, OR it looks like he was in a fuckin hurricane....
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYTADtSGA-0 yung la ft young dro & t.i.- aint i (remix)
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