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Found 3 results

  1. I would like someone to design a box for a zvx 15 that is ported at @32hz and is 3 ft^3, the cut out is 13.9, sub woofer displacement is 0.17 ft^3 , and the mounting depth is 9.3. It will be a trunk box so port back sub back and would like it to be double baffled, willing to pay for a good design thanks!!!! Will be running an aq2200 in a 1995 toyota avalon xl 30x18x17
  2. I had my 4 SKAR ZVX D1 15's since October of 2013, the DDX's came out last month, I wanted to change my setup a bit, I now have 4 D4 DDX 15's, the subs dropped right in the box, they look great in it also, I added the "DDX" to the dust cap & removed the magnet boots by my suggestion of my youngest son, been playing only 3 days they sound great so far I'm gonna break em' over time... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j35liwZ7G9I&list=UUtswTQOpcCTsutA-08KrZEA
  3. IT WAS TIME, FROM SKAR DDX BACK TO SKAR ZVX! last year in October I wanted to be able to burp over a 150DB & bass box better at every show this year, I called it "2015, Year Of The 150's" I changed my truck in many ways to make this happen, so far I'm meeting my goal at every show, when I took my 4 SKAR Audio ZVX D2 15's out & put my 4 SKAR Audio DDX D2 15's in on my 2 SKAR Audio SK-4500.1's wired to .5 ohm each, I wanted to bass box over a 150DB average 30 seconds on music & I wanted to burp over 151DB sealed, I was told that I couldn't achieve 150DB on music for 30 seconds that these subs wouldn't take the power, well here's my personal bests since March with the DDX's, Burping-Sealed 152.2(53Hz), Outlaw/Driver Door Open Mic On Dash-153.5(54Hz), Outlaw/Driver Door Open Mic In Kick-155.5(54Hz), Both Doors Open/Mic On Dash-149.2(59Hz), Bass Boxing: Qualifying-150.3, Round 1-149.8, Round 2-151.3, Round 3-145.3, 3 Round Average-148.8 ISPLL Real SPL Burp Sealed Class G 55Hz:151.4DB, 45Hz:151.6DB, 35Hz:150.5DB, Average:151.17DB ISPLL All Around SPL (30 second average on music driver door open) Class NW3 Mic On Dash:151.1DB, Mic At Headrest:152.4DB, Mic In Kick:150.6DB, Average:151.77 I've pushed these subs very hard, gave tons of demos & even competed at a DB Drag/IASCA/ISPLL show in 6 events, I can tricked, bottle tricked, bag tricked, hair tricked & I played lows from 20hz all the way up to 60 HZ, great bandwidth, very musical, I won at Stuntfest 2K15 & I won at the NOPI Nationals in Savannah, I've proven my point with the DDX's, I've hit some good numbers at shows, now it's time to put my ZVX's back in & compare my scores, I'm not in competition with anyone I'm in competition with myself, I do things just because to challenge myself to get better, I put my seats back in & bought one huge battery to be able to take my kids to shows, they watch me work on my truck & are learning that hard work pays off, daily driven 5 seat 150 plus DB ride, I love challenges, Team Deadly Hertz, Team SKAR Audio, It's Not A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle, BASS LIFE!
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