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Found 42 results

  1. Hey guys im doing my first build 3 skar evl 15s dvc 2ohm on a ts 3.5 I was gonna do a flat wall but everyone I know personally who does comps says if this is for me anf not for comps I need to do a fourth order cause it's more musical and has more bandwidth i wanna do demos but really i just love bass I've tried bass box 6 and win isd and on regular ported walls it wasnt a problem to get good response on the graph but when I try it with the 4th order calc no matter what i do I cant get the tuning right i want it tuned where its peaking between 32 and 55 Hz tops I don't know a bunch about it all i know is i love bass and I am a noob to all competitors I've read over an hour a day for 9 months and finally got the basics but still know nothing theres so much to learn but im dedicated i got everything for it ho alt batts subs amp and all power cable ran but cant build the box correctly cause i cant do the specs and don't wanna mess up the subs from doing it wrong I know it's time consuming and has no benefit to you but if someone could please help id be eternally grateful the box max external specs are 42d 36h 40w so it leaves plenty of room for the 2:1. And the subs rec enclosure are 3.5-3.75 sealed 3.5-4.0. Ported thanks so much for even reading this ridiculously long post if someone would help I will build and show results so they can know there time wasnt wasted -hooplah-
  2. I need help guys! Is there anyway possible someone could draw me up something on sketchup or something similar for two skar ma-8, they are recommended 1 cuft per sub tuned to 35hz, I have no real experience designing boxes and all help would be greatly appreciated
  3. Okay, so I have two d4 skar ma-8 and a skar rp1500, I have them in a box that was extremely successful with two DD audio 508's in them but it sounds horrible with the skars, I would very much appreciate if someone could maybe draw me something up to fit them, I'm going for a spl/daily build, maybe tuned to 35 hz?
  4. Hey there, I have two 15" Earthquake DBXI subwoofers that are currently in a sealed enclosure and I'm looking to go ported. My car is a 2003 Monte carlo - My amp is an Alpine 1k - The trunk space available is 36" wide - 31" Deep - 16" Tall The subwoofers are 6 3/8" from the bottom of the mounting bracket to the bottom of the magnet if that helps I listen to a lot of rap (Gucci Mane, Future, etc) and I'm a huge fan of low bass (Decaf <3) but I'd still like to be able to handle mid range bass also Im not opposed to any style of box I Just want it to sound better Please let me know if you need any more info! Will appreciate any help someone can give!
  5. In regards to the image, here is my design for 2 warden 21" subs. Box is about 17.5 cubes total after displacement and some bracing. Port will be about 12" wide by 22.5" (internal dimensions) long about 33hz tuning (270" port area). So my question is, I can leave the spot underneath the port without a separator wall, or I can add a separator shown on the right. Aside from adding bracing to the box, would it lower port tuning a little? (in the thought of the air will hit the divider and move up, as if adding some port length?) If the subs allow I may make the port slightly longer, but tuning would max go to 31hz even if i add 6 inches internally to the port. So I dont think I will extend it if the box allows. The port will be pretty close to both woofers. I intuitively don't think it'll affect port tuning, but would it cause any issues adding the separator almost up to the port? Or if anyone has some input on changing where the port goes. The sides are very close to the vehicle walls so a port to the side may not be the best. And there isnt room to port forward.
  6. i just picked up some aa havoc 12s that i'm going to throw in my 2001 monte carlo. its going to be my first box build but i need some help with the design. i feel like the re box design site isn't too accurate and do not know how to use others so all help/designs will help. here's what i had measured from my trunk to work with, 34 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 21 inches deep, but was kinda thinking i should double baffle the front and back? any help would be great, thanks!
  7. So a friend of mine just got 2 sa 8 v2's and has yet to build a box for them. the last box we made for him (for his HDC3 15) was made with RE box calc and from everything ive learned that is not the way to go. and i have a Macbook so i cant get torres or anything like that. Here is just some of the general info 2010 honda civic 4 door box is in the trunk 2 sa 8 v2's either a sae 1000D or scv 1500d for amp (he hasnt made up his mind yet) max box dimensions are 32 deep 26 wide and 17 height. here is the one major stipulation. For some reason he really wants a labyrinth port box (im assuming that means a multi folded slot port). for reasons im not really sure. basically he said he wants as loud as two 8's can get and still have a musical range. any ideas for something like this? he listens to alot of music that is mostly right around 35 to 45 hz range for the most part but then he likes to go low just to see the sub move basically. i suggested to him around 35ish to 38ish hz for tuning but he just said he wants loud (dont think he fully understands the tuning thing, not that i FULLY understand it either but i have a little better concept of it) the only thing i really dont understand is that he really wants this to be a "labyrinth" port box. any help would be awesome. and sorry for the long post i just wanted to go ahead and knock out alot of the information. Greg
  8. I designed a box for a Soundqubed HDC3 18 that will fit in the back of my Mazda pick up. It will be running off a Cadence 2500.1 (1200rms) with stock electrical but will be doing the big 3 very soon. Opinions? Here are the specs: 7.98Ft^3 Net Volume 32.74Hz tuning W- 50in D- 18in H- 23in Port- H- 16.5in W-6.75in Length- 23in 14in^2 of port area per foot Driver displacement is included w/ bracing
  9. So I've had two Memphis 15's that I picked up about two years ago. They've fared well with my little AudioPipe APSM-1300. But alas, it's time to move on to bigger and better things. For about a year now I've been toying with the idea of using a pair of 18's as daily drivers. I've also wanted an excuse to try out Ampere Audio for just as long. Well, I've decided to take the plunge and do it. Before I move further ahead, I would like to request a review of my enclosure, as well as the driver and amplifier combination. Any feedback, criticism, well wishes, or physics/electronics lessons are greatly appreciated. Is this the beginnings of a poor design, or am I headed down the right path? Before you go any further, please make sure to read this, right here---> The enclosure design is not finished. I have not yet added the port or any gussets. The general specs: 2x PSI Audio Platform 1 18s with the "high performance" option Ampere Audio AA-1200.1 The enclosure (unfinished design): Designed to maximize volume usage in my 2005 Dodge Ram crew cab, while allowing me to still use the rear window for window purposes. ~30 cubic feet volume accounting for driver displacement, but not port and gusset displacement. I expect that the port and gusset displacement will put the enclosure volume right around 20 cubic feet which is where I really want to be.
  10. Hello, I want to run 2 PSI platform 1 12s on 2k, my voltage does not dip below 12.8 so i will be getting right around rated. I have a screenshot to show the upgrades, Biggest box i can fit is 34"wide 15" tall and 23" in length I would like for the box to be tuned so i can play slowed bass songs about as low as 26hz if the small space i have will allow it I would like a slot port design with the subs and port on the same side (center port) Thanks for looking and hopefully you can help me out! -Mike-
  11. I want to try out a different box and I would like some help with a design, last time I payed for a design and I really don't see the need to spend that kind of money! I have 2 Rockford Hx2 12's that have 1000 watt recones so I'll be running 2000 RMS in my Jeep Cherokee. All I listen to is decaf music and I love the lows so I want to get a box that can play as far below 30hz as I can get. My current box plays from 30hz to about 70hz so I want to try to get lower this time, hopefully not sacrificing too much of my high end. So any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  12. So im going making a floor for my trunk but I want to make so i can install my 2 subs, amp and capacitor into it and put some plexi glass over the amp and capacitor with a led strip. The only problem I have is how exactly would i be able to brace and hold the underneath of the floor with equipment in it etc while having a suitable air flow and quality design. I have a 2005 mazda 3 hatchack and i will be taking out the spare tire and plastic trays in the trunk so its bare and allowing me the most space to utitlize for making a floor.
  13. just got 2x v1 re sex 12s thinking about doing a 4th order box or regular slotted box im going to power them on a aq2200.(i know there rated 600rms) thinking box tuning 32 ish hz since there fs is 25hz going in back of a 4 door pickup so max 30 deep 48 across 40 high any input on is great thanks theses are subs spec https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_27312_RE-Audio-SEX12D4.html Subwoofer Series SEX (RE Audio) Subwoofer Size 12" RMS Power Handling 600 watts Voice Coil(s) Dual Impedance (Per Voice Coil) 4 ohms Voice Coil Diameter 3" Sensitivity 86.1 dB Xmax (millimeters) 18 mm Subwoofer Design Round / Circle Main Cone Color Black Woofer Composition Dual Composite 2-Piece Cone Woofer Surround Rubatek Foam Magnet Structure Triple Stacked Subwoofer Grille No Re-Cone Kit Available No Recommended Enclosure Specifications Recommended Enclosure Type Ported / Vented Sealed Minimum Sealed Box Volume 0.75 cubic feet Maximum Sealed Box Volume 1.0 cubic feet Minimum Ported Box Volume 1.5 cubic feet Maximum Ported Box Volume 2.0 cubic feet Top-Mount Depth 7" Cutout Diameter 11-1/4" Shallow Mount Installation No Electromechanical Parameters Free-Air Resonance (Fs) 25.1 Hz Equivalent Compliance (Vas) 72.9 liters Total Speaker Q Value (Qts) 0.44 Electrical Q Value (Qes) 0.49 Electrical Resistance of Voice Coil (Re) 2.8 ohms Mechanical Q Value (Qms) 4.5 Efficiency Bandwidth Product (EBP) 51.22
  14. Was wondering if this peak in the middle was necessary in a wall like this. Have never done a port like this and might sound like a dumb question, but just wanted to know if it is needed or not.
  15. Hey just wondering if anyone could help me out with a basic ported design for my 2 dc m3 8... Got a 1200w rf amp. Basically just looking for a box design to specs 1.5cf and around 32hz... Any help would be appreciated
  16. Hello i currently have a 3.6 cu box tuned around 36 hz with two 4 inch aeroports 12 inches in length. the box measures 34"w x 16"h x 16"d outside dimensions. i want a new box for my 2 sa 12s that will work perfect with the new bc2000d amp that is on its way looking for something for rock and rap styles of music i would like to try a slotted port design with a flush baffle for the subs. i currently have the box firing into the cabin and would like to do the same thing with the new box. i have 38" x 17" x 17" max space if it is firing into cabin. the car is a 2011 ford focus ses sedan. if you guys could give me ideas, designs, tips, anything i would greatly appreciate it!!!!! THANKS!
  17. Currently have a Crescendo BC2000 powering 2 XFL 12s in a box 15in tall x 37in wide x 21.5in deep with a port 25.25in in length and 4.75in wide. I am trying to get the loudest I can on music with this setup. Wondering if a new box is going to get me there. The max dimensions being 15in tall x 36in wide x 30in deep. Thank you for any help its much appreciated
  18. I have a boot size of 180 liters and my subwoofer is 12 inches(280 [email protected] OHMS), Please help me with the measurement of ported enclosure box, the current box has broken so please help with the measurement. Im ok to remove the extra speakers( see 2nd pic) to increase the size of the box. Please see the pics that i have attached
  19. hey guys, im looking for some of the best box designers you know of to design me a flat wall for 4 18s. thanks!
  20. I have heard that a round perfect circle speaker will sound better compared to an oval or a square sized speaker because it can produce sound waves more accurately. I was also told that a 6.5 inch is the perfect mid range speaker, because it is round, isn't too large, but isn't too small. Does the shape of the speaker really matter when it comes to the sound of the speaker? Would a 5 inch speaker sound better compared to a 6.5 or would a 4x10 blow them all out of the water. What do you think when it comes to speaker size and shape? What's your "perfect speaker"?
  21. Hello, Im looking to get a box design for 2 NVX VCW 12s from specs it says they like lower tuning and around 1.5 to 1.85 cubes per sub. with that in mind id like to tune to 30/32hz also i have good electrical that never dips below 13.5, i will get at least rated 2k if not more my max room is 15.5" tall,34"wide,23" deep thanks!
  22. Just got a new enclosure design for 2 12 AB subs, the port is 3.5 inches wide. I showed a friend the design and he is said the port should be wider. What is the concept behind port size? Bigger louder? Smaller cleaner sound? Is it a calculation? Or is it just based on personal preference?
  23. Alright, so I see a lot of posts around here that say things such as “can someone help me design a box?” or “I don’t know how to use Torres.” So I am writing this guide to act as a one stop resource to learn how to design a simple box. This guide will teach you both slot ported designs. I am hoping it will go over all the basic information you need similar to the for dummies series of books. **Preperation** To start off you will need some software. Torres box designer and Google Sketchup are the programs we’ll be using in this tutorial. I have also used Inventor in the past but it is much more difficult to learn and a very expensive program. The free version of Sketchup has all the features we need. There is a write up on how to get Torres Box Calculator in the enclosures section of this forum so I will go right to downloading sketchup. Start by googleing “Google Sketchup and it should pull up this page: Go ahead and click on “Downloads” and it will bring this up: Click on the big blue button in the top right corner that says “Download Sketchup.” From there it should guide you through the download and installation process. Now that we have both Torres and Sketchup installed we can get to the actual box designing. **Calculating** For this tutorial we will be using a Sundown SA8v2 but I think you will get the idea and can use the principles to design boxes for different subs. Pull up your subwoofer band’s website and navigate to the enclosure recommendations for your specific subwoofer. If you are using multiple of the subwoofers then you can just multiply the recommended ported volume by the number of woofers. Example: 1 SA8v2 is recommended at 0.5-0.75 ft^3 Therefore 2 SA8v2s need 1.0-1.5 ft^3 And 3 SA8v2s need 1.5-2.25 ft^3 Remember this number as it will be used soon. Next, go into Torres and enter in the outside dimensions of the box you want to build, these can be obtained by measuring your trunk and making them up. For this example our box will be 9 inches tall, 24 inches wide and 12 inches deep. Entering those numbers spits out our net volume; highlighted in red. It is above the enclosure recommendations but that is fine for now as we have not yet accounted for the port. After that, enter the displacement of the woofer into the box labeled “woofer displacement,” this number is also available on the website of the subwoofer manufacturer. The easiest and most often built box is a box with 3 common port walls. Start from here and you can get more and more complex designs as you learn. So enter 3 in the box for “# of common port walls.” Now it’s time to start designing the port! For the height of the port take your overall box height (9) and subtract 1.5 (.75 for the thickness of each the top and bottom, .75+.75=1.5) which gives us 7.5. As for the width, find a number that gives a good ratio of height to width so that you don’t a super skinny tall port or something like that. I’m not sure if there is a more accurate way to find this, if there is lemme know. Once those numbers are in, play with the length until you find one that gives you the tuning you like. We’ll use 33 Hz as an example, because that’s what everyone wants to tune to. You know what they say about 33 Hz… Hold on! There is a trick; you must ensure that your Port area is within the port area range listed in the box directly above it. In this case 9.38 is within the range of 9-12 so we are good to go. Next, double check that your Net volume is within the Manufacturer’s recommended enclosure specifications that we looked up earlier. Our net volume came out to 0.77 ft^3 and we were aiming for 0.5-0.75 ft^3, so we are just barely above but it will come down a little later when we account for our bracing. If everything checks out in Torres then you are ready to move on to the design phase. **3D Design** Open up your newly installed Sketchup. Grab the rectangle tool, and then click first in the origin (where the red, green, and blue lines meet). Type in the dimensions of the base of your box with a comma in between (“24, 12” in this case). Then press enter to draw the rectangle. Now we are gonna use the Push/Pull tool to grab the rectangle and pull it up ¾ of n inch for the bottom piece of mdf. So click on the tool, then click on your rectangle, then start to pull upwards. Once you see it start to raise then type “.75” and push enter. Next we are going to draw on the walls. Click the offset tool and click on the top face of your box. Once you see it is offsetting on the inside of the box rather than the outside you can type “.75” and puch enter. You should now have this: You can use this outline to start drawing the walls of the box and port. Start by deleting the front interior wall line highlighted in blue. Then extend the right wall to the edge of your box. You should now have this: Now we can start designing the port. Start with a line that is half the port width away from the interior right wall. In this case it is 5/8s of an inch because the full port width is 3/4s of an inch, shown in blue. Next we will draw the port centerline. Start from the point you found and draw a line towards the back of the box. End half your port distance from the back wall. Take your port length that you entered into Torres and subtract the length of this line you just drew. So 27-10.625=16.375 This is the length of our extension. The two lines highlighted in blue are now the centerline of your port. You can add lines 5/8 of an inch inside of this now to create the other side of your port. This is what you should have. Now add the other edge of the port. Now you can go back and delete the centerline of the port. Now you see the design starting to come together. Add the front wall back on and finish off the edges so that you can see where the pieces of mdf come together.
  24. Hi, my friend wants to switch from sealed to ported and has 2 Kicker L3 12s on a Kicker ZX 1000 watt amp. For daily listening to mainly rap, rock...everything pretty much. Could someone help with a little more advice than the Kicker manual does. They appear to have 40hz tunings and higher. Is that what would work best for these L3s? Any help would be appreciated. And he isn't going to switch to anything else, just advice on the box size, tuning, port size would be great. Thank you.
  25. ive done all the measurements and designing myself would like some further input idea and what not and improvements!! box specs: H=23in w=46in depth=12in vent: from top to bottom 3 inches wide goes 11in back then 18 in lefr and right on each wall 4.6 cubes after displacement tuned to 31hz how do i post a pic of it?
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