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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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Autotek supersport 1000

c'mon now, if i was shooting an 8 year old, it wouldnt be MY 8 year old.

i recently got a Pyle PL1590BL and i was building an enclosure for it tuned to 25 hz. i didn't have any tools to cut a circle so i hit it with a big hammer.

2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan

Build in Progress

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Wish I could remember the model number or even find it. . .

Back in the early 80's, I picked up my first pair of amps. Two Sanyo 50x2 amps. Had one amp on a pair of Pioneer TS-6906 6x9's and the other on a pair of 10" subs I took from my home speakers. 200 watts RMS.

Knew NOTHING about car audio back then. Built the largest box that would fit behind the seat of my 78 Ford truck, divided it into 4 chambers and put a speaker in each chamber. No one in my town had ever seen anything like it in a car. Sounded great back then. . .I run into people from high school that I have not seen since we graduated, and the first thing they normally ask is "you still into all those loud car stereos?". I just smile and say "you have no idea".

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Current system:

1997 Blazer - (4) Customer Fi NEO subs with (8) American Bass Elite 2800.1s

Previous systems:

2000 Suburban - (4) BTL 15's and (4) IA 40.1's = 157.7 dB at 37 Hz.

1992 Astro Van - (6) BTL 15's and (6) IA 40.1's = 159.7 dB at 43 Hz.

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profile baja 400 watt 2 channel on 4 jensen 12s still have the amp and still works subs are long gone though toasted those a year after i got them i will try to get pics of amp though


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head unit - pioneer DEH-P5100UB

subwoofer - nothing

speakers - powerbass components

amp - nothing


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1st amp was either a Jensen or Boss ,96,97ish.

Then when I was 18 I saved my money to get my 1st Kicker amp, a Kicker ZR360 and have used and abused this amp on and off for years.

The thought of ever getting rid of my first real amp just doesn't exsist!

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Isobaric - Refers to the practice of coupling two drivers together to make them act as one.

"Giving up doesn't always mean you are weak; sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go."

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The Destruction of a person builds character.



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My first was a MTX 8100D.


1984 Bronco Setup

2 15" Kicker L7's

1 Hifonics Brutus 2608D

1 PDX-4.150

Kenwood x792 Deck

2 114Ah Discover Batteries

0 Gauge Everywhere

200 H/O Alt

2 Piece of shit 6.5 Lanzars Front Doors

2 Alpine Type R Coxials

4 Water Proof 6.5" Speakers Outside Car

2 4" Sound Stream for Bumper Speakers

2 6x9 Alpine Type 6 Coaxial Rear Speakers

1999 Honda Accord Coupe V6

1 Kenwood KDC-X692 Deck

2 Alpine Type S 6.5 in Doors

2 Alpine Type R 6x9" in Rear Deck

2 AQ HDC3 10's Dual 1's

2 C&D Technologies 75 Ah Batteries

4/0 Front to Rear

0 Gauge All Around Big 3 Included

1 American Bass 500.1

1 PPI ProArt A404 Old School 4-Channel Amp

SOON: 300 Amp Excessive Amperage Alternator

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Kenwood KAC 729S

Bought it when I was 16 from a buddy for $60.

Beat on it every day I owned it, first powered a pair of RF Punch XLC's, then some Lanzars. It was just replaced from my Girlfriend's car where it was powering 2 Audiobahns.

Now it is sitting in my room where I can remember the memories

In my Escort with the XLC punch's


In my Cav


Last time it was powered in Girlfriend's Spectra


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PYRAMID PB70 . . hahawoot.gif that was 12years ago . .look i googled a pic and i think they still sell these bull.gif . . . but i have to say , they did it for me back then.


Edited by CaptainPooPyPantz

Headunit - Pioneer AVH-P4250 DVD

4 - infinity reference 6.5

a pair of infinity reference tweeters

1 - AudioQue AQ-120.4 amplifier for mids & highs

1 - AudioQue AQ-2200D Monoblock

1 - AudioQue HDC315

KitAudio kerf ported Enclosure

4 - Stinger pro series signal wires

20ft Stinger 1/0Ga power & Ground wires

Big Three Upgrade

1 - Kinetik HC1800 (Not Here yet . .Still Saving up for one)

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back like 8 years ago i had some rinky dinky mtx 2 channel amp. ran a pair of mtx 10's. way before i even knew anything about ohms or gains. one guy just told me 'it'll be way louder if you bridge it', so i did, and it was :D lol



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I inherited my first amps, the original punch 45 and punch 75 with the wires and plugs. The 45 ran all four of my speakers and the 75 was turned loose on the subs. I had also inherited two 10" Kicker Stillwater Separates. My old man had bought them new forever ago. I guess you could say I was old school spoiled



Subs looked like this.


It's all gone!

The Celica Build


If I buy something from you, DO NOT USE FEDEX!

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