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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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(the pic is not mine) It is an Alpine V12 MRV-1507. I got it from my friend for 15000Php(around $380). It runs 2 10"TypeRs . It still works today, but it is not in a car anymore.

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1993 Toyota Corolla


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a hifonics zrx3000.1d... I had a badass fully upgraded electrical first system. Just replaced that amp for somethin demanding of my electrical haha. I remember me n my buddy kurt dipped outta school when we were sposed to be going to an assembly and the principle was outside lookin for us (we were the watched group) n we were behind bushes sneakin around throwin sh1t at em, finally made it home n it was on my doorstep. Good times... not too long ago either lmao

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First amp really wasn't it was a pyramid eq/ booster with like 10 eq bands and said 50 x 4 that like thing was loud on 4 pioneer 6x9 coaxs then first amp was a pyramid PB 1000 4 channel bridged to two 10 pyramid woofers with the eq booster still hooked up that set up was loud for 1985 it would even move a tee shirt hung in the window of a 1980 cordoba it all cost about 400 with the hu which was a pioneer super tuner lll

2001 e 150 conversion van

kenwood kdc u942hd

lanzar opti 1900d

kicker zx 650.4

2 12" obsidians in a 33 hz box

4 set 6x9

2 8" mid woofers

2 almani tweets

200 amp alt

1750 oddesey front

2150 oddessy back

0 ga wire 8 ga sub wire

138,6 db

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Technically, I had a Dual bandpass box that was amplified. It served it's purpose and definitely added to the music. But as far as a REAL amp and not a box combo, mine was a Rockford Fosgate R600-5. Nice and simple. Worked great. Had it wired up at 4 ohms (60w x 4) for the full range and 2 ohms (300w) for the subs. Definitely planning on sticking with Fosgate amps.

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Performance technique 3000 with 2 kicker Cvr 15s was my first set up . Then performance technique 5000 wth 4 15s cvrs ...

All in my trunk lol .

My 2 10s got louder LOL

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