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  1. Haven't been on in a bit, so a small update: Passed both transmission classes this summer, which means as long as I pass everything this fall I will graduate with my Automotive Technology diploma in December. Can't remember if I said it before, but at the beginning of the summer I was promoted to part time keyholder. After that, we had a manager quit, and a couple weeks later I was promoted to his position. I'm now a retail parts pro, which is a full time position that came with a 30% raise. Basically, life's good. Got 4 more months of torture and then I'm free from school.
  2. When you're breaking up with someone and they go all Rambo on you. https://youtu.be/ahts98kT_fQ
  3. I haven't been on in a while, so I'm gonna start with these: And end with the fact that me and my dad are renting our own place now and I just got a raise and promotion into lower management at work Edit - Pics needed editing
  4. Meh. I'm not a fan of wranglers anyway lolThat's a joke right, wrangler> cherokee. I lol every time someone thinks their car is the best car ever made and everything that is actually better than their car is a pos. Mine is the best for me and that's really all that matters to me lol all I said was I'm not a fan of Wranglers, and I have my reasons.
  5. Not to mention the ricers small, and too close to the car, mirrors. Gotta be pulling that invisible trailer yo I see ghost trailers all the time around here... And it never ceases to piss me off, cause if you go pass them on the back roads their mirror damn near hits you.
  6. Indeed. And once you press the door bell, the curtains open.
  7. Add the wind noise from going over 65 mph onto the drone of a straight pipe, and this is interstate driving for me all the way.
  8. Not quite sure what you mean here. If I gave a fuck I'd reply to it. Just remember, Shrek is about love, until you push the wrong button and he goes beast mode. I prefer the term, "ogredrive"
  9. I saw true temptation tonight..... I have a 4 door 4x4 with 6 cylinders, but I don't think there's any way I could bring myself to trade it.
  10. Yeah, renting a room and it not even being your own... Still renting, but renting a whole house with my dad this time lol he's been sleeping in his truck the past couple months to save money.
  11. The timing lined up perfectly for me and my dad to get a place of our own this first month is gonna be the hardest, being that it's short and we had just enough money saved to get moved in, but I have faith. It's so damn nice to have a place of my own again...
  12. It's $1.99 here, and my mileage went down too. One tank I got 12 and was driving pretty hard, this past tank I took it a little easier and still only got 15. I was getting 16-17 before. I'm just glad is costing $10 less to fill up at this point, but if I'm get 12mpg it's really not saving me any money.
  13. That happened to a coworker. I haven't had any one ask me personally. Then there'salways the lame ass that calls for a flux capacitor for a DeLorean.
  14. This has happened to me. I've also been asked for a radiator to a '67 beetle I believe? Whatever year it was that they didn't have a radiator.
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