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Showing my build of my 06 Mustang GT. Build includes performance, Suspension and Sound System.

I lowered the car and installed the turbo a while ago and had to slow down unfortunately and I hadture as often as I can. Just wanting to get the original post started tonight.

My photos just stored on my camera which was stolen from me so I lost them. I will continue to look for them hidden somewhere. I will upload the pic

The Build includes:


-76mm Turbonetics Turbo Kit at 10PSI

-gt500 fuel pump

-HKS blow off valve

-44mm Tial Wastegate


-Eibach 2" lowered Springs

-Chrome Struct tower Brace

-Camber adjustments

-20" Chrome Aluminum Rims with 275/35 all around

-Rear Lower control bars

-Real shock tower bracket

Sound System

-2 Hifonics Brutus 2200W Amps

-2 Hifonics Olympus 2412

-1 MB Quart 4125 1000W Multichannel

-2 6x9 Hifonics Zues

-2 6x8 Hifonics Zues

-6 MB Quart PTK-40 tweeters

-Stock Shaker 1000 8" Mid for now

-Kicker 0 AWG Wire

-kicker X RCAs (3m and 4 channel)

-2 Rockford Fosgate RCAs

-2 Optima Red top Batteries 50AH each

-Kicker 12Gauge Speaker Wire

-Mechman 270 Amp Mustang Alternator

I will be editing this as often as I can get give quick links to my build and to be a quick update. As pages go on I will link them for quicker access. I don't mind people skipping around. :D

Table of Contents:

Page 1


-Pictures of my Mustang (Body, Engine and the Old system(very Old)

-The beginning work to my fiberglass amp rack

-Installation of Dampening Material

-Installation of EQ (not finalized)

Page 2

-Starting the fiberglass Box (just the first few cuts (bottom)) (Just wood for now)

-Videos (BOV video with me cruising) & (Donut video before the turbo)

-Replaced vacuum lines to BOV and Boost Gauge.

Page 3

-Continuing on cutting of the box (sanding when needed)

-Fiberglassed the pieces together to create 1 single piece

-ProE (CAD) model of the box and WinISD Pro snapshot

-Measured and prepped the plexiglass for cutting

Page 4

-Machined the Monster Energy plexiglass

-Continued to cut box (Sides and center)

-Graduated and posted pictures of my engineering design project getting worked on


I'll try to get one without the sun blinding




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Some of my equipment:


Sorry about the picture quality, I tried to make it come out better but with the lighting this was the best I could do.




My old trunk setup, before I decided to go bigger and better.



and the old sub box, pictures don't come out too great because I never owned a good camera.



These were basically to test an idea and well I thought it would come out better too but with the Florida heat it started taking it apart relatively quick.

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How the virtually woodless trunk begins.


The back of the trunk was lined with foil and cardboard where needed so that the desired shape can be achieved. The right side cardboard is there because there is a battery behind it.




Trunk is finally fully foiled up with many layers so that a leak is going to have a hard time making it through.


Placing the fiberglass.


I didn't take enough pictures of this step, so next one I have is it taken out of the vehicle.


This is my first time using fiberglass so please go easy on me. I want to build a system with reduced weight from wood, as well as the ability to be removed by someone who knows how to remove it in under 30mins, yet at the same time be stable enough to take up to 3g's of force in any direction.

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Is your turbo setup a complete kit? Or custom piping?

Its basically a complete kit minus the HKS blowoff valve and the fuel system. On a mustang, there is very little room to play around with piping so unless you can bend pipes on your own I don't recommend it.

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Run into any issues with the Granetelli kit. Everything fit like it should?

Everything fit, just like it should, it's not easy to get it to fit but it does. If you have the entire car on a lift it would be cake but 1-2ft off the ground means it's very hard to install certain parts. All-in-All I'm happy with it and I got a good deal from granatelli on it. I had it dynoed at 7psi to be 400hp and 430lb torque but its at 10 now and I will be getting it redynoed soon.

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Some parts of the first stage didn't come out as I hoped so I had to fix it with foam. Was even able to get the foam to help support the wooden frame.


Picture of just the fleece



Added the fiberglass




From this stage of the trunk build, I can see there is going to be 1 very long day of body work and preping for paint.

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I bought my rings on eBay. 1" MDF rings for 12.99 shipped each. I didn't have a router and being flush mounted I was very excited to fine it. Called a few local shops and they wanted about $30 a ring and not flush mounts.



Also added a picture of the 6x9's that are in the rear deck since I've taken them out to work on the trunk amp rack.

I was actually not really wanting to buy these from Hifonics because I never heard anything about there full-range

speakers but I'm actually impressed how clear they are, but I haven't had a chance to amp them yet.



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