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Bye bye wall. Hello window line. Upgrades arrived!! (pg 4)

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Port area is not related to volume?? They are directly related..

How many 6" aeros can you fit on your baffle? Unless you can fit 3 then it's not worth it. move all of the subs to one side or the other and run a slot port if you have enough space.

Just going off of the dimensions you gave, if you have 1 layer for your top and bottom you can make it 29.5" h x 5" w and you'll have roughly 14" of port per cube. That'd be a great start if you can manage.

please explain your reasoning.

Just say no to Ground Pounder Customs.

More box builds

some cars do over 170db with one sub, so clearly my two 12"s can do that in my car, with my knowledge too! look out bitches!

I'm with captain stupid.

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Update: Wall out...



Got some trim to finish and some changes to make.

VVXs will be taken out tomorrow and ZVXs installed, then gotta wait for my 2nd 4500 to come in in April some time.

I might be loud now. :)

(ignore the headliner in the back...it got slightly ripped when cutting out the wall and removing it piece by piece and headliners are about $400 lol)

On first page too lol...

this thread should be dedicated to 412 CVX. :ehh:



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Two in. BTW, Wiring up dual 1 ohm to a 2 ohm load via bolts, takes too much thinking before coffee. (Taken with crapPhone....errr iPhone)

Edit: still have trim to do, so ignore it all. Got cold again, and I hate cold weather. It is spring, right?






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looking good love the new subs bro...

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Thanks! Got them in and got my amp back. Playing them on one 4500 at 2 ohm and it is doing ok :D

Now to get the 2nd one in and push 9800 to them instead of 2600 lol. They barely move. I think I heard one giggling at me.

Hrmmm, should I make a vid with one amp? :)

BTW, love the new scores WIll.



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did you sell the vvx's. what voice coils do they have?

2000 Dodge Durango

Subs - (2) SKAR VVX 15 D2's

Box - 7.2 ft^3 @ 33hz, 120 in of port

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Mids + Highs - PRV Audio

Mids + Highs amp - Hifonics 2000.4

Headunit - Alpine CDE-100

Equalizer - Clarion EQS746

Batteries - Mopar group 27 + (2) C&D 52ah

Wiring - 1/0 BIG 3, (2) runs 1/0

Alternator - Singer 250A

147.79 dB @ 35hz - burp - sealed on dash

147.47 dB @ 35hz - music - sealed on dash

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/321slapinBass/videos


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Pm me a price on the 2 your selling...thx! Nice build to bro....dope setup!

if you put a DD-1 in your amp terminal and it immediately went up in smoke, i would be concerned.

If you shoved your dick in the terminal and it didn't blow up but a month later it blew up, i STILL WOULDN'T be able to blame your dick.

It just does not make sense at all.

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