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UPS, Creeper or just superb service?

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Is it possible that the driver put them on your front step and a friend or a neighbor put them in your house?

If I were a driver I wouldn't want the liability of entering someone's house while they're not there.

I don't know, it's possible. I doubt my neighbor would though. They don't like me that much and the other one i doubt could lift the boxes.

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At my old house we didn't lock the door often and I had the ups and fed-ex guys put stuff inside the door all the time. I had cameras up so I know that's all they were doing. At the new house, even though we are in the same town and you don't have to worry about locking stuff, we lock the doors but leave the porch door unlocked and they just throw the stuff in there.


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Sounds like he was being helpful. That was my thread you saw I believe. It was 2 years ago I lost $700 after a driver forged a signature on my package as well as rolled it from the truck.

Yeah, That sucks bad man, i would be sick to lose that much money. I didn't read the whole thread but I suspected his "friend" that was posting in there was actually him trying to cover his a$$.

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That sounds kinda weird. Then again I live in a really nice town and my front door has a canopy so any package is pretty safe from weather or being stolen. Lock your door from now on!

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I have my ups drivers phone number and he mine so he calls me when I have a package and asks if I want it at my house or at my work or he will ask what time I will be home so he can deliver it or ill call him and tell him I wont be home so hold it for me for a couple days .... :-) its nice to live in small town vicksburg sometimes haha

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a lot of the time they know the value of what's being shipped, and as a lot of people have said, ups guys are generally cool, i'd count it to superb service, i don't think they step in the house, just open the door.

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