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  1. Enjoy what you've got before it all falls off- Freefallin' by Atmosphere

  2. Orange peanut? Orange peanut? For me?

    1. DTS909


      nfl bad lip reading lol

    2. Baydestrian


      Well I accept you!

    3. ThatGuyWithAJetta


      i'd kill for a cookie

  3. How does the 64 10's compare with the 4 18's in your hoe as far as air movement and depth of bass? I did watch the whole video BTW.
  4. I'm kind of leary of clicking links I'm not familar with, but I'm guessing it's a CCW badge prominently displayed? I've never seen one in the wild but when I do it'll be like the time I saw my first Maybach and Porsche GT on the highway. I remember them like it was yesterday. Still waiting on my CCW badge sighting though:)
  5. 1. It's illegal to ship a firearm to anyone but a FFL if it's going out of state. 2. It could be a set up by the feds. 3. It would be dishonest to keep it. I'd return it, although I fully recognize the awesomeness of keeping it.
  6. Thanks for the reply, even though I posted in the wrong section. I'll definitely take your advice in leaving an alarm install to the pros. Too bad I don't live in Cali or anywhere near.....I'm in the middle of nowhere, hours from any big city If that's the case, just taking the keys out of the ignition should give you better protection than half the cars around you. LOL.
  7. I have a feeling that car's not gonna see anything but nice days.
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