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  1. Just ordered an HDC3 15" with copper coils! Woo!

  2. MDF boogers. Blah....

    1. Nate Futuristic

      Nate Futuristic

      i shove TP in my noise before fuckin with MDF lol

    2. Lbox88


      Get that shit clean out best you can before bed or you'll end up with a nasty sore throat and more MDF boogers in the morning. Fuck I hate that.

  3. Am I the only one who hates IPA's? I like ales but one sip of an IPA makes me dump it out.
  4. Did you accidently bump a crossover or filter out of place? I'm just shooting in the dark now for solutions.
  5. Do you have a DMM to confirm voltage? Just triple check everything, there is a good chance you missed something. It happens to us all.
  6. Somebody just got shot up on the corner of my street. I never thought my college was scary until now.

  7. Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. Starting my second year out of five.
  8. That looks like it already has a lowering shackle in the rear. That shackle doesn't look factory and the truck doesn't have a forward rake to it either.
  9. I have the last generation Fi SSD with all the options and I love it. It beat just as loud on 400 watts as it does on 800. Which is kinda disappointing but still.
  10. I'm just a lowly Youtuber that hardly ever posts and someone still manages to comment and compare me to Steve saying my shit sucks. Man, nuthuggers are everywhere! Haha

  11. I think it would look dumb, not to mention losing your cupholders.
  12. That sounds kinda weird. Then again I live in a really nice town and my front door has a canopy so any package is pretty safe from weather or being stolen. Lock your door from now on!
  13. I don't hate any computers. it's just the internet at school is alot faster.
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