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Best 15% Tint Brand?


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I know you can find 15% from most brands, but my friend had some experience and learned to stick to higher quality brands. He recommended 3M. Problem is 3M only goes in incriments of 5,20,35,50 and I have my heart set on 15.....

So, what are some legit brands you guys have worked with that offer 15, Ive been searching for a while and dont really know what I cant trust.

Also, would this be solved by simply taking it to a shop? I was hoping to save some cash by doing it myself though.

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Its pretty easy to mess up tint. I would just recommend a shop. You can probably get two windows done for $60-80.

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2 layers of 35% tint would be 12% tint from my understanding if you wanted to go that route. It would be a little darker than 15% though but not much

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We've had a good deal of practice messing up tint with shitty brands. On a friends car the 3m turned out perfect though so I'm pretty sure it's just the brand issue.. I'm not opposed to 12% but it'd cost twice as much and would be a lot easier to just go with one layer of 15

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3M, Lumar and Suntek are probably the top 3 brands... Go to a shop... They will do it right and if something goes wrong it will be warrantied :)

** will be MUCH less headache**

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The shop that tinted my windows uses solar guard.


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It usually does deal with the seasons... as I've actually often found winter to be the most expensive. But it does depend on how big your rear window is. And some shops will charge more for a hard back window (like a VW Beetle) vs ford explorer. I think I paid roughly $429? for 5 windows. The 4 sides and rear. But they also did it under what the state allows. So since you have been looking around and they're $300+? I'd say that's pretty average for there. Also depends on location. Go to Miami? Guarantee you could get it for a lot cheaper. Lol.

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