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  1. Kind of related to the topic. I have seen the dd1 hurt feelings when I have tuned their system and it wasn't as loud as it was when they were clipping the shit out their system lol.
  2. Charleston, WV DD1, DMM, Hydraulic Crimper, Termlab( Will be here in December) Can call or text 3044700431.
  3. Drove my buddy to sundown audio to pick up his subs today. These are some beefy subs.
  4. Finished installing the interior pieces today. We did the box a while ago. Probably going to do the rims soon.
  5. My wife got first place in her class today at a local show today. Not a bad score for what we have in it.
  6. Told my dog to mind her business when she saw the neighbors outside. She looks at me and give me the bitch please look and starts barking anyway.

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    2. Jskiles


      Shes a Lab. This past month she has been a total bitch and I dont know why lol.

    3. MyRoomBeats


      Haha well mines a male. He's about 7yrs old and knows what happens when he dosnt listen.

    4. Wood


      LOL This TOO Funny!!!!

  7. I cannot fucking stand snakes lol. If they're off the property my kids play I normally don't kill them unless they're poisonous but if you're on my back porch your ass is dead. I didn't expect to see any until next month.
  8. Nice! Just noticed the DC5ks aren't on your site. Are they not in stock or you don't sell them? Just for future reference.
  9. Such a nice day outside while Im stuck inside at work. I need to get this box finished!!!

  10. Am I weird for loving the smell of cut MDF?

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    2. DubNDodge


      fuck mdf. first time routering the stuff the other day talk about blinding.

    3. SnowDrifter


      Love the smell, hate the boogers

  11. Nice job on the 666th page Just realized all the gifs I just liked was from snowdrifter
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