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Godzilla swapped 240sx - my primary hobby/project

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Figured I'd post a build thread of what keeps my car audio hobby from getting too ridiculous. I’m building an S13 coupe with an rb26 mainly for street/road race, some drifting most likely as well. I want it to be well rounded, not just a ton of power that I can’t use.

A pic of where the project is at right now in case you don't have the attention span to scroll through my 10000 pix:


Short summary of plans:

Full suspension

17” 275s or larger up front and 315s in rear

Carbon fiber Zg fender flares

Silvia front end/Carbon fiber hood

Rb26 (first stage of build going for around 400whp with stock twins, later I will upgrade turbo and valvetrain and go for 600whp)

Kaaz 1.5 way (hopefully selling and going with an s15 helical with q45 axles instead)

Detailed list (not a complete list of things I have or plan on getting, but has most of the stuff that will be happening this summer):


HUD dash w/ working hud

Racing seats (not purchased yet)

Harness bar (not completed yet)

5 point harnesses (not purchased yet)

Seam welded

Fender braces (not completed yet)

Misc chassis bracing (not completed yet)

Silvia front end conversion with triple projector headlights

HIDs (not purchased yet)

Carbon fiber hood (not purchased yet) – will leave unpainted

Carbon fiber fender flares (not purchased yet) – will leave unpainted

Origin Tail Lights – planning on blacking them out a bit

Mostly full interior minus rear seats

Modified power brace

Aluminum Triangulated strut tower bar (not built yet)

Some sort of light weight replacement for bumper brace, most likely an aluminum bar (not built yet)

Misc. weight reduction


Tein HE front coils

Tein HA rear coils(z32)

Z32 up rights aluminum with poly bushings

JUST Modded Dream fab front drift spindles s13

S14 control arms boxed with new moog ball joints

tein inner tie rods with SPL Parts outers

circuit sports T/C rods

Project Silvia RUCAS

adjustable toe rods

adjustable traction rods

5 lug ichiba fronts with long studs, z32 rear

rear s13 subframe with aluminum solid bushings installed


z32 30mm alum. front calipers

ebc 12.25" vr4 front rotors

project MU B-force Pads

Z32 rear calipers with power slot rotors

I have 3 stages planned for the engine, stage 1 is obviously get it running lol, stage 2 is turbo, stage 3 is valvetrain.

Engine - "Stage 1":

Wiseco Forged Pistons

Eagle Rods with ARP bolts

ACL Race Main bearings

ACL Race Rod bearings

ARP Head Studs

Cometic MLS head gasket

N1 Oil Pump

N1 Water pump

Nismo Thermostat

Raw6 Intake manifold (copy of greddy) (have not purchased yet)

1150cc fuel injectors (have not purchased yet) (sizing for 600whp on e85)

Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator (have not purchased yet)

Spitfire coil packs (have not purchased yet)

adjustable cam gears (have not purchased yet)

Greddy oil filter relocation block with built in oil cooler thermostat

Twin Z32 300zx N62 Mass airflow sensors

ISIS 3" Straight pipe

ECU: Apexi Power FC with hand commander and boost control kit (currently for sale, thinking of going haltech instead)

Innovative motorsports wideband

Engine will have stock valvetrain and stock twin turbos for this stage of the build.

Output goal is around 400whp

Engine - "Stage 2": (most likely next year):

Big single turbo (probably a Garrett GT35R)

twin scroll exhaust manifold of some sort

Divorced but recirculated waste gate pipe (recirculated to end of downpipe)

Power goal - 550-600whp

Engine - "Stage 3"::

ETA TBD (sometime after stage 2, depends largely on $$$)

Tomei pon cams type B

Aftermarket timing belt

valve springs and retainers

power goals will be the same 550-600whp except looking for 9,000+rpm rev limit


RB25 transmission with short-throw shifter

ACT clutch and lightweight flywheel

McKiney engine and trans mounts

Aluminum driveshaft

Kaaz 2way LSD (for sale, looking for S15 helical w/ q45 axels instead…if I end up staying with the KAAZ I’ll convert it to 1.5way)


For full build pictures, check out my facebook album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.467353256790.254744.613146790&type=3&l=afcb216d14

The donor car. Cylinder 6 ringlands went to hell 15 minutes from the guy’s house due to what I figure was a bad tune and/or bad gas.



Disassembly begins






Tons more pictures to come

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New N1 water pump (n1 oil pump not pictured)


Apexi Power FC


More disassembly


There’s your problem:


The chassis. Fairly clean 1993 pearl white coupe. Pulled stock KA24 and swapped it into the grey hatchback the rb26 came out of:



Reverse rake!


New exhaust Isis 3” straight pipe:


Picked these up cheap so that I can drive the car before having to spend $2500+/- on tires/wheels/fender flares:


First wave of parts from rawbrokerage.com!:

ARP head studs and ACL main and rod bearings


Nismo thermostat


Wiseco Forged Pistons


Eagle rods with ARP rod bolts


Greddy oil cooler adapter with thermostat


New rear hardlines for the brakes (nothing really wrong with the old ones, but ended up with these anyway)


Motor being assembled after coming back from the machine shop





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Wrinkle red powder coating


Oil filter block adaptor from Raw Brokerage:


More progress, just need cam gears now:


Started tearing into the chassis:





First wave of suspension parts arrived:

Z32 Rear brakes (stock front rotor on top of them lol); front rotors from a 3000gt vr4; front and rear z32 calipers


Tien HE/HA coilovers, tension rods, DREAM fab modded front spindles with aluminum 5 lug hubs and extended studs, Tanabe front sway bar


Interior gutted (will be going back in)


Removed the striping from the driver’s side


HICAS (quicker ratio) steering rack from the donor car. It leaked so I’m rebuilding it


Wire wheeled and mostly disassembled


Engine bay stripped and cleaned up


Removed the rear suspension


Getting the wheel wells cleaned up/stripped down


Passenger side


Rust cut out from drivers side



Battery tray removed most rust cleaned up


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Cleaning up seams for seam welding


Welding in new metal where the rust was removed


Built a temp subframe adaptor for the rear of the car so I can move it (went way overboard)


Power brace


Drilling out the rear of the strut tower (was beat up…looked like a spring broke or something)



Full brakes with comparison to stock ones


Started seam welding (long story but first round of stich-welding didn’t go well, so I have a very good welder who will be redoing it for me)




Removed the sound deadening



Removed undercoating from passenger side


Disassembled and reassembled the front coilovers and cleaned them up


Replaced the section in the strut tower


Stripping undercoating




Cut out crushed section of frame rail


Cut out tranny tunnel, going to box it in so that it clears the rb25 trans instead of hammering it out


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Removed the rest of the interior and cleaned up the rest of the sound deadening residue on the front floorboards




New fuel sending unit (new from Nissan, only used by the previous owner for a bit)


My friend starting to weld…running continuous beads…crazy shit.


More new parts!!!

New rear subframe with aluminum bushings; toe and traction rods; rear aluminum z32 hubs/spindles/ebrake/etc



Whiteline adjustable rear sway bar


Boxed s14 front lower control arms with grease fittings for poly bushings and moog ball joints


tein inner tie rods with SPL outers


Project Silvia RUCAS


Manual brake pedal


here's what rougly $7k got me lol...engine pr0n:




and that's it for now. Should be some more updates in a month or so.

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That's fn sick.

My buddy who has a turbo 350z has an r33 that he rb26 swapped with a bw s372. Change that oil pump quick, I think he had the car with a bone stock motor for 3 months before it crapped out and lost all pressure.

Seeing all your work makes me realize I'd rather cut and weld over fiberglassing wood and boxes any day haha, this shit is so time consuming >.>

What's your end power you have in mind?

I didn't see you drifting or just making a street car or?

150.1 @ 38hz142.3 @ 20hz (windows down)Only 2 batteries

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Those 240sx's make a great platform to build on... My cousin built one when he was overseas in Okinawa when my uncle was stationed there for the marine Corps... He said it was fast as hell and EASY to find parts for

Team MaxRetribution

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Bowhunting Team Fatal Trajectory Hunt Team


http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/49335-sick96vtecaccords-t-line-build/?hl=sick96vtecaccord << Accord Build

http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/68498-smokedout08impalas-tline-build/?hl=+sick96vtecaccord << Impala T-line build


Rebassed.com for all your music needs 👌

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I want that donor car. Sell it to me. LOL :) Good job man, should be a beast when done. I don't think I saw it in there but what were you thinking for paint?

90 Nissan 240sx

Avic z-140bh

Audison SR4

Audison Voce 6.5s

CDT es-20 tweeters

Sundown 1500v3

(2) DD 9510's

3 cube box 2 6" aeros

XS Power D2400 & Xp950

Skyhigh/Knukonceptz/Rockford Fosgate wiring

More Coming Soon.. Check my builds below.

97 Civic Hatch Build

86 Caprice Build

you can pick up a chick in a car... I think it'd be hard to roll up mackin on a broad sittin on a sundown. My opinion

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Lovez me a coupe!!! Looks like its gonna be a nice ride when you get it on the road.

What are your plans for the audio dept? I have an S13 coupe as well (silvia nose/sr20swap). The trunk doesnt give you many options but I managed to get some bumps out of it.

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That's fn sick.

My buddy who has a turbo 350z has an r33 that he rb26 swapped with a bw s372. Change that oil pump quick, I think he had the car with a bone stock motor for 3 months before it crapped out and lost all pressure.

Seeing all your work makes me realize I'd rather cut and weld over fiberglassing wood and boxes any day haha, this shit is so time consuming >.>

What's your end power you have in mind?

I didn't see you drifting or just making a street car or?

Thanks man

BTW, all of your questions have answers in my post ;)

Also in my post is that I have an upgraded N1 oil pump :)

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