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  1. The carbon fiber cones will lower fs slightly due to them being a bit heavier than the standard paper cones. For most builds they are, as near as makes no difference, a purely cosmetic upgrade. In extreme circumstances where loading issues are destroying paper cones, the strength advantage they offer becomes a benefit. They look dope as hell though!!!
  2. I donated $29.99 on October 8th last year for silver membership but still do not have it on my account. I can send a screenshot of my PayPal transaction if needed. If theres a different place i need to report this, i apologize, just let me know what to do. Thanks, Gary
  3. I second what WIll and CJ said. What frequency are you planning on playing down to?
  4. I'd go with separate chamber 6ft3 boxes. Mine liked 5 4" psp ports tuned to 36hz. You could go more port area if you wanted, but the 5 psp port setup was really easy to mess with tuning, etc.
  5. you're getting me even more excited for my lvl 6 to show up hahaha!
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