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  1. 2 coats down, 3 more to go...gotta order some satinizer so it wont be flat black. Going to do the cap and redo the front next week most likely. Got a new bumper on the way too.
  2. Not a lot to show off but a lot to tell in this update. I finally got around to lowering the tuning of the low tuned chamber. I took about 6 inches of width out of it which lowered the tuning to around 27hz instead of 30-31ish. This ended up nearly accomplishing the low end cutoff frequency I’m aiming for of 20hz. Right now I can play down to 22hz at full demo volume (about 3 clicks from full tilt). It will play lower but they really start to unload at 21hz and output drops off significantly. I also did a few more extended demo sessions and have gotten a good feel for the bandwidth with the new port tuning. It plays strong from about 22hz to 58hz. I’m guessing it will play a bit higher but my low pass is set to 63hz so that’s probably causing a roll off above 58hz. I’ll probably increase it for testing but in real world anything higher than 58 will probably cause thermal issues due to high power / low excursion. Also did a ton of very long demo sessions including 6hrs last Sunday at a meet, 4hrs of that was nearly straight with only a couple of 10 minute breaks to go get demos from other people’s builds. The shortest demos I gave that day were 3 minutes on a song that was nearly non-stop bass notes, and many of the demos I played significant portions of other songs back to back with it lol. Definitely got some major heat in the neos, by the end of the night I was playing a song with a nearly constant 22hz bass line and it was like I had the heat on in the cabin, you could feel the heat coming out of the high tuned chamber hahaha. Also did a couple 1hr demo sessions yesterday as well as some testing. The testing was a bit disappointing unfortunately. It seems that the truck doesn’t do very well on music at all. Power is super low on music but I want to do some further testing before I point all fingers at that. On a good note, it seems to be super efficient on low power and I managed to get a 149.5 on only 1367w driver window open at the dash…but the best part is, it was at 22hz! After the rather disappointing testing, my buddy and I decided to just listen to it instead. Since adjusting the ports it now plays door open as well as both windows open. My buddy decided to experiment and opened the passenger window and realized it’s a MUCH better demo experience both windows open than passenger sealed driver open. One of the most common observations I’ve heard regarding demos was that there was VERY little air movement on the passenger side. Luckily, my buddy said the decrease in SPL was almost un-noticeable yet it got 100 times windier which made it feel much more impressive. I’m pretty excited to demo both windows open now, an added bonus is it’s MUCH less stress on the doors! Hahaha. Anyway, I’m toying with the idea of trying a series tuned 6th with just the 2 woofers for shits and grins. I’m sure it will get louder and a lot windier compared to the current enclosure, but I doubt it will sound as good. So that might actually be the next thing I do, just gotta come up with a design I’m happy with.
  3. Good call, done! I'm glad to hear! Yeah, she was running a little hot because I forgot to top off the coolant after fixing a small leak lol. Small update inbound soon.
  4. What an awesome day! Cracked my first 60! Didn't even have anyone holding the door, that gained me 1.5 last night on the 2 amps. Also won my first trophy with Project Flexington, got best of show! Gave a TON of demos, probably 3-4 hours worth. Not bad considering #lithiumcantdemo #capscantdemo #neocantdemo and #0.25ohmcantdemo lol
  5. Thanks man. Did a bit more work and got this: Rising to 1.8ohm from .5 nominal! High notes are a lot better after shrinking the port. Seems like 1.8ohm is the lowest rise in the pass band so I think I'm going to go for broke and strap at .5 and see what happens muhahaha
  6. Clamp wasn't working for some reason. Little update: Since I had the door panel off, figured I'd put in a better seal. Maglock officially back and better than ever! Much more secure than before. Ended up drilling the stripped hole out and using a lag shield. Door isn't quite as tight as I'd like but it's much better than before. NowI just need to cut some wood to change the ports up. Got a show tomorrow morning and have toleave at 6am, but at least I got a good night of sleep last night lol.
  7. So did a few things to hopefully help minimize the enclosure flex I've been experiencing. The whole wall moves which ends up throwing quite a bit of vibration into the amp rack. For those wondering why I had holes drilled in the angle iron bracing on the roof: Also sealed up the holes where the grounds run into the bed Added another piece of birch to sandwich the cab between wood so it hopefully holds a bit better Made the mistake of attempting to sink the door plate in so the electromagnet would pull the door closed tighter and stripped out the hole for the lag bolt. I decided to make a plate and due to using too thin of steel, it ended up nerfing the maglock. Basically killed the holding force so now I have to figure out a new way to attach the original plate to the door. My goal last night was to get a baseline number before making the tuning changes I've been planning on which potentially could result in very significant gains if my theory is correct. Well, I got the lock to half way engage and sent it...door popped open on roll up and I was trying to hold it closed by the door handle, which wasn't very successful lol. But still managed to get within 3 tenths of my previous best, even with the door half open lmao I was so frustrated by this point I decided to call it a night. Going to take another crack at it tonight