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  1. Just about done with the bracing. Almost time to get to work on the stripper pole mounting. Gotta have the truck ready for tomorrow morning and I'm running outta steam, hope I can finish. It's been a long ass week
  2. Thanks for the info. I haven't had time to play with it much yet, but I took a break yesterday and installed it and played around with it for a couple min. I'm honestly a bit disappointed already. Seems like it's a very limited version of winisd with a buggy cad modeling plugin and a cultist generator. I have a feeling I'm going to regret wasting 150 on it. Was hoping for that kinda money that it would offer a but more than just tossing a bunch of features available for free elsewhere, into one interface. But I'm still going to give it a chance. Yeah, I'm pretty excited to get the extra 5 inches behind my wall back. It'll help immensely with squeezing 8 more banks of caps and 2 more amps in there lol. Plus removing the weight will mak a huge difference. Lol that's funny u saw me watching that, great minds think a like, right? lol Little update, got the front section welded in just in time New windshield time. Guy did a fantastic job, I just hope it holds together Saturday and the adhesive doesn't let go Gonna give it a little bit to cure before I get back to welding, but hopefully I can get the rest of the bracing slammed in without wrecking the window.
  3. Got my stripper pole....shes quite heavy duty lmao Bracing pieces cut Finally got started on the roof reinforcements and stripper pole mount only to run out of wire. To top it off, I can't find my damn spare spool. Satellite will be here between 8 and noon and the store doesn't open till 7. Gonna be cutting it close.
  4. 6th order bandpass ratios?

    ah, ok. As far as winisd accuracy, yeah, 4th orders are a joke. but regarding ported and parallel 6ths, while the curves in the vehicle definitely differ from the modeled curves, if you take the external factors (like the ones you listed) into account, my results have generally reflected winisd's predictions rather closely. I agree with you on all of the factors listed, they can throw things off quite a bit. I consider winisd a useful tool for getting a rough idea of what to expect, it can be especially helpful when designing and testing multiple different enclosures in the same vehicle imo
  5. 6th order bandpass ratios?

    I'd also like to point out that port area of the rear chamber definitely has an effect on output in a series tuned 6th. I have data showing quite significant gains from increasing port area of the rear chamber while maintaining the same tuning frequency and volumes. I'll see if i can find the post. EDIT: doesn't look like I ever posted the result of adding port area. I'll have to dig through my notebook and see if i can find it at some point.
  6. 6th order bandpass ratios?

    Just realized it was covered and was about to edit my post but you were too quick hahaha. I had them posted but photobucket had to go fuck things up, i still have like 20 pages of photos in my current build thread to fix and would need to go though those old threads and fix them to share the data again too lol. i'll get around to it eventually lol
  7. 6th order bandpass ratios?

    Low tuning smaller volume rear chamber, large front chamber tuned high would be what a series tuned 6th would require. WinISD does not simulate series tuned 6ths, it only does parallel tuned 6ths. if you are referring to using winisd to design a series tuned 6th, then yes, the graph is useless. But if you are using it to design a parallel tuned 6th, it's actually quite accurate, I have quite a bit of testing to back it up.
  8. Got a delivery today! After I ordered the termlab I purchased a new laptop a few days ago to replace my current machine. That way I could use my old laptop as an audio laptop since I purchased the term-pro enclosure software and promoter pack. The fact that I have 3 extended life batteries for it and the chassis is magnesium were two main reasons I decided to upgrade vs buying a cheap laptop for audio use. The other bonus is that my old laptop is still quite a powerhouse, it has a 2.6ghz core I7 quad core, nvidia 5200m video card, 12gb of RAM and a 120gb SSD. Probably a wee bit overkill, but overkill has kinda been the theme lately hahaha. I also did a thing today...I tried talking myself out of it a few times, but ended up closing my eyes and clicking: I think this is the first component I have bought for the truck that I couldn't legitimately justify to myself hahaha But I gotta say, JY's customer service kicks ass, they put up with all of my questions and attempts to talk myself out of it as well as giving me accurate, no bullshit, unbiased information to base my decision on. Definitely a great company to work with. It should be shipping out tomorrow. On another note, I really wish I had time to set up my new meter and play with the new enclosure software. I'm really curious how it's accuracy compares to winisd. Unfortunately I have a business plan I've been working on for the last 20hrs (minus a few of those hours for short breaks like this one as well as a 2hr nap lol) and still not done with yet! And when I'm done with it, then I have to get the welding on the roof / reinforcement done asap since my windshield will be getting installed tomorrow morning and I haven't even started on the stripper pole or welding or anything yet! ugh, there needs to be more time in the day lol

    Just found an article that confirms that you are correct. I'm thinking my results in the past that lead me to the incorrect conclusion were just skewed due to several factors. Thanks for the correction.

    I was only referencing rise in sealed boxes in relation to ported boxes regarding rise in general being lower. As far as impedance being lowest at tuning frequency, all of my test results showed it being highest at those points. I seem to remember reading it somewhere too. I could be wrong and open to that possibility but will have to see some data or a irrefutable source to change my current standing. Only thing I can think of is my data was based on peak frequencies of the whole system (enclosure, driver and vehicle) and while my port tuning was the same as the peak in the ported tests that I recall, it could have been slightly different due to whatever reason. And if you're saying that the high points could be relatively close to the low point, I can see that while my results seem to contradictory on the surface, they could actually support it if the margins are slightly adjusted within the margin of error.

    I love this thread! I did something similar on some of my old build threads but unfortunately the pictures were on photobucket. I'll have to dig them up and post them. Anything that increases pressure on the softparts (loading) will increasethe impedance rise. For example, if you have the subwoofer firing at a window that's really close to it, this will increase pressure on the cone, raise impedance, and decrease excursion. I have tested this by swapping a sub, box and amp from a hatch vehicle into a trunk and the rise was quite a bit less firing at an undeadened trunk lid instead of a large chunk of glass attached to a heavy hatch frame. A hypothesis I've come up with based on experiences, but have not fully tested to validate is that it can change at higher power / spl levels. For example, if the object you are loading off of no longer can maintain adequate resistance to the pressure, it can cause the woofers to unload (not completely, just the loss of additional loading) and therefore the rise no longer stays constant and rise should drop as power increases past this point. I don't recall if I have testing to back it up but I believe loading the port off of an object such as the back of a trunk (having the object closer to the opening of the port than the ports diameter) will increase this. Increasing the volume of your enclosure will increase rise. A ported box has more rise than a sealed box since the pressures inside a ported enclosure are higher than a sealed box. Impedance rise will peak at the tuning frequency, as pressure is the highest at that point, and as you all probably know, excursion will be at the lowest. Something I have not had a chance to do a controlled test with yet but have noticed with different builds is the effects of the flow from the cone into the port and out of it on impedance rise. I believe the easier time the sound waves are able to enter and exit the port, the lower the pressure the driver sees. For example, if my theory is correct, an up firing, port back enclosure should have more impedance rise than the same net volume enclosure with sub front, port back and a large bell mouth on the port. These factors are why opening doors on big builds have detrimental consequences in some builds, as well as why bandpass enclosures generally have higher impedance rise, parallel tuned 6th orders having more than the equivalent series tuned and that having more than a 4th and so on.
  12. I ordered a termlab magnum a few days ago, so it will happen soon lol It's going to be semi gloss black with a big lime green DC Audio logo on each side Definitely! So we had a pre-DBs for diabetes meet on Sunday, I gave a ton of demos and tons of videos were postedoing. Here are a couple: My buddy's 10 year old son wanted a demo...we agreed that I would roll up slowly at his signal and back off if it was too loud. To all of our surprise, he took it full tilt! He was wearing ear plugs (his parents are responsible people ) and I didn't play the more painful songs (high notes aren't as violent but definitely hurt more). But anyway, he actually took it better than half the adults! Definitely a future basshead! This guy actually caught the elusive eyebrow flex! Watch my eyebrows closely between 18 and 20 seconds lol I taped up the Passenger door to see if I could match the 157 from when I had the orion.... well, the windshield decided it couldn't take it and completely let go at 156.4 on the roll up around 3 clicks from full tilt. Here are a couple videos of it spitting glass on the only demo I did after it let go Taped it up yesterday so I could give another demo last night: This was actually one of the worst times for it to happen since the biggest show in Wisconsin is Saturday and they say to give the adhesive a week to fully cure and the soonest appointment they had open is Thursday. So it's either shower people with glass Saturday or likely blow out the seal on a brand new windshield. That or miss out on a show I've been planning on all year. Well... Since showering people in glass is quite a bit less of a pleasant option, I decided I'm going to build a stripper pole, get the new glasses installed and just send it! More updates tomorrow when I get to work on the roof