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  1. Went to pull the fender, unfolded the bottom and stuff started pouring out, 3 spark plugs and a bunch of nuts and bolts lmfao Wheel wells painted and the exterior of them undercoated Drivers door is stripped, crazy how much straighter this one is than the passenger door lmfao Kyle is making the buss bars for the capacitors Shifter is connected to the cable Andy hooking up the transmission cable, he broke another wheel off our 3 wheel creeper lmao, good thing I bought a new one a couple days ago More to come!
  2. Well buss bars are in and its about ready for a test drive so we're going to take her out tomorrow since it's a bit late at the moment lol I also tore down the driver side door in preparation for the upgrades.
  3. These friends are the best kind for sure...I had to bribe them with $$$ though due to the short deadline, they're the guys who can do the work without me having to look over their shoulders the whole time, which also means that they have rather busy lives and are usually doing side jobs, working, etc. So while they'd be willing to help for free or for beer, getting them to drop everything and come help for two weeks took a little greasing the wheels with $$$ lol. But it's worth it, because I know it will get done in time with these guys helping, and I know they all can handle the pressure and work well together! The fact that the build is being done in my garage instead of my shop doesn't help either lol. I've seen how tight a 1500sq ft shop gets when 3 or 4 people are working on something at the same time, it's going to take some extraordinary people for 5 people to work in a small 2 car garage on the same project and not only be efficient, but also not want to kill eachother lmao
  4. Well, just lined up the manpower needed to get this thing rocking in time for Slamology. I'd prefer to do everything myself, but there's just not time. So my metal fab buddy will be putting in a lot of hours to finish both doors, Seat bracket for the passenger seat, and a bit of floor / b pillar bracing by June 5th. Also have my buddy, who has been helping with the engine work, focusing on finishing drivability related things by Sunday. And I have 2 other guys helping with the install and wall assembly!
  5. I was more like supervising. He decided it was well past quitin time and he was patiently (more like impatiently if I'm honest) waiting for me to finish up. 😂😂😂
  6. I think I might be a little crazy...Keeping with the seemingly reoccuring theme of the build, go big or go home happened again... I decided to go with a 1.5" angle iron frame and connect it to the sill with 3/4" square tubing (I only had a short piece handy for mock up) and double layer Baltic birch panel. There will be 1/4" bolts through the angle iron and welded to the back of it to act as studs for the wood panels. There will also be some holes around the outside to allow me to put screws around the outside.
  7. Thanks man! I will be definitely beefing up the windshield this winter unless I end up needing to replace it for some reason or another 🙃😅 If it holds up to the abuse this summer, I'll be doing a lot of reinforcement of the roof, a pillars and b pillars when I pull the cab off the truck this winter (to cut out the firewall and floor and replace with a square tube frame with 1/8th or 1/4 in plate steel). My current thought is to cover the inside of the roof, a-pillars, and b pillars in plate steel and do something similar to a roll cage except tied into the plate steel all of the way around. Thanks man! I will most certainly be there with it unless something breaks with no time to fix lol.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, my opinion is that it's just a series tuned 6th, with the cabin and area above the rear 4 subs being the front, large chamber. The doors / windows act as the port when they are opened...think about it this way, if you built one big box with the same volume as his car's interior, then placed a box in it with 4 subs firing up, 2 firing forward, and port firing up, the larger chamber would act as one, even though 2 subs are firing forward.
  9. This door is going to be ridiculously strong! Those welds though! So much prettier than what I could have done So much steel going on this bad boy! So one of my biggest worries is that my box rise is going to be as high or higher than expected and that I won't be able to wire the dual 1 ohm coils I picked for my neos low enough for the warhorse to make full power. I ended up picking this up from a buddy to help him out and because it was a good deal...even though I can still only wire to 1/4 of rated impedance, if the rise is higher than expected, this should make more power than the warhorse. It also gives me an option if the rise is significantly less than expected. Got the throttle cable hooked up and the tps adjusted Buss bars are good to go for the engine bay, I will be drilling and tapping them to 5/16 at some point when I get my tap attachment set up, but for now this will work. Just have to mount them in the engine bay, one will go on top of each wheel well...passenger side will be ground, driver side will be positive. Headed back out to the garage shortly to hopefully get her road worthy tonight!
  10. Access panel done With the spacers, tires clear the fenders and wheel wells with no other modifications needed! More to come soon!