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6th Order Bandpass for Alpine Type R - Video Page 3!


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Decided to make a seperate thread for this build as it does not really have anything to do with my current big build here: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/159860-the-roadmonster-wagon-build-6th-order-bandpass-success/

here are the posts from that thread:
6th Order Bandpass Enclosure for Alpine Type R 12

So, for my first side project! I recently aquired an Alpine Type R 12 very cheap. Came in an OBCON vented box. Decided to have some fun with it.

I've always wanted to try a 6th order, and this is the perfect time since I'm waiting for the good stuff.

At first I was planning on building an ABC box but decided to give a 6th order a chance (can always convert it to an abc later.)

My goal is to get good response from 20hz to 60hz+. According to winisd, this box design should meet those requirements.

Here is the response graph compared to a standard 40hz ported box:

This is the fun part. The cone excursion graph is the fun part. 1000watts and keeping control down to 22hz!

Quick sketchup. Model not finished, but it gives you an idea of the layout. Wood is cut and ready, I'll be working on assembling it tonight.

2 4" precision ports per side, externally mounted.
Rear chamber ports will be around 33" long and front chamber will be around 15"

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Here's the sub and prefab box:


All the wood cut. Baltic Birch Plywood.


Removable cover


Clamped like hell...


DC Audio Level 5, for when you run out of clamps (or clamps dont reach). Versatility at its finest!


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Got some more work done on the 6th order. Hoping to finish the box up tonight and install it if I have time.






All that is left is routing the holes for the ports; cutting the port lengths; mounting the ports; and roundover the edges of the box.

Starting to get excited to hear this thing! Hopefully it isn't a complete flop.

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Got the 6th order installed last night...and all I can say is WOW! This thing is ridiculous. It's got fairly flat frequency response all of the way to the mid 70hz, but holy shit does this thing really start to shine at around 35hz or below.

Just to give you an idea, when listening to the Decaf version of Put On, the first two higher frequencies are strong, the 3rd frequency (the one in the 30s) really comes out strong, like the seats back rest feels like a massage chair, but then the low frequency hits and this thing has as much or more output than my 15" level 5 (granted the lvl 5 was in a 36hz standard vented box, but had more power on it).

Going to do a few tests tonight, maybe get a vid. I'm curious as to what number she hits (it's not super loud, but I'm sure the numbers over the band pass should be impressive) as well as what the box is rising to.

it's not too impressive till something low comes on and you realize that this is just a single 12" 500w sub.

anyway, here are some pix:

Final tweaks:






Anyway, I know it isn't pretty, but my goal wasn't pretty, my goal was to keep it as simple as possible and versitile in case it ended up sounding like shit. Well it didn't sound like shit. I'm Completely blown away that it turned out this good out of the gate, very promising. Either way, I'll probably end up doing some tweaks once I have time to do more testing.

Had some issues with the roundover bit tearing up the outer layer, but I really didn't care too much because this box is just an experiment anyway so it doesn't have to look perfect.

I'll be posting the termlab results here in a bit.

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Termlab results:


This wasn't at full tilt, this was at just over my normal listening settings. normal listening settings are volume 33 +5 sub out. this testing was at vol 33 +7 sub out.

I'll post some more observations about the box and response later as well as clamp data.

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That's sweet! Sixth orders have always piqued my interest. Good work!!

Same, everyone creams over a 4th, and all i want is a 6th.

OP, more info when you can.

Are you thinking of retuning, for another go? whats your plan?

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