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Why is it they think it ruins Sundown amps? Was there any other brands?

DC audio amps too....apparently....lol

Feedback Thread: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/152368-littlebuck1919s-feedback/#entry2177586

i think you'd stick your dick in a blender if it told you it was 40 wtih two kids your age. lol

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for you virgin ears, here's said backpedaling...

I read the thread over at SMD. Have this to say, now that I have cooled
off a little bit about people attacking me over this thing and my
repair warranty policy regarding it's use/mis-use.

The failures that customers had relayed to me, were when they FIRST
tried to use the DD-1 the problem happened. Not after months, years,
blah blah. FIRST TIME.

Did the DD-1 cause the problem or was it purely user error? I don't
know, am not familiar with the DD-1 I do not own one. Am I saying you
should not own one, NO, you can own one, most people reported good luck
with them. Buy it if it makes you happy.

Am I saying there is even a smidge of a chance that you could break your
Sundown or other amp with the DD-1, YES. How, I do not know
, don't follow the directions and that's what you get.

Send it to us for repair, get it back, do the same thing to the amp
again and expect us to warranty it, NO. Make sure you are using the
thing according to the instructions. We won't fix your amp over and over
again for free if we think it's something you are doing to cause the
problem. That is ANY repair shop, not just this one. We don't work for

Do I own a DD-1? NO

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2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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I spent about a total of 3 minutes on his site just reading "stickies" that he posted himself. I don't understand how in the world he expects to get business with his attitude towards customers. Go read for yourself.

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2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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I thought I was the only person whose amp would buzz when it was clipping. Haha.

1996 GMC Sonoma
Four Fi BTL Neo 18's In 2:1 6th Order Bandpass
2 Ampere 5k's @ .5



On 10/20/2013 at 0:37 AM, KillaCam said:

Fucking with a Prius driver is like making fun of a disabled kid. Pussies.

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The quoted response from Db-r seems logical. Obviously if someone was mis using any equiptment and it fails repeatedly, he can't keep fixing it for free.

However...in my situation, my amp had a intermitent (sp?) turn-on or power-up problem. It had this problem before I had access to a dd-1, after it was dd-1'd, and before I sent it to db-r. $150 later, I was told there was something loose on the board and he soldered some wires underneath it. He also changed some caps that are known to fail but they hadn't yet. .Before I got the amp back from him is when I was told not to use the dd-1 on it or it would void his warranty.

The amp came back doing the same thing it did when I sent it in. Granted, the problem is intermitent, and the amp will turn on fine and operate fine, sometimes. So I understand the possibility of it not acting up when he had it. When I offered to send it back, and even pay the bench fee again, he said I'd be better off to just sell it. I've put it in other vehicles, its been hooked up to a battery on my kitchen table, and it does it regardless of the "install".

The "buzzing" sound some class d amps make internally when they see clipping (thanks Tony), is the same sound mine makes at turn-on. At the same time sending 110-120 v to the outputs. Even with the rca's unhooked. Power, ground, remote only.

Sorry for the novel, but my issue has nothing to do with gains, clipping, voltage, volume, impedence, the grass being green or the sky being blue, or a dd-1. I know it, he knows it. "pass the buck" comes to mind and I feel taken...

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If you paid to have your amp repaired, and it wasn't repaired, then you're due a re-bench or your money back. This guy has absolutely no evidence that the DD-1 does anything and he knows it. But at least you know not to send it back to him. I know I won't do any business with him simply based upon how he views his customers... like he's doing us a favor and we should be on our knees he's willing to charge us. Fucking asshat he is.

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2007 Pacifica
Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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