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  1. my DC power 280pro stopped charging, so now its the stocker till i can either get that fixed or buy a new alt. Might hafta rebuild the stock alt too...

  2. im still not beeing able to play battelfield 3 online....only battelfield CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable GoPhoto.it yeah lol was able to play for like 45 minutes before it kicked me off, but it hasn't been doing it since
  3. when I tried to play on my xbox for the first time in like 2-3 weeks......and I cannot stay connected to a game (tried 4 different servers on battlefield 3 and kept losing connection)
  4. finally got my amp sent in to get repaired...it's been a long time since it died...

  5. Where is it?? Me and the girlfriend are kinda thinking of seeing Iron Man 3 on Sunday
  6. you will not be able to charge 14v batteries without using an external regulator (i havent heard of internally regulated alts that go much over 15v for very long) u would be better off with the D3400's if you do not want to get a new alt (or cannot get a new one)
  7. well that's weird....my little brother's gun has been sitting out....for over a week, and so has like 50 rounds (.223) and they havent tried to hurt anybody yet....its almost like the media is full of shit or something....
  8. because of one of the things that piss me off....over-religious freaks...its great to have a religion and believe in a god/gods, i still do too, but i dont go nuts about it and start preaching to people. i hate when people start preaching to me (especially if they don't know me)
  9. What happens if i hook up a 200 amp fuse to an amp that's supposed to have a 100-150 amp fuse rating? how bad can it get? (not running below the recommended impedence)

    1. n8ball2013


      you are not to fuse for the amp you are to fuse for the wire.

    2. Nate Futuristic

      Nate Futuristic

      In that case buy one of my 300a fuses for the 2/0 welding wire you got lol

    3. littlebuck1919


      lol Nate, u know i only have 1/0 :P and ok, i was just wondering, its a onlder style kicker zx1500.1, and it doesn't have an onboard fuse, so i figured it wouldnt be a bad idea to run a fuse for it, otherwisei have an extra 300 amp fuse laying around, its not a very long run of power/ground from my rear battery (overkilled the electric side for a DC 2k (which is no...

  10. im kinda curious about this too honestly, i have a 1 Farad cap from RF sitting in my apartment that i havent been able to sell to anybody or find a real use for i guess
  11. actually....i had a problem with them before too....come to find out, it was just a long wait from the company that makes the product...try calling, they were friendly to me and explained that it was just a wait from the company for some reason or another. got my short ram intake and it was as it was supposed to be.
  12. or when you hafta poop right after a shower/stop taking a shower to poop....
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