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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to US! SMD Forum is now 7!

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I am guessing I may be one of the OGs. Said my email I have used for 12yrs is being used here. Its been years since I have breezed threw the audio forums or comps... but have to say that some of the nicest an realest people I have every met were my audio friends. I have seen Steve do his thing at car shows/comps. First time was in Lodi. His love an confidence for the whole audio world back then gave me a very shy woman with a awesome since of humor, confidence that I needed so I could prove I was worthy of acceptance in the mainly male world of audio. An know I was a pain to most an still friends with a few.... but just wanna say Happy Anniversary even if its late. :)

good to hear from you, i almost forgot who you were because it's been so long! :D

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congrats! man its insane how time flys i started youtube back in 06 and was also the year i graduated highschool.... scary thoughts...

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Been here since 06 as well. Not quite as active as I used to be but I hop on when I can. I've learned a ton of cool shit here.


Rockford Fosgate P500-4

SoundQubed HDC415 w carbon fiber cap

2 Rockford Fosagate T1675-S

XS Power D3400 Under Hood

XS Power D5100 in rear

Michael Singer 200A Alt

Build Log: http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/153901-2012-veloster-update-842013-wall-build-4-15s/

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I just joined 2 days ago already learning a bunch of stuff. I arrived at car audio heaven. good lookin SMD.

Head unit: Pioneer DEH-P5200 HD

Amps: 2 Hifonics BE 2500(Brutus Elite) 1 Hifonics BRX 1200.4(Brutus)

Subs: 2 ORION HCCA 15's at 1 ohm

Mids: 2 Alpine SPS-609 ,2 Alpine SPG-69C3 , 2 Alpine SPR-50C

Highs: 2 Pyramid 3" TW67 Super Titanium tweeters , 2 Falcon SDS500 horns

EQ: Clarion EQS746

Alt: 220amp

Batts: 1 optima yellow under the hood , 2 XS POWER D3100's in the back

Wire: Big 3 upgrade 0gauge all thru

Fuses: Stinger 300amp

Box enclosure: FATBOX USA

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