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why the babies gotta be black?

I mean you dont see a black ken doll in the photo do you?


you mean Darnell doll. ken is a white mans name

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I didnt upgrade yet

Me either. I won't either. That shit is annoying the piss out of me.

incase you arent aware, you can delete the windows update that spams you with notifications about the updates :) I did it as soon as I found out how and it hasn't bugged me since.

im also dual booting windows 10, and its not so bad!

edit: just saw that it has already been posted :) I really should read a little further before replying to things lol

how are you dual bootion windows 10? microsoft completely changed the bootloader for 10 and i was under the impression that they got rid of the ability to dual boot

Im running two different drives as they are both small and I only go onto 10 to update it basically. I haven't tried it myself on a single drive, but I would still think its possible...

PSN: Rcp_soundz

Good rule of thump is go by what fuse size is being used in these amps. The higher the more amperage it pulls, this is what I look at.

I'll stick a 300 amp fuse in a potato and sell it to you for $2k.

1991 Mazda 323VERY small build thread here: http://www.stevemead...23-small-build/

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