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Really? What about the X's? I pre-ordered my X back in April, EMF said estimated release was yesterday July 9th, which was pushed back from the end of June sometime. Anyone have any updates? All I see on Sundowns FB page is stuff about a moving sale and new warehouse space...


Never mind, I found what I needed to know.

Sundown Audio The 10/12/15 will be in Charlotte today; which is the closest customs facility to us. They should arrive to us soon if all goes well.
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DAfuq did i just watch?

a lot of really useful info on the subs that gets me even more stoked for them.

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When he write this.. yesterday or today? Post a link to it.

My bad, was posted yesterday. I don't have a FB and I don't know how to link to a comment, but here is a screenshot.


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So I should see my sub by October........ this is getting a little old. Why cant some at Sundown give a firm date. I feel bad for the people getting the Z's. You may see them by xmas.

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