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Update: 2002 Yukon - 24" Oasis Wheels, Bumpers, molding, emblems Plastidipped black!

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but damn 180k miles thats a ton

mmmm not really. Anything under 250,000 is still a decent vehicle these days, depending on the brand i guess. Like i said above ^^^ it don't even get a spark plug change till 100,000 miles so 180 isn't shit. Its not LOW mileage but it's not too bad either, especially for a 17 yr old kid :D The motor is so clean you can eat off it, and sounds, runs strong. I am happy. If it blows, i will put MY 5.3 in it and get me a 6.0 for my hoe. See, i am prepared. hhaha

hah gonna step up to the LQ9 or 8.1. That would be a tad overkill to get the 496 though but it sounds cool in theory.

5.3s are no joke though. My avalanches 5.3 is still running strong with 185k. All you gotta really start worrying about is the rear main seal going out around that mileage but it's probably got a long life left

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09 Challenger R/T (Audio system under construction):

  • Pioneer AVH-X4500BT (PAC RP4CH11 harness)
  • (2) Sundown Audio SA-8v2 (inverted)
  • CT Sounds AT1400.1D
  • XS Power D3400
  • 40 sq ft. Audiotechnix deadener
  • 1/0 Audiotechnix wiring
  • stock Boston Acoustic 7 speaker amplified system (for now)
  • Sealed trunk enclosure

Build log:




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Very nice ride. You did a great job on it.
This is a good gift for your son, but nothing expensive or too fancy. He doesn't have to drive a bad beater for his first car.

How does he enjoy driving it ?

How do you feel to see him driving it ? You must be proud ;););)

Mazda CX-5

Pioneer AVH 5600 BT / SSA Evil 1 tweeters / SEAS Prestiige ER18 mids / mini dsp 2 x 4 / FI BTL N2 15" in 4ft3 @ 32 Hz / Incriminator Audio 20.1 and 3.4 / Zapco ST-2X / all 0 Ga OFC Knuconceptz wiring, rca's & accessories /  Optima group 34 under hood and Optima  Group 31 in the rear . SecondSkin Damplifier and Luxury Liner Pro on front doors, and cargo area.

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man i remember my first car. 1988 ford tempo for $950 no rust and 45,000 miles. i was ecstatic i could probably relate to your son Steve. anyways... Nice Truck and hope he has fun in it!

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Fucking badass. I love blacked-out rides. I own a all blacked-out honda civic, looks nice

see what I just did there? I quoted you without the 18 other pictures, please don't quote 18 pictures at once. It's kinda annoying.

'93 Firebird Formula V8

H/U- Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X395

Mids/Highs Amp- Hifonics ZXI80.4

Wiring-KNU RCA's, Speaker Wire, And Two Runs Of Trystar 1/0

G34 Red Top and a 180amp Ford Alternator


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So it's been over 100f outside for about 2 weeks straight and my sons 1990 Accord, the learner car, doesn't have AC. I had some money saved up because i knew i was going to help him get something better. And then i drove past a lot and saw this out front. I paid $6500 plus tax/lic/reg and im out the door like $7900. It has 180k miles on it. Interior is pretty damn good, 5.3 vortec engine runs like a champ, engine bay super clean, new brakes, timing belt, water pump, fuel pump/filter and the AC is so frosty, you get icicles on your chin. Anyway, it is bigger and safer then the 90 Accord so i jumped on it. Also, the fact i know almost everything about the car, having owned an 01 for the last 12 years, it is a good vehicle to get. I mean, it sucks i paid $33,000 for my Tahoe, and this car was THIS CHEAP, but what can you do :D Anyway, the hammy-downs when you are my son, and have a car like this, are pretty damn good...we will start with a deck and a set of Oasis 24's.

Anyway, he is a GOOD kid, gets A's and B's, and really stays out of trouble (so far). He deserves it, and it was amazing to hand him the keys. :)

anyway, here is some pics so far! Yes, i am going to remove the molding and make it look cleaner then it already is, and i see all the fender well, no need to tell me.....but it has been litterally ONE day, so bear with us. It is NOT going to be a show car. It is going to be a daily smasher. We will make it look legit though.


he is a great driver...i totally trust him. I taught him how to drive in my Lexus though so he has experience :D


Dammit, i got 3 more years before i can drive. :( hahaha i remember feeling that way too @ his age :D


I even checked out the third row...not bad. This thing seats a LOT of people. Prob gonna put a little bit of beat in it though.


Interior is pretty clean for an older ride IMO


Time to take that ugly stock deck out and drop in the Sony bluetooth single din.








hmmmmm, got some Oasis Gothic 24's just laying around for about 6 years. I don't like all the chrome on them. Don't get it wrong, i got these from Chicken back in '04 and he paid $10,000 for them in '02 when he bought them. Oasis is an expensive brand, especially for a 1 piece LOL - but they are old and played out...i know this. Time to make them look better for about $20.00



Yessir, Plasti-dip to the rescue (video coming soon)


Still wet and glossy - but it drys into a satin look, which i LOVE.



Gotta love owning my own lift :D



sick ride buddy enjoy it and keep up the great school work. your dad steve is one great dad and keep mom happy also god bless...

Keep calm and carry on

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