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got two 15xlm1, worth to recones for better power handling?

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Right now im running 2 15xlm1 and mojo 4kw at .5ohm. I believe the 15xlm1 is 1,500rms? The amp is overpowering the subs a bit, wondering if its worth to recones them to m2? They do get loud but would it be noticeable louder if I get them reconed?

'91 Honda crx - TOTALLED

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2 d3100

Mojo [email protected]

2 15's DC XLm1 in 7.2cubes, 2 6" aeroports tuned to 32hz

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I say dont recone unless you have to, wait for them to blow then recone

2012 Silverado ext cab

Kenwood DDX470

XS D3400 (starter)

XS D375 (under passenger seat)

XS d3100

Mechman 240

Big three


All SHCA wire

80 sq feet of Damplifier

6.5 Crescendo CZ's (front doors) (needed)

5..25 Crescendo CZ's (back door) (needed)

Crescendo 125.4 (needed)

Sundown Zv4 12

Skar 4500 (2ohm)

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soft parts are near identical, extra power handling is in the motor cooling.

In the right box, an m1 can take 2500-3kw each all day, any more than that and you should look to lv5's.

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your box does seem a tad big if that's your net after displacement in your sig. If that is truely net after displacement, try to add some bracing to take up space and see what she does.


Currently Own
4 - 18" lvl 6s (m3) w/full Carbon Fiber option

2 - DC 5k

lvl 4 motor

lvl 2 motor

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