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Meade..looks like your the highlight of car domain

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Note:  Taking a demo ride in Steve's rig now requires the wearing of eye protection  :D

Towards the bottom right hand corner


following the front page link


Yeah, we all know this is an oldie but goodie..but it finally got public..lol

2k6 Dodge Ram 2500...CUMMINS POWERED - SOLD

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HOLY SHIT i didnt know that was there!!  I thought you were talking about the pic of me on the top left corner thats been there for over a year (it rotates so sometimes its me sometimes its someone else)

did you guys read the comments?  The one comment says "too bad its RF and not JL"..ahhhahh oh well what can you do.  I was thinking the exact opposite but we all got the brands we love/hate i guess.

good find bro i wonder how long it will stay up for!

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ha ha ha... thought you'd laugh your arse off about that.  :D

2k6 Dodge Ram 2500...CUMMINS POWERED - SOLD

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HA  :^

Im not really a Rockford fan anymore, although I do miss my 2 12" Punch Power DVC's (I could almost put my fist in the voicecoil vent)... Those where my first real subs, then I got on that hcca kick. :D

But sh!t man, id take RF over JL anyday........... Everytime I see jl I think of crap... Its overrated and over used... Every shop trys to sell you it...

Or some Bosten Acoustic sub that looks like a frickin 6x9 that is the loudest sub around right now, and it would take out my dd9512, and I got no reason to argue with this shop because they tell me they got all these trophies from "events", but what they dont tell you is all their "events" are hosted by themselfs....... and the funny part about it is, they never heard of digital designs or spl dynamics........ How can you be a competitor and not heard of these major brands........... I can see not knowing spl because it is from finlind, but still anyone into audio should of at least heard of it....

So if you live in wisconsin stay AWAY from Extreme Audio, the only thing extreme about them is their prices and their BS they hand you...

Ok vent over......... :-* :-*



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hey im in milwaukee which extreme audio you talkin bout? (so i know 2 keep my distance)

4 15" FI Q D2's in 12 cubes tuned to 32hz

1- T1000.1bd's

3 Maxx 29 deep cycles

4 runs of 1/0 gauge

-Big 3

-Trunk sealed off from the cabin

Custom 15.8 dual-volt switching MLA module

All in a CAR.

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