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Smart idea testing it with a temporary tattoo.

That's what I thought too. Didn't want to get a real one and not like it

not smart being that small. theres a lot of detail in that even with a single needle it will be hard to do. And most shops wont do single needle.

If i stay with this location I might go a little wider with slightly thinner lines around the boarder to give more room for the lion

The spot you have it in seems good. It will probably look less like a brand and more like a tattoo when you get it needled in by an artist.

I definitely think it will look better when done by an artist.

I've got something similar on my calf. It's nice because when I want to show it I can easily with shorts, but when it needs to be covered I just wear pants.

Just an idea for thought

Not a bad idea, never really thought about doing it on my calf

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I would consider going a little bigger as well. It isn't rather or not an artist can do the tiny detail, rather it can be appreciated. I did mine on the back of my calf muscle.

That looks nice, I love crest tattoos. I might order few larger ones to see how it would look on my calf. They are only about $3 each lol

Don't attempt to tattoo yourself like I did. Youll end up with crap

I would never try to do one my self, I have very little artistic ability if any at all lol

That tattoo would look better if it was larger OP just because the artist would really be able to get in and make the fine details shine. A good artist could make that one look bad ass but a larger one would be even better :)

I'll definitely try ordering larger ones, just nervous about the location especially being larger. But I feel like the world is getting more lax about tattoos so idk. Looking at it on my arm I think I could do bigger

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Another reason why it would be a good idea to go bigger is that it'll be easier for the artist to differentiate between the lines in the centerpiece and not accidentally blur them together. However if you go to a really good artist that would be less likely to happen.

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Just a fair warning about the calf...of all of the tats I have, prob the worse one so far haha

I'm not sure if it was that or she was a hard presser..

i havent got the calf yet but i have both my hands done and the fingers are the absolute worse. I was literally shaking and breathing extremely hard. I ALMOST tapped out and said fuck this half the way through

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^^^ hahahahah :rofl:

Yea man, I watched the wife do the same with her feet and toes area. I won't go any further down that 3/4 sleeve. Inside my arm, that spot on your back near the pit and all didn't hurt as bad as my calf. I didn't figure it to hurt that much! lol

EDIT: That flag in the pic didn't even hurt that bad and that was one 7 hour sitting lol



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I don't remember where I saw it but I saw someone post a pain chart with the human body for tattoo placement. Was interesting.

But after today. Wore the temporary one to work and running errands and I love the placement and I talked to a guy I know that said he(been doing tats for 23 years now) could work with me with exactly what I want. So I'm excited and hopefully will have a nice piece of ink soon

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I've seen that chart, I would love to get one underneath my arm near my armpit but I'm sensitive there when I just touch it let alone getting ink. My dad said the one on the back of his neck by the spine hurt bad but it's yellow on the chart?

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Where did you get the temps? Its an awesome idea

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