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Kids these days have no clue about PG. Route 66, Frank amp 'n Stein, and the MS series that would drive a quarter ohm. Today it's the same re-badged Chinese junk with a different logo on it. Buy with a warranty from a legit dealer and you'll be happy enough for the money, but let's not start pretending it's anything good or special.

Actually, they are still good for a mainstream brand. I admit they are NOTHING like they used to be, they are much much better than that "Chinese crap". BTW the amps are from Korea.

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Greetings from Germany,

first I thank Steve and BigDWiz  for the fine videos. Love old skool gear!!!

And now I show you how to form the caps and guts of the MS-2125 2-channel Amp that was played last time over 10 years ago. So conditioning of the caps is needed to turn it on. Some germans do not use resistors...

So here you see the famous Frank-Amp 'N-Stein. Only 100 of these legendary amps were even made — and they actually contained two separate amps, pairing an MQ-430 4-channel amp with an MS-2125 2-channel model.

Running with 12" in front of it - like to play it slo_w


Ahh 018! Those are mili Amps;) A very low current is needed to form the selected Caps inside the Frank. So you fill the Amp soft. This takes hours. I stopped and 4.5 V and charged my camera LiPo to give the parts time to condition and the caps like that too. The term forming the cap is used for high end tube amps, so why not use it for audiophile car amps;)

Now the surprise. At 7.9 V the amp was on after over 10 years of sleep. So I lowered the voltage to see were it will turn of. At about 7.5 V the Amp turns off!!!

That is why the was called Frank-Amp 'N-Stein? It runs deep into the Voltage drop and delivers... Audiophile car amp history!

Note: No playing at this stage. Rise the Voltage slowly to wake up the Frank-Amp 'N-Stein in your Amp...

Like BigDwiz wrote:  24ct gold plated 2 sided circuit board, solid copper (along with 24ct gold plating) buss bars, etc. No built in crossover, just pure, raw, clean power. Trust me, this amp sounds as good as it looks! 

No need to built in crossovers if you have those:



MQ-430 4-channel amp and the "chinesium" PG 300 W 4-channel amp I run to chill the Frank Amp 'N Stein - you can hear differences - 4 years ago I compared the new against the old school with a double coil 2 Ohm JL audio woofer the "chinesium" PG 300 W 4-channel amp had no chance! So I wired to 4 Ohm and for Bass it is fine for me...

Greetings from Germany,



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I remember driving by their headquarter in Oregon (that place is huge).  The best part was working at Cartronics as an installer back in the days and having the rep stop by on a regular basis, got to see alot of cool stuff and some cool demo vehicle from back in the day. Especially the Kicker station wagon (talk about sound and build quality)

Pushing it to the limits. Want more power. 

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