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  1. Here's a cool project of making a car audio boombox coffin. I used old school car audio equipment including Rockford Fosgate source units and a Power 300 amplifier from 1988. Check it out!
  2. The PR7000 was Jim Fosgate's first car audio amplifier, introduced at the Summer 1973 CES in Chicago, Illinois. This unit was ahead of it's time with RCA inputs, bass and treble boosts and more. Originally priced at $300 USD ($1850 in 2021), this amplifier was truly ahead of it's time. The built-in equalization circuitry would carry forward for decades inside future Fosgate and later Rockford Fosgate amplifiers. Thank you, Jim for your contributions to car audio!
  3. For the O-50W Class in the Old School SPL challenge https://youtu.be/oYtz-VJ7rJ0
  4. Down4Sound's latest amp, the monoblock JP8 has arrived! This amp is finished in amazing medium blue anodized aluminum with a clear acrylic bottom panel. Amp is rated at 14.4V to deliver: 490W at 4 ohms 650W at 2 ohms 850W at 1 ohm Also said to be stable at 0.5. We'll find out in a future video. Watch via YouTube in 4K UHD video quality or embedded below:
  5. Today we are looking at the Cosmos Audio EP-2000.5, the five channel amp. It is rated to deliver: 125x4 plus 650x1 at 4 ohms 180x4 plus 1000x1 at 2 ohms 1500W at 1 ohm (sub channel only) Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD video quality, or embedded below: https://youtu.be/ZI53dKUVeXc
  6. Sup people, today I'm going to take a closer look at the $219 D'Amore Engineering E400.4 amplifier. This is the same company that makes amps costing $8000 and more. The E series are the budget amps and the E400.4 I'm testing is only $219. Rated to deliver: 60x4 at 4 ohms 100x4 at 2 ohms 200x2 at 4 ohms bridged Let's take a closer look, borrow some clips from brother Steve Meade (with permission!) and find out more about this new budget line of amps from D'Amore Engineering. Watch on YouTube in 4K HD Quality or embedded below:
  7. Got this amp in last week and already busted out 2 videos. Let's see how it performs..
  8. Today we take a closer look at a really interesting SQ amplifier available from China suppliers. My amp was purchased from a broker via Facebook, looks simply stunning....but how does it perform? Let's find out! Rated: 150x4 at 4 ohms (another clone rated 100x4) 280x4 at 2 ohms (clone says 130x4) Note: This is NOT the same amp as the upcoming Stereo Integrity SIQ-75.4, although it looks a lot like it.
  9. 2005 was the year of the underrated amps for Rockford Fosgate...but this one takes the cake for being the most underrated (percentage wise) of any RF amp I've ever tested... Power T3002, rated to deliver: 50 x 2 at 4 ohms 100 x 2 at 2 ohms 150 x 2 at 1 ohm 200 x 1 bridged at 4 ohms 300 x 1 bridged at 2 ohms Let's find out what it REALLY does. It's just insane.... Watch video on YouTube in 4K HD quality or embedded below:
  10. Hello BigDWiz,

    Thank you for all the amp dyno tests and videos. It has been very educational and helpful to me while doing research. They are also entertaining, "Ya big dummy" that cracks me up every time. I am running 2 JL audio 12w6v3 that I've had for 2 years now on several different amps, from Pioneer GM-D9601 to 2 JL Audio HD 750's. I am waiting on a delivery of a Rockville Rxd-m5. I am curious to see how that sounds.  I also want to ask, "Sounds digital processors and digital active crossovers, do they create more bass without distortion? I know a little bit about them and how to use them. Other than using the sweep and width knobs, I see that they have volume knob. I am not sure if this is similar to bass boost/ distortion or not. The other benefit I see with using them is the output voltage is higher than my head units output voltage but I don't know if that would create more bass or sound " any information would be greatly appreciated. 

    Y'all have a great week,

    Stewart Kolsch 

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  11. still not sure why my amp is getting so toasty. is my amp defective? other than the heating up it works fine it hasn't cut out or went into protection mode.
    it still does it even when nothing is playing and i have no idea why. theres nothing weird or abnormal with my wiring setup. it does it even with nothing attached except the power wires and remote wire to turn it on.

  12. How do I go about sending you an amp to dyno.

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