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  1. Today we are trying out the 2001 Sony Xplod Mobile ES XM-6001GXD on the Amp Dyno. Yes, Sony, you could've made that model number a bit longer! This amp has the infamous "1000W" screened on the amp itself. Is this a MAX number, or does it truly do 1000 watts? Gotta watch the video to find out.. Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  2. The Alpine PDX amplifiers have been around for many years and models such as the monoblock PDX-M12 were introduced at the 2010 CES. Almost considered "old school" by some people's definition! Today we'll take a closer look at the PDX-M12 and try it out on the Amp Dyno. Can this amp, which is smaller in footprint than a sheet of notebook paper, put out the rated 1200 watts at 4 ohms? Gotta watch to find out... Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  3. Ok, so some big dummy wired the Stetsom amp incorrectly for the first video, so I decided to make a follow-up one showing it wired correctly for the Dyno test. Let's see if it can do rated wired correctly... Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  4. Dat 8/0 is skraight up water hose!! Jealous of the power supply, but I gots to build up my baller status before I can afford that power bill. Enjoy
  5. One of the first commenters just noticed I had the wires hooked up incorrectly for the bridging portion on the Amp Dyno. EPIC big dummy move! I'll retest and post short vid of bridged tests...
  6. Today we take a look at another Brazilian amp, the Stetsom IR400.4. This handheld 12V car audio amplifier promises 100 watts x 4 at 2 ohms or 200x2 at 4 ohms. Quite a claim from such a small amplifier! We'll take a closer look, test on the Dyno, look inside to see how it works and also try it with speakers. Let's go watch! Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD
  7. If you don't know by now, I LOVE VU meters! This V2000T from Visonik is a visually appealing amp in my eyes. From the red anodized finish, to the polished aluminum handles down to the dual VU meters in the middle of the amp...it's just beautiful! This amp was made in 2001 as a 2002 model and the brand was well known as a usual at the local "flea market" electronics section. Well, thanks to Brad at LegendsOfCarAudio.com, we have a chance to try this amp out to see how it performs. Let's fire it up! Watch on YouTube in full 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  8. I think I remember an article where Garry said he upgraded to the 20 or 25kW version and it was like $40,000? Insane! Don't quote me on that price, I can't recall for sure. This power supply is sweet, will turn that power meter like Clark W Griswold's 20,000 imported lights though
  9. BigDWiz

    Orion HCCA 3000.1DSPLX Oh My!

    Tony made the dynamic mode for a reason. People who know a LOT less about amplifiers complain about the mode. As I stated in the video, the 0.5 dynamic test shouldn't be used as a reference for what you would expect in a car with speakers wired at 0.5. However, it does show the amp has the ability to deliver massive power at low impedance during burps or musical peaks
  10. BigDWiz

    Orion HCCA 3000.1DSPLX Oh My!

    Orion explains this amp has a "progressive" power supply and can obviously consume quite a bit of current and put out gobs of power during burps
  11. BigDWiz

    Orion HCCA 3000.1DSPLX Oh My!

    Here is the results video for the Orion giveaway. Words cannot describe, so you just gotta watch... Watch on YouTube in full 4K UHD or embedded below:
  12. Oh boy, you've patiently waited and wondered about this one...let's see how the CAB 2000.1 performs. Sorry, this video is nearly 18 minutes in length, use the links in the YouTube video description to access the part of the video you are interested in, but you are of course encouraged to watch the entire video as there are details of the giveaway you might miss. I test on CAB 2k at 4 ohms down to 1 ohm, then test amps bridged as one at 2 ohms. I also use the AMM-1 to find out how much true power the amp is making to a reactive load (my subwoofer) using both music and test tones. This video took many hours of shooting and editing to produce, hope you enjoy it! Jump to video segments below: 0:27 Introduction to my channel 0:44 Unboxing the CAB 2000.1 1:10 CAB 1600.1 1:29 Price / specs of the CAB 2000.1 1:58 Remote Bass Knob 2:12 Amp inputs/outputs/connections/adjustments 3:27 4 ohm Amp Dyno Test - Certified 3:48 2 ohm Amp Dyno Test - Certified 4:11 1 ohm Amp Dyno Tests - Certified, Uncertified and Dynamic 5:23 SMD AMM-1 Tests with Subwoofer 6:52 Amplifier Internals 8:04 New 12V Talk Podcast 8:21 Linking the CAB 2000.1's (2 CAB 2000.1's as one) 8:40 How to Strap these Amps 10:18 2 ohm (strapped) Amp Dyno Tests - Certified, Uncertified & Dynamic 13:19 Results 14:03 My thoughts on the CAB 2000.1 14:29 How to Win this Amp! 14:48 Extras - Gotta watch Note: Please don't post screenshots of the results. The only "payback" I get for making these videos is Adsense from the views. Full disclosure: Amp(s) were purchased by me for the purpose of making this video review. Review was not approved/paid for/influenced by Car Audio Bargain. Watch on YouTube in full 4K UHD or embedded below:
  13. Final chapter of the Korean 3000-3500 watt amps. Let's talk about each one and compare the results of all. Stick around for details of the giveaway of the Orion HCCA3000.1DSPLX.
  14. So the remote bass knob only lets you reach the gain level set on the amp. This should not make a difference, other than clip quicker
  15. I see they have a "6000 watt" version as well. Looks like it's 1000W RMS and $99. Would be a good shootout with the Boss AR4000D