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  1. I wouldn't say garbage, I've been hammering on it for the past 2 weeks and it's done well. Just wish they would've rated it 600/1000/1500 then it would be an easy recommendation
  2. My friend HiFiVega let me in on this DS18 amp on eBay that was being sold by Sky High Car Audio as a refurb. It was $119 one day, then dropped to $99 the next...shipped! I was confused as all get out with the ratings and what the amp was actually supposed to do. There's a big "7000 watts" number on the amp itself and the specs online said 750/1500/2000 RMS at 4/2/1 ohm...so for $99 I thought it would be a no-brainer. Not to mention you guys would be able to see it tested. Well, I bought it and put it through the paces, let's see how it did. Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  3. still not sure why my amp is getting so toasty. is my amp defective? other than the heating up it works fine it hasn't cut out or went into protection mode.
    it still does it even when nothing is playing and i have no idea why. theres nothing weird or abnormal with my wiring setup. it does it even with nothing attached except the power wires and remote wire to turn it on.

  4. When browsing Walmart's car stereo section recently online, I came across this $10 Blaupunkt head unit and thought it would be interesting to get one to see how bad it is. It just seems too good to be true...includes Bluetooth, USB, aux inputs, RCA outputs and more! You may have seen me test other Blaupunkt products recently (monoblock amp and 12" subwoofer). I had very low expectations for this unit, but how did it perform? Watch and find out! I'm not sure how long it will be $10, so get it while you can. Perfect for a beater vehicle, garage stereo or even in a bluetooth boombox build. As I mention in the video, you can't even get a BT adapter for $10!
  5. Now, being this is a $63 amp on Amazon, it sure seems like a real deal! However, those who look closer at the specs see the amp has (2) 20A fuses. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out there's NO WAY you'll get 1000 plus watts with 40A of total fusing. That said, how much does this amp put out? Well, you know we are going to find out, right? Make sure you watch the entire video as I include the 1 ohm and 0.5 ohm tests at the end. Special hint....BigD ALWAYS includes some extra footage after the credits!
  6. I've seen the Blaupunkt GBW120 12" subwoofer on WalMart.com for a while now and the $19.99 price tag just seemed crazy to me. Buy 2 and shipping is even free! This sub has decent specs and 400 watt RMS power handling and 800 watts peak. I decided it would be really cool to mount it inside the acrylic Gately Audio subwoofer box and do some demos, then see how much power it would handle before it blows up. How much do you think it will take? Fun video, please share if you like it https://youtu.be/-LFJq6Gw7C4
  7. Brother Gately said the box is built to handle virtually any 12" at any power....wonder if he saw that Massive Audio 6000W RMS sub I reviewed a while back?? LOL
  8. Let's check out this INCREDIBLE subwoofer/box combo recently sent to me. The box itself was created out of 3/4" acrylic, which is insanely expensive. You have most likely seen Gately Audio boxes shown off recently by Steve Meade. Gately makes custom boxes and has some "custom prefab" boxes available for sale on Sky High Car Audio and other places. The Lord of Bass offers speaker parts and is also planning on offering kits so you can build your own sub (just like this one if you want). McHammer Hammer (Will) does custom fabrication and the 3 of these guys got together and made me the most awesome subwoofer I've ever seen...check it out!
  9. Time to test another Taramps! This time the "dealer exclusive" Bass 3K, unlike most Brazilian amps is designed exclusively for subwoofers. We will take a closer look at this amp, test it on the Amplifier Dyno and also compare it to the HD3000 to understand the differences. See other Brazilian amps I've tested: https://goo.gl/u3HyP4
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