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  1. Today we look at the largest AudioControl bass amplifier, the LC-1.1500. This amp is rated to deliver 850 watts at 4 ohms and 1500 watts at 2 ohms. Let's find out if it does rated power and try it out with a subwoofer... Note: amplifier was sent to me by AudioControl to test, however I was free to give my own opinions of the amp. This was not a sponsored video.
  2. How do I go about sending you an amp to dyno.

  3. AudioControl has been around for over 40 years and has been making interesting car audio components since the late 80's. Epicenter, EQT, EQX, ESP-2, 2XS are just a few of the very popular signal processors they've made over the years. Not as well known are their amplifiers. Starting around 1990, they began integrating amplifiers into their signal processors and calling them "powered signal processors". The System 90 Model 11 was the first of this design, basically an ESP-2 processor and center channel amplifier in one. Today we look at their most powerful amplifier offering of the 90's, the System 90 Model 25.
  4. I was contacted by Massive Audio a couple of months ago to check out their new subwoofer line, the "BOA" subs. These are 6000 watt RMS subs available in 12 and 15" diameters. These subs have 4" voice coils and massive motor structures. In this video, I take a closer look at the BOA121, the 12" strontium magnet version. Note: This is NOT a sponsored video! Massive Audio sent me the subwoofer free of charge knowing I would provide my honest opinion and feedback of the speaker. I accepted as it would be helpful in future videos testing large amplifiers with a subwoofer capable of handing the tremendous power of some amps I test.
  5. The people want to know! I've had a TON of requests to show the 1993 Phoenix Gold MPS-2500 on the Amp Dyno. This is a big, beautiful "100 watt" cheater amp from back in the day. It is rated only 50x2 at 4 ohms, but as much as 505 watts at 2 ohms mono. Let's take a closer look at this gold plated beauty of a circuit board and test it and see how much power it really puts out! 90’s Phoenix Gold Amp Video Playlist -
  6. Today we take a closer look at the PRV Audio A1BASS PRO amplifier. It appears PRV understands the US Market and the way bass amplifiers are used. Unlike the Brazilian market, US customers demand amplifiers designed to play low bass notes. The tiny Brazilian amps were designed for 60Hz and up in most cases and although they can play the low notes, they get hot and can tend to fail when driven hard. This A1BASS PRO is a class Korean design, manufactured in China. Check out the video and you'll see the amp this one shares internals with. Many of you will be happy to see!
  7. I came across a good deal on a "B-Stock" JL Audio RD1000/1 and decided to pick it up so I could test one of the RD series amps. I've never been disappointed with any JL amp I've tested and was curious to see how this line performed. As usual, no surprises here, great and see!
  8. Let's take a closer look at this budget, four-channel, marine amp from Power Acoustik. Based on the price and the ratings, it appears to be a real deal! Can you always trust the ratings provided by a company? You'll have to watch to find out...
  9. I recently got a mystery box in from my buddy Brad at Legends of Car Audio, so I thought you guys would like to see what's inside? Please let me know if you like these mid-week surprise videos. They will have less editing and I may not always Dyno test an amp, just show off stuff I come across. Thumbs up if you want more! Watch on YouTube in UHD or embedded below:
  10. Let's take a closer look at this Taramps DS440x4. This palm sized amp promises to deliver 440 watts total at 2 ohms stereo or 4 ohms bridged. We'll unbox the amp, show the connections, test on the Dyno, then play with some speakers (showing REAL power using SMD AMM-1). Check it out! Watch on YouTube in Ultra HD! or embedded below:
  11. BigDWiz

    Crossfire C7 3k Amp Dyno Test

    Yeah Boi! Crossfire uses S&I design and is build more like a 5kW amp (and should do 5kW certified if provided 14.4). Strong like bull. I need to calculate the 4 ohm efficiency as the Nendo and DC were in the low 90's (94% IIRC)
  12. BigDWiz

    Crossfire C7 3k Amp Dyno Test

    A while back, I tested several 3000-3500 watt Korean amps in a shootout. Since then I'm continually reminded of the amps I "forgot" to include. Heck, I tested what I could get my hands on at the time! Recently, Ethan P. from contacted me about trying out a Crossfire C7 3k amp. He said I would be impressed. Was he right or wrong? Let's watch and find out! Watch on YouTube or embedded below:
  13. Those on a budget and needing extra power for a car audio system are in luck these days. You can get a lot of power for the dollar these days and since the budget amps are so popular, we decided to try the new Ignite R3000/1D vs the established Boss Audio Armor Series AR4000D in the popular "Amp Dyno Drag Race" format. Let's take a closer look at these amps and then strap them up to the Amp Dyno for a side by side battle! Watch on YouTube in Ultra HD! or embedded below: