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  1. busy as can be with life, kids, divorce, and competing in the lanes. never really learned how to post pics here...so i suck. always pop in every now and then...seeing that I'm paying for the membership. hope all is well out there folks!  -J

  2. Wishing everyone a safe and happy new year! may you all be prosperous, wise, and loud!!

  3. I've used other brands in the past...then tried second skin...sold for life! Second Skin for the Win!!
  4. I look forward to many great things from your company Nick!
  5. Thanks audiofanaticz! I've never really seen the butyl rope before...I wasn't aware of it being two sided! I'll check in to the products you listed above. Back to my question, when gluing liner, would it be best to glue liner to door panel, or liner to door?
  6. Thanks Leo, I know. My question was adhesive on the door and liner, or on the door panel and liner. I really like the idea of industrial Velcro.. Not permanent, but very secure.
  7. Morning fellow headz! I would like to know what is the best method to apply damplifier pro to my doors. 1) Apply adhesive to the door it self and damplifier, then seal together or.. 2) Apply adhesive to door panel and damplifier, then seal together. #1 sounds like it would make a more sound contact, but if I have to get a new window, or re-do my tint, I'd have to tear it out. #2 sounds more practical, but I'm curious if it will affect my custom door panels further down the road. ??? Second, has anyone used butyl rope to help seal their door jams, trunk seal, hood seal? Is this a good idea, or...????
  8. a friend of mine has one...they don't list the specs on the site. he thinks 16 to 17 inches... not really a solid answer, hope this helps. im sure someone will give an exact depth!
  9. bigger peak=smaller bandwidth, and a smaller ratio will be much more flat with larger bandwidth, and less peak. I think?....
  10. I'm pretty sure their is a big difference in a 1:1 ratio to a 3:1 ratio. Bandwidth and peak are the first things that come to mind...but I'll have to agree with MrSkippyJ...they're are WAY more seasoned peeps on here that can answer better than I.
  11. I'm pretty sure Afficionado was kidding. saz3500 should be more than enough for a pair of x-15s. Get the gains matched to the head unit, and you should be much better!!
  12. could you please add a hydraulic crimper to my location...and drop the 420 on my name. thanks!!
  13. displacement=total volume behind the screw holes.(.2) ..take that AWAY for reverse loading...right?
  14. not to beat a dead horse...but I have a d3400 under the hood, and a d3400 in the back as reserve. I now know that the xp series is more ideal for a reserve batt. but the d series isn't bad right? In the future when I upgrade, just like everyone else eventually...would I be okay adding xp series to the reserve along with my d3400, or should I try to sell the d3400, and just go with all xp series for the bank?
  15. I'd say 40%, just for debate. Sounds like a roaring exhaust. But Miguels knows his shit...so 25 for now, and see how it works!
  16. you're in chi town...i'm sure someone around you has an X or two to listen to. I absolutely love my X10s, but I've never heard SAs either. obviously, two SA15s would give more cone area=more efficiency. i'd look around and try to find someone who has an X series and take a listen for yourself!
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