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Question of the day: What was the first subwoofer that you heard that made you fall in love with BASS?

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Four Alpine 6012 (made by Gauss with 4 inch coils) 12" subs in the back of my '89 Honda Civic.

All sealed at 1.4 cubes per driver for a QTC of .505 each. Sounded amazing.

Alpine tech support told me on the phone that a smaller box (.8 cubes per driver) would yield a QTC of .707 and I'd be "boomin down the street like a minitruck" and was unacceptable!

Soundstream TC 303 tape deck

Sony CDX A-20 ten disc changer with remote in headliner

Alpine 3321 11-band graphic eq

Soundstream active crossover 24 dB slope on low pass, 6 dB slope on high pass

Monolithic PA 5000, 500 watt (250 per channel at 4 ohms, 1 ohm stable) with two subs parallel on each channel

ADS PH15 300 watt (50 per channel) six channel on mids, highs, and woofers under passenger's feet

4 Alpine 6012 12 inch subs

2 ADS S7 7 inch woofers under passenger feet

4 Boston Acoustics 5 1/4 mids

4 Boston Acoustics 1 inch soft dome

142.2 dB A-weighted

Installed by Soundsations. Newhall, CA.

2nd place in 501-1000 watt amateur class at Devonshire Downs IASCA competition 1990,

Got beat out of first place by an Al and Ed's install with 12" Bazooka bass tubes and access to an RTA

My favorite cds to show it off were Bachbusters and Rush Moving Pictures....oh and the Alpine test CD... "Planet Krypton"!!!!!!!

OK I'm done.

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I always liked bass,had 2 kicker 12 when I was 20,last year a guy pulled up to the body shop I painted for and told me he split the roof of his astro van,he had 4 fi btl 18's walled behind the front seats and gave me a demo,holy shit lol,I'm fully addicted now,don't have all of what y'all have yet,but I love building, installing, and trying to get louder.

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The 2 systems that I will never get out of my head. Ive searched for that experience ever since.

1st was a shop Astro van for a local shop. Shop was really have in high end home audio and brought car audio in for a couple of years. They used all Infinity Beta except the tweeters which were the Infinity kappa ribbon tweeters.

4 Beta 12's, 6 Beta 6's (3 in each front door in pods), Beta 4s in the dash, and Infinity Ribbons in the A pillar, All US Amps with I think was a Denon head unit. That thing was loud and crisp. My cousin and I sat in the front seats and both our jaws dropped. He played a bunch of music but once he put that Deathrow cd in, it was over.

2nd car was a Cadillac Deville a shop just finished. Car was like 92 body style. Installer took me out to the bay to listen to it because they were surprised by it. All I remember was a 4th order with 4 12 round solobarics ported through the rear deck. The one thing that I never forget is it sounded like music. It hit hard, but was musical not just bang. The other thing was it didn't have any rattles. They open and shut the doors a couple of times and it basically sounded like bass with door open and vault with the door closed.

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joined a car club back in the early 90's with my 64 bug. One guy Eric, had a grand am, dropped named grand slam. Had a wall of (8) 12 inch vegas, another was a samurai, called slamuraized, had 2 18 inch gold label kickers, pontiac bonneville with 4 crunch 15's and mustang sponsored by fosgate with 8 15's. I still hang with the guy and he is rebuilding abck to its old school glory. 12079614_10206426160666672_8704610572614



2000 Ford Ranger Sport Ext

Digital Designs DD915J

4.91 net birch box, inch port @ 33hz

FSD FZ2600

FSD FZ100.4

Pioneer DEH80PRS

PRV Audio 6MB200-4 6-1/2" Midbass Woofers

Tymphany BC25SC08-04 1" Silk Dome Neodymium Tweeters with Waveguide

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throughout the years my father owned some old 12" crunch woofers on an unknown cheap 1000w amp. he built a small blow through half walled in his s10 when he was a teenager and kept it until I was about 5. I still remember thinking how loud it was jamming to some master of puppets headed to gmas. good times..

over the years he got some Rockford woofers and an old 1500w power amp and put it in his z. that was loud but I think officially the Rockford soundlab did it for me. that's when I realized bass could hurt you and literally pull the breath out of your lungs. I wish I had a video of me when the bass dropped haha.

went from a 143ish (ear/memory meter) to a 160.

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