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  1. I think you will be pleased by the sound of a properly amplified front stage.
  2. Sound. Style. Bass.
  3. That is good news! I hope they slam dunk that loser.
  4. Replace your windows and inject Hilti foam in the gaps around the edges. I'm in the same boat with a poorly insulated house. My brother properly installed/replaced the windows and doors, did the Hilti foam treatment and now the house is much warmer. Blown-in insulation is also a good option. Good luck, I know how winters can suck...I live in Montana.
  5. Electrical upgrades are recommended. At least upgrade your big 3/4, but a new alt and more batteries never hurts if you plan on supplying steady voltage and current to a big ass amp that is pushing those monsters..
  6. My favorite part of this build is the fuzzy dice and the oddly shaped, improbable trailer hitch.
  7. I built a special wooden plate that has holes where you can put through mounting screws. The plate goes over the speaker and protects the surround and cone from inadvertant slippage. Once your done, you simply remove the wooden plate. Sorry about that surround. I think we've all done that once..
  8. Are you planning on installing coaxial speakers in the doors? Because they have a built in tweeter. Component sets include tweeters and a convenient xover, should you go that route (recommended over coaxials by me). If you install supertweeters as well, you will effectively have 6 tweeters shrieking away, doing weird things to the soundstage and generally making a whole lot of ear-pain-causing high end noise/sound. Suggestion; skip the supertweeters altogether, get a good set of components for the front stage, forget about the back for now. This will save you money for other stages. Go from there if 100 watts rms to a side isn't loud on a good set of well installed components.
  9. Have you considered going back to one 15". It sounded like that was working better for you and it would be your simplest, most cost effective solution. You will have to build a bigger box and port for two ported fifteens as was stated above. Maybe plan that for a future build. A shame to have to buy two more subs when you already have a pair. Good luck.
  10. Homemade pizza with Aidell's chicken sausage, fried garlic cloves, onions, tomatoes, spinach, parmesan, olive oil and manzanilla olives, mozzarella and pepperjack cheese. Tasty.
  11. Red gets my vote.
  12. I love VW's. One of my best builds was in a 1992 Wolfsberg Jetta, cherry red with 5 spoke magnesium rims. Such a fun car to drive. Welcome to the forum.
  13. I'm in the same boat. I just put new tires on my truck and a ball joint failed right away.
  14. Finally got my Ski-doo tuned up for speed. It needed new spark plugs, belt and a carb cleaning, but damn its fast now!