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  1. That's using your head. I bet he pissed himself when the guy with the pistol swung his way. Clear the room fella's! That's some mighty fine police work boys!
  2. Damn, that sucks. My recommendation, (I do fleet oil changes at work) is to start all over. New oil filter, new oil. Drain it dry again, then carefully replace the oil drain plug to proper torque spec. Install the new filter snugly, after cleaning the engine of oil and residue. Slowly add one quart at a time and have an assistant watch for leaks. If no leaks are immediately visible, leave it parked over a big slab of cardboard, and search for an origin point of the leak the next morning or every few hours. I suspect the filter seal may be faulty. Report back with results. Oh, and welcome to the forum.
  3. No Shave November 2017

    Challenge accepted. Hunting season face camouflage.
  4. Looking for new subs

    Budget? If you have some money to play with, go with Fi.
  5. I highly recommend running new wire with proper terminations. You owe it to yourself. Knukonceptz makes really nice speaker wire that is well priced. You don't necessarily need bigger wire than 16 gauge for components, but for subs, I recommend 12 gauge wire. Ordering two different lengths of gauges will save you money. You can simulate the length of your runs with string and duct tape to hold it in place to get an idea of how much wire you will need. It could be a fair amount, depending on the vehicle and distance from the amps to the speaker locations.
  6. I can't load pics, but I recently installed a BNIB Kenwood Excelon KDC-x579 HU in my hunting truck, a 2000 Chevy Silverado 4x4. It's old school, but looks good and sounds great. 24 bit DAC. I have it connected to two amps and an equalizer. I had one ten years ago, but it died. So it sorta brings back memories.
  7. Home audio suggestions needed

    I have a Harmon Kardon receiver, two 8" Crescendo PWX's and a Yamaha subwoofer that I scrounged from a 5.1 setup. Works well for my needs.
  8. What type of enclosure for boat

    A Bandpass box with truckbed liner applied to the outside would offer the most protection against spray and rain. There's probably space in a boat for the larger box that would require.
  9. I had that happen at Taco Del Mar yesterday. Never again.
  10. I bought a used Silverado truck with 200k miles on it to be a hunting rig. I put Royal Purple in it and that V8 purrs like a kitten. I can sneak up on people in parking lots. Synthetic oil is the friend of high mileage vehicles. Watch out for 99-06 Chevy's. High mileage Chevy's from this era exhibit pump rub in the transfer case.
  11. People's misperception of what it is that we do. They think its all idiots blasting out their windows at intersections. With no understanding of cabin gain and what it does to the sound or that a car stereo can actually sound good, not just be loud. I got loud enough 17 years ago and have spent the time until now trying to make car stereo sound better, not just get loud. Try to tell people about the subtleties of car stereo and how enjoyable it can be and they glaze up and get all kneejerk reaction about it, never stopping to ask me what I know.
  12. Router (woodworking) recommendations

    Porter Cable FTW. The on/off buttons are really convenient.
  13. Cool Eotech. I love my 512. Put it up top of my Stag Model 2 with a YHM riser mount.
  14. You need fuses. Fuse every hot point, close to it's origin.