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  1. I like the Audiocontrol processor. It's looking pretty solid, man.
  2. How many miles?

    206K on the 2000 Silverado. 279k on the 76 F150. 189k miles on the 2001 Silverado.
  3. 2000, senior year of HS. 1986 VW Golf with rusty wheel wells. Aiwa tape deck with aux port on the faceplate so I could connect my Panasonic Discman for digital sound. It allowed me to listen to the Radio, tapes and CD's which I thought was pretty cool. Kenwood "blue cone" 6.5" triaxials in the rear dash mounted in a custom baffle/amp rack combo. 15" JBL GT subwoofer in custom built ported 4 cubes box. Filled the entire hatch of the Golf. Got it for 80 bucks from my main homey Bill up there at Crutchfield. Poweracoustik 40x2 watt rms amp for the Kenwoods, got it at a Fred Meyers on a school trip to the capitol. Audiovox Rampage 150 watts rms amp for the JBL sub. Ordered it from the Damark catalog.... The Audiovox lasted two months...
  4. I treated the underhood of my 76 F150 to reduce the roar of the big V8. I cleaned it thoroughly, applied Stinger Roadkill, and applied a layer of silvery foamy stuff over that. No stereo in that truck, but it made a noticeable reduction of engine noise and reduced driver fatigue. I Highly recommend.
  5. Yeah, Brokeaudioaddict, it's the same here in SW Montana this time of year. I've already helped 2 stuck fools get out of the ditch. College students, apparently, didn't get the memo to buy good tires or a down jacket. Fools.
  6. Who has a good entry level Sub

    Fi Alphas.
  7. Delicious elk meat. I got a 6x6 trophy bull elk on November 17. Sorry I cant post pictures.
  8. Trusting Ebay?

    Check their feedback. I've been buying and selling HU's on Ebay for years. I sold a Pioneer and an Alpine and bought an Eclipse and Kenwood and saved quite a bit vs. tag. Everything went smooth. I also ordered some CDT speakers off Ebay and they worked fine. Feel free to ask the seller a lot of questions if you are unsure about something.
  9. That's using your head. I bet he pissed himself when the guy with the pistol swung his way. Clear the room fella's! That's some mighty fine police work boys!
  10. Damn, that sucks. My recommendation, (I do fleet oil changes at work) is to start all over. New oil filter, new oil. Drain it dry again, then carefully replace the oil drain plug to proper torque spec. Install the new filter snugly, after cleaning the engine of oil and residue. Slowly add one quart at a time and have an assistant watch for leaks. If no leaks are immediately visible, leave it parked over a big slab of cardboard, and search for an origin point of the leak the next morning or every few hours. I suspect the filter seal may be faulty. Report back with results. Oh, and welcome to the forum.
  11. No Shave November 2017

    Challenge accepted. Hunting season face camouflage.
  12. Looking for new subs

    Budget? If you have some money to play with, go with Fi.
  13. I highly recommend running new wire with proper terminations. You owe it to yourself. Knukonceptz makes really nice speaker wire that is well priced. You don't necessarily need bigger wire than 16 gauge for components, but for subs, I recommend 12 gauge wire. Ordering two different lengths of gauges will save you money. You can simulate the length of your runs with string and duct tape to hold it in place to get an idea of how much wire you will need. It could be a fair amount, depending on the vehicle and distance from the amps to the speaker locations.
  14. I can't load pics, but I recently installed a BNIB Kenwood Excelon KDC-x579 HU in my hunting truck, a 2000 Chevy Silverado 4x4. It's old school, but looks good and sounds great. 24 bit DAC. I have it connected to two amps and an equalizer. I had one ten years ago, but it died. So it sorta brings back memories.