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  1. Did some work today, but not much. Had two other vehicles I worked on so that cash was calling. 😁 Got started on the amp rack and came up with a basic two level system. This is what I'm going for so the amps will be on display and out of the way. All this was a very tight fit. Edged up the top piece for carpet. Painted the bottom piece because in the end you won't see it. This is the moment I go in the house and poor me up a glass. 🍻
  2. So my friend and I been talking about his build for a long time now so he is now starting to purchase his equipment. I told him what I had like RF and DC audio and he asked me what was good. I suggested the same of course, soundqubed, crescendo, or sundown. Even american bass. So he comes up with the bright idea of Audio Pipe. I said okay amps are pretty good don't know about the subs so he showed the subs to me and I was amazed... until I read the specs and how much airspace each sub require. I know my 12" DC's only need 1.5cuft per sub and these... well just look at the pics and tell me if I am overstepping on telling him to take these back to the store... Then he is thinking of getting two more... and running a Sound Digital 8000.
  3. Okay, so the rain just messed me all up today and I at least wanted to do something. Here's the progress. Look at this BS!!😏 Just went ahead and spared myself. Got the trunk lid done cause that spoiler make a lot of noise. Now I know what you are thinking I should have just... What you are looking at here is a uncut door grommet for my speaker wire. I didn't install the speakers yet just ran the wire. For the love of OFC. Gotta get that wire mane, that wire mane. 😁 So far so good. 14.4 holding. Pause...
  4. I run my 4 6.5" on my rear channels and the tweets on the front of my 4 channel. I turn off my high pass filter and use the cross over on the amp for my mids and a passive on my tweets. Just my way.
  5. Here's today's progress. Had to go to a local car show so didn't get too much done. Drilled two holes for my grounds on the rear of the frame Cleaned them up with a wire brush and tapped the holes. πŸ€” πŸ’ͺ Choices.... Guess I will go with the grommets. Perfect!!!
  6. Pioneer AVH-p 4400bh 2 Cresendo FT1 4 Cresendo PWX 6.5" 3 RF T1D410 1 RF T2500bdcp 1 RF T400-4 Audio Control Matrix 1/0 STCA Wire Mechman Alt 240a XS Power 3400 (starter) Kinetik HC1800 (secondary)
  7. I'd like to nominate myself. The link to my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer is attached. Good luck everyone!!!
  8. Thanks man! I hate carpeting too, but it's a good finisher. πŸ˜‚
  9. Pioneer avh-p4200dvd sub volume

    I have the same HU AVH-p4400bh and I leave mine at 0 when tuning with the DD-1.
  10. I wonder if anyone has a SMD VM-1 for saleπŸ€”
  11. Here is the enclosure I built last weekend and finished it up. It's a big'en...πŸ’ͺ.
  12. Look what I almost did to her before starting... πŸ˜‚
  13. Here we go with another build. This one won't be as slow as the Chevy TB and I'm excited for that. This vehicle is my work car so I work on it profusely week after week. I am hoping to get this one done by end month so until then here are my plans. If what you see sounds familiar it probably is, but I won't tell...πŸ€” Thanks everyone prematurely for the comments and hope to have some good reviews from this build. Rockford Fosgate T2500bdcp Rockford Fosgate T-400/4 Audio Control Matrix Rockford Fosgate T152-s 5.25" mids Crescendo FT1's Rockford Fosgate T1D410's Xs Power Kinetik Mechman OFC 1/0 Singer Alt Pioneer HU
  14. I can nominate myself right? Build log is attached. Never have.