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  1. Look on FB and type in "Big Ass Ports". This guy will build you whatever port you want.
  2. Damn and I finally finished my slow build and can't get nominated. Bassbabies lol
  3. Put mine close to the speakers, but I've seen it done the other way too. Guess it's preference.
  4. Finished with the install for a while I think. Also rearranged my amps and added the FT1's. Check it out.
  5. I used the FT1XOVER passive crossovers, 5 khz High pass 12db/oct slope, for each tweeter and switched my RF T400-4 to AP since it would not be in use. I also DD-1 the amp and Audio Control Matrix line driver properly. (I do have a CC-1 as well BTW) Since then they have been cutting off way before clipping and I've adjusted the levels down some and still no luck. Now a new problem has arisen where my iPod will click on and off when playing at high volume. I wasn't sure if this is linked. Any suggestions? I was thinking about just using a separate amp for the tweeters, but don't want the expense. Thanks!
  6. I know it's been a while, but I change my damn mind a lot. My poor leg room! Templates built from scratch. This is the ideal. Made the pod End game back to leg room.
  7. I'm hoping someone can chime in on this because I used a high end LOC and still couldn't use the DD-1 properly on a stock unit. Tony never did clear this up but here is the video if you can make it out.
  8. Went ahead and primed the door pods so I'm done for now until I get some material. Subs are in and amps are tuned like a pro.
  9. WOW!!! 4 months as of today since my first post and the progress is amazing! The pods are coming along! That top part is where the tweeters will go.