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Question of the day: What was the first subwoofer that you heard that made you fall in love with BASS?

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The first system I heard was back in 1990. A friend had a pair of Pyle subs in a huge bandpass box powered by a Pyramid amp. Total pile of shit, but that got me started. I had a SQ system in a 1999 Dodge Intrepid powered by Soundstream- with an old Sony Mobile ES head unit. What happened to Soundstream.

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First time I ever heard a system with bass, I was in 6th grade. My best friends uncle at the time had an old suburban with 4 alpine type r 15s in two separate boxes. Had to be first gen type r's? This was back in 03. I thought that was the coolest shit ever lol. Been hooked ever since

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RF HX2 my friend had a pair of tens hitting in a pre fab box

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XS Power D5100, 2 D2700s, & 2 D975s

MechMan 220a Alt


Kicker 650.4

2 12 Ascendant Audio Mayhem's

Pioneer DEH-P7200HD

Rockford Fosgate 3sity.1

Build log: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/166792-88-nissan-maxima-trunk-build/#entry2430899


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For me it was the OG Kicker Comps. I heard some 12's in a friends Bug in a bandpass. It was hella loud, but didn't have much down low (probably box dependent). For lows, it was my cousins OG Eclipse Ti 15" in a huge sealed box. Seriously, it was at least 5-6 cubes in the trunk of a 96 SS Impala powered by a Rockford 1500BD I think. The lows were disgusting!

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2 Sony explod 12s in a cheap prefab bandpass in my brothers car when I was 13. Then when I was 15 I got my first system which was two Jbl gt 12s also in a cheap bandpass box with a crunch 700 watt amp. Thought that shit was dope at the time. Then I killed my crappy 70amp stock alt, got it replaced then blew both subs a few weeks later. Was soooo pissed.....


Pioneer DEH-8400BH

4 Alpine Type R 6.5's

4 Soundqubed PA 6.5's

4 Soundqubed Supertweets

Hifonics BRX 640.4

Crescendo S800/4

2 Soundqubed Q1-3500.1s strapped @1ohm

2 Soundqubed HDC4 18's

11 Cubes net @37hz (Subs up, port back)

2 DC Power 250 HD's

1 DC Power 300 SPX

DC Power triple alt bracket

5 Kinetik HC 1800's

4 runs of 1/0 OFC power cables

4 runs of 1/0 OFC grounds from rear battery bank to OEM alt bracket

iPad Air in dash

300+ sq ft or sound deadening

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It would have been a Polk Audio 10'' out of an old Polk monitor series speaker...until I took it out and found that it was a passive radiator...that was a sad day.

First real car audio subwoofer was one a 10'' Bazooka Tube, and I seriously believed that it pounded like crazy. ^_^


Alpine Type S comps

Alpine Type S 10''

Alpine MPR-F300

Alpine MRX-M50

Mechamn 270

XS Power d3400s


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