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Hi guys! I'm new to the forum and need some help. Here's what I've got. I have a high pitch noise from the speaker when vol. on HU is at 1 it doesn't change with engine RPM's or HU vol. if I turn the vol. up I can't hear it anymore but it's driving me nuts.

HU alpine 143bt

Components RF prime series

Subs RF r2d2-12 x2

Amps RF r500.1 subs

RF R300.4 doors

RF R150.2 kicks

Mall wiring is sky high 0 gauge to mini bus bars 4 gauge to amps. My ground from the bus bar is going to the frame(37" long) 14 gauge to doors.

Big 3 well 4 I have one ground going to the factor location and one to the frame

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Does it make the same noise with the engine running and shut off, or just running?

Double and triple check all connections especially grounds.

I like to bench test my amplifiers to make 100% certain they do not have an issue prior to installation.

01 Ford focus ZX3

Pioneer AVH-X491BHS

PPI PC 4800.2

Morel Maximo 6.5" x2

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Only when running

Amp have been pulled and bench tested with no issues.

I have also disconnected the speakers and connected a test speaker to the amps and the noise is still there.

Hooked my iPhone directly to the amp with the same noise.

Amps are daisy chained

Truck is a 2012 RAM

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